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Save an Angel… No More MeSH!

Although this is my personal blog, I want to encourage everyone to get the word out about the damage done by mesh.  Feel free to take this art… and help save another woman from this horror.  Share it with those you know… and those you don’t yet know.  Let’s get the word out to one woman at a time… each being given the knowledge to light their way in a time of darkness.  Until like the light from a thousand candles… it turns into a flame that can no longer be denied… and every woman has the power of knowledge to deny the major pharmaceutical companies this atrocity of MeSH they have unleashed onto humankind.  Power comes from the people!  Share and educate!

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  1. Donna

    Are there T- Shirts? I have no chilldren and my urologists keep telling me my SUI looks good but I hurt, can
    , cannot walk, hold a job, bleed, no sex life for almost 3 years and spouse is standing behind me, I must pour warm water over myself to stimulate myself to urinate and much more. I am a driven social worker and I feel so lost. These two doctors are from another town and I think they try to cover for each other. One referred to the other . I and taking the meds they advised. No results. Now six months later bloody discharge and I have had a complete historetomey years ago. Went to my Gynoglogist last week. Her recommendation is to remove the SUI MiniArc Sling. I live in MS. I need help finding a doctor. Please help. Desperate !! Donna

    1. lavalinda

      Donna I can offer support. You are a very smart woman and you know your own body. It is the mesh!

  2. Donna Peeples

    We need t-shirt with the Angel art work. I am a social worker and you have read my story. I am an advocate for causes. A being a victim myself. I really think we need to promote this bad mesh drug and save other innocent from becoming lab rats. My SUI serve red it purpose and doing it’s job per the doctors. However , they fail to tell the risk, damages and the suffering women would face in the future. So, where can we get our t-shirts. I am a victim , my sister wants hers to say sister, my mom wants her’s to say daughter and my friends want their to say friends. The you could have just the plain one to show support.

    1. lavalinda

      The problem is Donna I do not have any funds to have them made. My daughter did the art work but she is building our house and every penny we have goes to that or my care. See what you can do here. If you find somewhere and you want to get them made I will ask my daughter to fit in what you ask for.

  3. Leslie

    Iron on stickers would be affordable and everyone could just put their own on a plain t shirt. different size stickers even. You could print them off this site and have a t shirt shop do your own individual one.
    Heres another idea ( from my art background)we could have book marks made to distribute to each women we meet anywhere -coming & going from a Dr.s office. public bulletin boards. They are cheap to make for anyone whos crafty with their home computer. Lots of ideas..

  4. Allie


    I am interested in setting up a support group here in Boston,
    I have had a mesh removal and have learned so much from the PT
    however we have no support groups on our area. If you could please share
    any thoughts or ideas I would greatly appriciate it.


    1. lavalinda

      You could try posting through Facebook and of course I will post this here and if anyone needs support I will contact you and them through email. I can see your email but no one else can.


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