Mesh Angels Alliance

Mesh Angels Alliance is a nonprofit formed to help women damaged by medical mesh through outreach and education efforts.  To shine a light on those who have been harmed and let them know they are not alone… and someone cares.  Outreach efforts include sending gifts to those on their worst day, diagnosed with cancer as a secondary illness from mesh, undergoing corrective operations, and at times of extreme sadness.

Our goal in starting the Alliance is to send a gift box to women on their day of mesh removal at UCLA.  To do that and support gifts of caring we have setup a small shop selling jewelry and other items with the Mesh Angel logo and symbolic message… that there is light and hope for those who suffer.  All proceeds directly help support our efforts, in helping send a gift box to little gifts and postage.

Our Certificate of Texas 202 nonprofit status can be viewed here.  To see how we help to lift the spirits of fallen angels, you can read our detailed plans.  If you are an angel traveling to UCLA for mesh removal, please make a request so we may send you a gift.

If you would like to send a gift to someone you can find many lovely items from our shop.  You can help support many if you choose by a small donation if you wish.

Financial Data & Transparency

2015 Financial Statement (in pdf format)

Help an Angel

So I’ve been trying to think now for a while on how to help women in some small way who are on their journey in mesh removal.  It’s a huge deal to have mesh removed, not to mention all the costs involved in doing so.  While the expenses from the actual removal are not something I can tackle… what I can do is make a woman’s day a little brighter the time of surgery.  So I came up with this plan.

Mesh Angels Alliance

The nonprofit (it’s only a small state nonprofit in Texas at this time and may well stay that way) that funds will be deposited into for distribution as little gifts for women seeking surgery at UCLA California.  Later we might expand this to other doctors… but at this time it will be limited to women going to UCLA.  There is a reason for this… it’s the ONLY place on the planet as far as we know FOR SURE that will remove the ENTIRE mesh including arms… and not damage women further in the process.  I’d love to add more doctors and hospitals to this list… but at the present time there are too many horror stories with complications that filter back from women going elsewhere.  UCLA has a long waiting list… for a reason.

Funding done Right

There are really very lax rules applying to nonprofits.  In the past there have been many nonprofits that women have wondered EXACTLY where and how much of their money was being used for good.  It’s not easy to obtain that information and in fact relatively impossible given the lax rules.  It is up to the directors of individual nonprofits to determine what information they share.  I want to share what I’m doing… how much is being made and where it’s being spent.  To do that… I have to think differently.  Anyone participating in this program will know exactly where and how their money is being spent.

Get a gift… Give a gift

This is the foundation of how money will be raised.  Too many nonprofits place a button on their website and expect donations to come pouring in.  Others sell overpriced merchandise and give no clue as to where the money is going (a disclaimer on “all money raised goes back to the foundation” is NOT good enough).  So… I will have a little shopfront setup where anyone can purchase Mesh Angel merchandise, and on each item you’ll know an exact dollar amount that is going directly to another woman’s surgery gift.  You can see the selection we have available right now and I’ll be adding more as we go along.

Surgery Survivor Gift

Once we have raised $50 per woman… a gift box will be placed in line for any woman who is going to surgery at UCLA.  The contents will include $20 worth of little gifts (including a special survivor necklace), $25 gift card to Target for last minute purchases and small meal items along with $5 to cover the cost of mailing it directly to their hotel upon arrival in California for surgery.  Everything is to fit in a priority small box to keep the cost of shipping as low as possible while being able to track the package.


I have put out about $500 of my own money to kick this thing off and order merchandise.  I’m not going to sit on the money coming in until I get my money back… instead there is about $2 on each item coming back to me so that I can recover my money and continue to order more merchandise without putting a strain on funds with the nonprofit.  That will enable us to immediately start building funds to send gifts to women.  There may be a transition time of selling out of merchandise initially as I have only ordered so many of each item at the start to be able to give a large selection of merchandise on the limited funds I have right now.  Once I can gauge the volume then this will be alleviated and merchandise should remain in stock consistently.

The Queue

How gifts will be given is a difficult issue.  I can’t do it on a first-come first-serve basis because of the waiting list already in place for surgery.  What I will do is base it on two factors.  Date request is made and date of surgery.  If the date of surgery comes first… that woman is first.  I would suggest just making a request so I can put you in line whenever your surgery date is scheduled.  I hope to give gifts to everyone who makes a request, however as of this time I have no idea how much in funds will be raised or how many women we will be able to do this for.  We’ll just have have to see how it goes.

Updates on Funds & Distribution of Gifts

Updates will be provided on our progress on Facebook.  If you don’t have Facebook you can provide us an email to keep you up to date.

Request your Surgery Gift

You can fill out the form I have online and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to let you know if we have enough funds raised that you made it to receiving a gift.

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