YouCaring Sample Description

I have taken the time and written this sample description to help you get started.  You can take all of it or just some of it and modify it to fit YOU.

Introduce yourself

Before I was implanted with medical mesh I was a fun and lively woman living my life enjoying my children and hobbies, just like any other woman. I loved gardening, hiking, horseback riding, biking, playing with my children, and socializing with my family during life passage events such as weddings, graduations, my children’s school events and birthday parties.
Medical mesh was implanted in me –date– during a pelvic surgery (change to hernia mesh if it is applicable) that is common in many women of all ages (If hernia you need to say common in men and women). Since that time my health has declined at an alarming rate. I no longer do the things I once loved doing or attend the events of my children or family.

Now tell your story (choose the one that applies to you)
Loss of career. Do a brief synopsis of the care you have or had. (no details of company or doctor’s names to protect yourself from any predators)
Grandmothers. I can no longer pick up or hold my grandchildren in my arms or play with them due to the severe pain I am going through because of a mesh implant. (here you can give the ages and names of your grandchildren)
Mothers. I can no longer join my children during family gatherings or other happy events due to the pain I am going through because of a mesh implant.
Young Mothers. I can no longer pick up or play with my young children due to the severe pain I am going through because of the mesh implant. (here you can give the number of children and their ages)

Continue your story
I now need help to raise funds to travel to (hospital and State) and this is why I need it.
You choose and add your own needs. Try to add as much detail about costs of these things. Gasoline if travelling by car, plane tickets, hotel, shuttle bus service, taxi, food while away from home, pet care while I am away and additional small things I will need to get well.
The more reasons for asking for the money you need, the more reasons that others will understand your needs and not think you are scamming. Be legitimate in your approach.
Give the costs and total.

Now help other women and join the awareness campaign by including the following:
Please join my public awareness campaign to understand what has happened to thousands of women around the world, so that this will not happen to you wife, mother, daughter or granddaughter.

If you will… link to this page on Mesh Angel Network.  It sends the STOP MESH objective.



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