Welcome to Mesh Angels!

My name is Linda K.  Just one of the thousands of faceless women damaged by mesh.  This is my blog, something I started a few years back when there was no information out there about mesh or the damage it does to the human body.  Although it has grown a huge following, I wish with all my heart there was no need for it… that the medical profession would commit to the change of eradicating ALL mesh implants and remove them permanently from the market.  In the meantime… this is my story… sharing the information I find to help all women suffering daily from the damage done to them and helping them help themselves to find that light at the end of the tunnel… hopefully not the final light at the end of the tunnel the pharmaceutical companies are helping you find.

This place for me is my story.  Many women have come here in desperation, just as I have felt that same way in the past.  It’s not a support group and it’s not a foundation.  I’m not here asking you for money… in fact I’m giving you all the information I know and have learned for free.  Every mesh woman will find financial stress in addition to physical and emotional stress.  Relationships will be tested, some will fail and some will thrive.  Everything you know as normal will have changed.  I think it’s enough stress and trauma that has been dealt to you in life… from this horrible mesh.  So take the time for you now… grab a cup of tea and start reading… it’s time to educate yourself about what you’re in for, how to deal… and how to survive this meshed up ordeal.