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Helping YOU help YOURSELF

It’s time to stop this madness of mesh… and raise awareness of what is happening to women worldwide. My mother & I have come up with an idea that will spark this effort… and accomplish two goals at one time. Helping you raise funds you need for surgeries and expenses. At the same time raising awareness of MeSH so women who are not affected by this will be saved from the same devastation you are facing.

The plan is simple. Each one of you will campaign in your own area to raise awareness. You’ll sell cupcakes with the assistance of the designs and flyers we are providing you with.  You’ll do it on your own terms. You’ll take your own future in your own hands. You will not rely on any of these so-called campaigns to go after mesh manufacturers or aid anyone in making money off your pain. NO MORE of that!

You will begin with asking for assistance… from your church, from your friends, from your family and from your co-workers. This is a TEAM effort. You’ll need supplies. No one likes to just give money without seeing that you are willing to help yourself first. So ask for supplies. Once you have them, then you can approach a venue to setup your campaign. It’s time to Stop Mesh! So let’s get started.

You’ll need to start preparing in advance… this is a guide to help you do just that. Read everything through thoroughly. Before you even setup a table to campaign… you have to take some steps before to maximize this approach.  You can modify this any way you want to suit your needs…. sell cupcakes or cookies or whatever else you want to raise funds.  This is YOUR campaign!

Locate a Venue & Set a Date

Prepare a Press Release

Contact your local media (local TV stations & newspapers)

Experiment with cupcakes (and eat a few)

Supplies you’ll need:
Cupcake Mixes
Icing & Icing Bags
Circle Paper Punch (1-3/4″)
Cupcake Wrappers
Party Supplies (table covers, napkins, etc)
Paper Cutter
White Cardstock Paper
Printer & Ink

Venues to Partner with:

Walmart. I don’t know how many times I have seen someone outside Walmart with a small table raising money. YOU CAN TOO! You don’t have to pay to do this. You do need to approach the customer service counter and ask to speak with a manager. Tell them you would like to sell cupcakes for charity. Give them a brochure and ask when you can arrange a time and date to do this. Be respectful… ask permission… the Walmart managers are more caring than the media portrays them to be. They are people just like you.

Church. If you are member of a church, then approach them to see if you can setup a table there. Perhaps they are having a fair sometime soon… use that opportunity and see if they will let you setup an awareness campaign.

Daycare Centers. Many mesh injured women are moms. If you have young children and take them to childcare… it’s time those daycare centers pay it forward. Approach them with your brochure, ask if you can leave brochures there for other mothers. Explain your situation and that you don’t want other women damaged in this way. While you’re there… ask if it would be possible for you to setup a table one day when the mothers are picking up their kids. This is the perfect opportunity to raise funds and awareness.

Schools. If you have children and they are past daycare… use the school they go to. Approach the headmistress or headmaster of the school and explain your situation. You want to help yourself and raise awareness. Never forget to mention the awareness (you are not a charity case… you are proactive in your approach). Ask if they will let you setup a table when parents are picking up their kids for school. Another idea is if you’re a member of the Parent Teacher Association… get them on board… you’ll reach a lot more mothers and parents this way. They can help you brainstorm how to get this message out there!

Setup your YouCaring Fund:

Get this setup in advance of your venue events.  You want it in place so anyone can go there and donate to your plight.  Take time to get this right… because it needs to look GOOD in order to raise funds.

A picture says a thousand words.  Take your best family photo… the happy life you had before.  They have to see what you have lost.  If you don’t have a good photograph… get someone to take one of your family for you.  Take it outside somewhere, it will offer you the best lighting and you will look your best.
A snappy headline. You need to have a header that people can search for and find you. Keep it simple.
“MESH ANGEL: –Your Name– needs Help!”
That will grab the headlines and enable people to find you directly. You can write up anything you want in the description field. I want you to think carefully though and keep it simple and to the point. People don’t like whining. They don’t care about hearing about your entire history of hospitals and wounds. I know it’s hard to do… but you have to think about what people will be MOST RESPONSIVE to… and whining is not going to do it.
Telling your story. Have a look at the sample description my mother wrote. This should help you as an outline… please feel free to modify it for your individual needs.
Next… how much should you ask for? DO NOT come up with some crazy amount. You need to be reasonable. If you don’t take my advice… and post up there you want $5000 and only raise $1000… you won’t get one dime. That’s the way YouCaring works. Start with a $500 goal. If it exceeds $500, you will get the original amount and everything else… cream on top. So be reasonable… start low.
How to receive the funds once they are raised. You have to have a Paypal or Wepay account setup before you establish your YouCaring Fundraiser. Once the funds are raised… this is how they transfer the money to you.
Partner with Mesh Angel Network.  Once you have your YouCaring page setup, contact me and I will feature your campaign on a dedicated page to the Save an Angel campaign on Mesh Angel Network.  We want to help you get as much exposure as you can to raise funds.

Once you’ve got your campaign setup…. take a picture of yourself with it and send it to us!  If you have suggestions to help make this campaign better let us know… we want it to be the best it can be.


Disclaimer…. you can use everything I’ve provided for free.  The only rule I’m making is nothing that I put together can be used to promote any lawsuit, cannot be used by Jane Akre or Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk, Aaron Horton or The Mesh Warrior, TVT-No or David & Teresa Sawyer.  Nothing can be used to further the political or marketing agendas of any of these organizations or anyone they are affiliated with.

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