Non Mesh Hernia Specialists

Hernia Specialists
Doctors who can repair your pelvic issues without the use of mesh.  I do not get paid or accept any compensation for sharing this list. It is my wish that everyone is able to have surgeries without the use of mesh by competent doctors. It is up to you to interview any doctor and if you are uncomfortable because they prefer to use mesh, my advice is walk and find another.

United States

Dr. Zafar Parvez, No Mesh Hernia Repair Center, Fresno

Dr. Robert E. Tomas, U First Health, Naples

Dr. Kevin Petersen, No Insurance Surgery, Las Vegas

Dr. Paul Dally  Vancouver


Shouldice centre, Thornhill, Ontario

Desarda Centre, Pune


  1. Brigitte

    Do you know of any doctors near Louisville KY that specialize in mesh removal and non mesh hernia repair?

    1. lavalinda

      Sorry Brigitte I only know of bad ones reported to me by other women. Removing mesh is difficult but if you look at the top of this blog under the link doctors you can ask some of them.

    2. Brigitte

      Two months ago I had a laproscopic ventral hernia repair and open umbilical (redo) hernia repair. It was only during the repair of the ventral hernia that it was found that the mesh from the two year previous umbilical hernia had rolled into a ball. Since surgery I have had multiple complications and as of late have developed continuous burning gnawing pain at both hernia sites. Is mesh removal known to be complicated in more recent implants?

      1. lavalinda

        Yes Brigitte it is. Some in the past was recalled but all cause complications. Yes the new ones are the same as the old, just new names. Mesh is mesh.


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