Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong.  This includes infections and a lot of mesh related problems all point back to immune system disorders, even after the mesh is removed.  This list includes some of the best natural supplements out there to help keep your immune system strength up… and decrease your pain.

Any pain that doctors cannot find an exact cause for is called Neuropathy.  This is because it involves the nerves and nerve pain is the worst pain you will ever experience.  Most mesh women have peripheral neuropathy… pain involving everything below your waist going down your legs and to your feet.  I have to thank the diabetics of the world… for without their painstaking research I would not have half of this knowledge to help myself and you.

Please read each supplement carefully and do your own research to make sure it will not conflict with any medications you’re taking.  Most of these are safe to be taken with over the counter pain relievers, however, there are so many prescription drugs on the market it would be impossible to tell you if they conflict with every single one.  Everything I’m listing here is my knowledge to date, but I am continually learning… and searching for a cure.  All have links to help you identify what to shop for, my suppliers and the most affordable ones are Swanson Vitamins and Piping Rock.  I don’t receive any endorsements from these companies, they are just companies I use, but you can feel free to shop around for the best deals.  Just make sure they are a reputable company.  Sign up for their specials, you’ll receive emails daily but it’s worth it for the coupons.  On sales, stock up to save.

Natural pain management and immune system support is not inexpensive.  Over time it will cost you a lot of money.  However… it is worth every penny for the benefits when you commit to taking supplements daily.  Supplements are not drugs… they do not offer you immediate relief, some you’ll see results in as little as 3 days, others it will take a few weeks to build up your system enough to notice.  Give it time… you have nothing to lose and your health to gain.

Marshmallow Root… This is an herb that is one of the safest out there.  It is traditionally used for ailments of the stomach, intestine and digestive tract.  It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help mesh women by decreasing inflammation in the body and thereby decreasing pain.  This is my top of the list herb for good reason, it helps cure bladder infections and keeps them from recurring.  You can start with 500mg 3 times a day… and decrease it to once a day later if you feel you can.  Long term use is perfectly safe, you can take it forever without any side effects.  Marshmallow Root is inexpensive but not widely available.

R-Lipoic Acid… This is an antioxidant that helps ease the burning and stabbing of nerve pain, especially leg pain.  I don’t know how it works, but I can tell you if I miss 3 days straight I feel that pain back again.  Europe has been using this for decades for nerve pain and it has been approved for high doses at 600mg a day.  I take this daily, and if I could afford it I would take 600mg daily, but instead I take 100mg a day and reserve the 300mg on days when the pain is completely unbearable.  When starting out I would recommend 300mg for a month, then cut it down and see how your pain level responds.  When shopping please understand Alpha-Lipoic Acid you find in your local store is not anywhere near as powerful as R-Lipoic, this is due to the absorption rate.  You won’t get a tenth of the relief with Alpha-Lipoic that you will with R-Lipoic.  R-Lipoic is not inexpensive and not widely available, so when I see a sale I stock up.

Magnesium… This is a mineral that plays a huge part in pain management… it has so many valuable things it does there are too many to list.  Most mesh women are heavily depleted of Magnesium due to prescription drugs and immune system problems.  Magnesium is widely available and inexpensive.  Opt for the “chelated” magnesium as it is easier on the stomach.

Potassium… An electrolyte that is often depleted in mesh women.  Energy levels that are lowered produce lethargy and this is an indication of low potassium.  This works with magnesium.  Potassium is widely available and inexpensive.

Benfotiamine… Fat soluble B1 vitamin.  Helps regulate glucose.  It can also greatly reduce neuropathy pain when taken with Methyl B12.  For pain reduction you’ll have to take 600mg a day.  You can take less but will not notice as great a benefit, if at all.  This B vitamin has been greatly studied in Europe along with Methyl B12 for diabetes and found to be a very powerful aid.  Benfotiamine is inexpensive but at the doses recommended will cost about mid-range and is not widely available.

