Ways you can Help

If you’d like to help the Mesh Angels Alliance in sending gifts to UCLA for surgery there are many ways you can do so.  Donations are just one way.  Collecting Change for Mesh Angels is another (you can email us for our address).  There are also items that can be put in our gift boxes that you can purchase directly and we’ll let you know when they are to be sent out and who you’ll be helping.

angelsgift1Gift cards are a great item that does require funds we don’t presently have.  Gift boxes consist of a variety of personal items along with a special Mesh Angel piece of jewelry and interchangeable charms.  Ideally we send them out for about $2-3 shipping cost.

Around UCLA there are a few restaurants and shops within 3 blocks from Tiverton House and the hospital.  A great way to help is to send a gift of a meal or little things you forget when traveling.  That is why gift cards from these locations are important.  We want to keep the cards small to avoid abuse.  This is for a nice little gift, not an expense account.  I’ll give you the range for each card to go with each gift.  The ideal mixture is $15 for Target or Ralphs/Kroger ($10 Target and $5 Starbucks is fine too) and $10 for a restaurant (or $5/$5 for 2 restaurants).

When donating gift cards remember you don’t want to incur any fees, that just negates the purpose of giving them.  E-giftcards have no fees because there are no shipping costs involved.  An e-giftcard is purchased online and a PDF is emailed back to the purchaser with gift card number and pin that the person can print or send to someone so they can print and use in the store.  When we receive these we have the option of printing them out and placing them in the gift box or when time is on a tight basis (there are women who have told us 2 days before they are going for surgery and it’s just too late to get a gift out there in time) then we can send the gift card by email to them and a gift can go to their home after surgery.

Gift Card Gifts

We made a map of UCLA and the shops that are important around UCLA when you travel there.  Some of these places are perfect for giftcards.  They include:

Target:  For things you forget at home.  Also has a nice little grocery store inside.  You can purchase e-giftcards or regular cards.  $10-15 max for each gift card per person.

Starbucks:  Located in the Target, nice for a cup of coffee.  E-giftcards or regular cards.  $5-10 max.

Ralphs (Kroger):  Located above Target and right across the street from Tiverton House.  Regular cards.  $10-15 max.

Chick-a-Fil-a:  The bad thing about this restaurant is they don’t do e-giftcards (you have to go to a restaurant to purchase the cards).  So you have an option of having us purchase the cards for you or just mailing them to us after you purchase them.  The great thing about this restaurant is it’s very close to both Tiverton House and UCLA… you’ll walk right past it on the way to the hospital and it’s a half a block from Target/Kroger.  $5-10 max.

Taco Bell:  It’s a block further to walk but it is a very inexpensive alternative to meals when a budget is tight.  Regular giftcards (and they have a promo going on when you spend $20 in cards you get a free item)  $5-10 max.

Papa Johns:  Delivers.  So it’s not a big deal it’s several blocks from Tiverton House.  They also make it easy to purchase e-giftcards or regular gift cards online.  $10 max.

Credit Card Points

Another way to help if you have any credit card points built up is to convert these to gift cards.  Many companies offer the choice of e-giftcards when you do this.  Avoid any fancy overpriced restaurants or stores.  These are grand gestures but not the message we want to send. Choose restaurants that are common and universal (like those listed above).

American Express offers many gift cards from points and Groupon is among them.  If you want to convert your points to a Groupon e-giftcard that’s a good option too.  Groupon is not just restaurants, they also offer many good deals on household goods (so a person who is traveling and does not have a cell phone or tablet would be able to purchase one at lower cost with a giftcard).


When you want to help please know it doesn’t have to cost a lot to do so.  In fact we would rather give a smaller gift to more women than a larger gift to just one.  That’s the reason to keep the amounts of gift cards low.  This is a warm hug to be sent… not a hog event where greed will take over.

For a Friend

If you have a particular friend you want to send a gift box to and personalize it just for them, then you donate just to them and that’s fine with us.  You just have to provide us with the details (friends hotel they will be staying at and dates) and we’ll add the little Mesh Angel gifts to your gift and send it.


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