Methylcobalamine (B12)…  Another B vitamin that can help with neuropathy pain.  Not all B12 vitamins are equal… only purchase Methyl B12 version because it has a higher absorption rate and is better stored in your tissues.  5mg is the dosage to be used with maximum benefit.  All B vitamins help regulate your nervous system, and without proper levels can lead to neuropathic pain.  Methyl B12 is mid-range on expense and not widely available, the ones in your local store are not the same as Methylcobalamine.

Reishi Mushroom… This herb has been used forever in the east.  It is another immune system defense helper and works in combination with Astragalus, taking the two together you will get the most benefit.  To start to build your immune system you will have to take 600mg 3 times a day, then cut it down to 1 a day later.  If you struggle with brain fog, this will help you see clearer.  Thyroid issues are also improved.  Reishi is not expensive but again not widely available.

Astragalus…  When used in combination with Reishi this herb can help prevent and cure urinary tract infections.  For hundreds of years it has been used for immune system health.  It can also help with fibromyalgia and allergies.  Astragulus is not expensive and but not widely available.

Probiotics… These are the “good bugs” in your gut.  They are easily killed off by prescription drugs and your immune system will suffer from it.  Acidophilus is one probiotic but it is often mixed with others to help strengthen your immune system and build your gut’s population of good bacteria back up.  Probiotic depletion is also a cause for chonic yeast infections.  Putting these good bugs back into your gut will stop the yeast infections from becoming infections.  Probiotics are widely available, but you will have to shop for a good brand that still has it’s power intact (they are like yeast, in the wrong conditions they die).

Serrazimes… This is an enzyme that can support joint, circulatory, respiratory, and immune health.  It is a cheaper alternative to Serrapeptase but has the same benefits.  All women with mesh face scar tissue with surgery and this is your best help.  The enzymes help to break down waste and prevent major amounts of scar tissue from forming.  Scar tissue is the cause of a lot of the pain after time has gone by after surgery.  Serrizimes will help decrease this complication.  Again, not widely available, about mid-range on pricing.

Grapefruit Seed Extract… An herb that is a natural antibiotic.  It is been said this will treat almost any ill you have, although in truth it will treat most all of them… and infections not able to be controlled with it will require olive leaf.  There is a debate about this herb and it’s possibility for contamination with chemicals, so you will have to research it and make up your own mind.  I have used it to help treat yeast infections along with probiotics with no ill effects but I do not take it constantly only for short time periods.  Grapefruit Seed Extract is not expensive but not widely available.

Olive Leaf Extract…  An herb that is an excellent choice for fighting viral & bacterial infections and immune health.  It does have a drawback though, if you’re body is flooded with toxins you may experience negative effects as the pathogens are killed off.  This means you will feel worse for a period of time before you’ll start to feel better.  In my experience it only lasts a few days and the benefits are worth it.  Olive Leaf Extract is widely available and inexpensive.

NADH… This is a co-enzyme of Vitamin B-3.  Low energy and fibromyalgia are helped when taking this.  Best when used for a short time, it is not something I use but that is because I am a regular on all the other supplements so have no need for it.  NADH is very expensive and not widely available.

If you would like to learn more on how to help yourself come back from the devastation of medical mesh, this will help you


  1. Sharon

    Great article. Alpha Lipoic Acid is recommended for nerve pain (which I have now after mesh removal) but you may want to look into Andrew Hall Cutlers protocol. ALA can shift mercury around & deposit it in the brain according to him, so it is only supposed to be taken on a 3 day schedule every 3-4 hours around the clock. You can google his name.

    I found Klaire Vitaspectrum to be a top quality multi.

    Glutamine is supposed to help with post-surgery healing.

    Lifeway Bio-K makes an excellent probiotic drink – available at Whole Foods. Post-surgery my appetite was very low, so I drink these.

    1. lavalinda

      I will try to look up some of the things you do but you may also read about enzymes. I posted a blog called enzymes and biofilms you may find interesting.

  2. Patty

    Years ago my brother told me that if you take probiotics to make sure and buy the refrigerated ones. He said they are live and give you more benefit. Ever heard this?


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