Non Mesh Pelvic Specialists

Pelvic Floor Specialists
This list will help you but is by no means an endorsement of any doctor. I do not get paid or accept any compensation for sharing this list. It is my wish that women are able to have surgeries without the use of mesh, by competent doctors. It is up to you to interview any doctor and if you are uncomfortable because they prefer to use mesh, my advice is walk and find another.

United States

Dr. Christian Twiss (article here), University of Arizona, Tucson
Dr. Shlomo Raz, Dr. Ja-Hong Kim (article here), UCLA, Westwood
Dr. Larissa Rodriguez, Keck Medicine of USC, Beverly Hills  Direct link
Dr. Leah Nakamura (6 years trained by Dr. Raz), Orange County Urology, 25200 La Paz road #200, Laguna Hills CA 92653. 
Dr. Antonio R. Pizarro (article here), Pizarro MD, Shreveport
Dr. Philip Barksdale, Woman’s Hospital, Baton Rouge
New York:
Dr. Jerry G. Blaivas, Uro Center of New York, New York City

Joseph Montella


Canada.  This one was given to me by a women who went through mesh complications and now she will be fixed without mesh.There is no website or fancy write-up.  Just a doctor who knows his stuff.
Donald J Hamilton  Dr 167-5201 43 St, Red Deer, AB T4N 1C7

Dr. Barrington (article here), National Health, Devon

Dr. Helen O’Connell (article here), Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne




  1. Sue

    Have you heard of Dr. Timothy Hutchings in Medford, Oregon? He wants to remove the entire mesh and I was told he was the specialist, but I don’t even see him listed as a removal specialist on the net. What is the term I should be looking for to know if he is qualified? Should I ask how many he’s done?

    1. sherri

      I am looking for someone too, Sue, but I checked the link and it doesn’t say that Hutchings removes mesh. Linda said Dr Raz at UCLA, but I can’t go there, I have had a mesh and didn’t know from 2003 to 2012. I suffer a living death and it has erroded, trying to figure out who to see !!
      God Bless and I pray you find a good Dr, I saw one a month ago, he practically threw me out of his office.

      1. lavalinda

        Sherri the reason they don’t want us in their offices is because they want to keep using mesh regardless of how much they damage us. There is a blog I wrote a long time ago about asking questions before you have removal and this is that blog

  2. Erin

    Hi Linda. I am only this week realizing doctors are able to fully remove mesh. What a changing few days! I’m now gradually making my way through your blog. Thank you for the time and patience it has obviously taken to research and wade through all the information you’ve shared on your site. It’s clearly such a blessing to untold numbers of women. I’m certain you will eventually be richly rewarded for your kindness.

    So, like most of the women writing and/or phoning you, I’m hoping to tap into your knowledge bank. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet though!

    1. This question is 100% selfish, so I have a great deal of guilt. Here goes… I am worried since my consultation with Dr. Raz isn’t until January (a full SIX AND A HALF MONTHS AWAY!) that he might decide to retire before I can be scheduled for surgery. He appears to be of advanced age in the photos. Now, here’s the really AWFUL, selfish part, I’m so desperate to feel better, to have a real life, that I also fret Dr. Raz will fall ill before I can have surgery.

    So, even though I sound looney, do you know if Dr. Raz wants to retire anytime soon? Also, considering his incredible work load, is it safe to assume he has continued to experience stable health?

    2. I’m putting a great deal of my medical situation “on hold” to wait for my appointment with Dr. Raz in January. In the meantime, I desperately need a gyno who can at least help me stabilize my condition, and maybe even communicate with Dr. Raz. Although I live in D.C., I see that you have Joseph Montella listed as a doctor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    There is nothing however mentioning why this particular physician is listed, and I could not find anything online that discussed a special interest in cases like ours.
    Could you share what led you to include Dr. Montella in your listing of physicians?

    Thank you again for hearing my crazy, paranoid questions about Dr. Raz. **Finally, I am having some repeated trouble with the links in your blog. The ones you provide at the end of another blog are often coming up empty. So, if you find an increased issue with readers asking you questions instead of reading previous links, that may be why.

    Thank you, Linda. I hope you have a wonderful 4th. May the fireworks not make you dizzy or hurt your ears!!

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Erin, Everything you ask about waiting for Dr. Raz we all wondered while we waited. It is three years this coming October since he removed mine completely and I wondered the same when I found out his age. There is no guarantee for any of us how long we will live, but I can tell you he is a vegan and is very much into his own health. He has a loving wife who I am sure makes sure he is very well cared for and I don’t see this man ever retiring. He has been working on the biofilms issue from mesh because he sees so many women with immune disorders and he was working on a grant to make sure the work continues. He told me himself he isn’t ready yet and I know someone who provided him with many years of data both before and after mesh. She had extreme immune issues until he removed it all. So knowing what I know about this man, I just don’t see him dropping out any time soon, so stop worrying and keep hoping all will work for you.
      As for the Dr. you mentioned I believe it was one a woman gave me who fixes women without mesh, but I have no firsthand knowledge of him. The only thing I can say to help is go to any doctor before you have this surgery and see how they react when you mention mesh. If they act like they want to throw you out the door or won’t look you in the eye, don’t use them. Keep going until you find one or if you don’t, find a great nurse practitioner to help you after mesh is removed and will work with Dr. Raz orders. I had a great N.P who helped me through and found a doctor who would work with instructions. Now try to get the most out of your life while you live each day.

  3. beth

    Linda, I want to share with you and other readers of this great blog.. Dr.Raz suggested that I find a new gyn, since my last one abused and mutilated me. I found a new GYN here in Knoxville. She is GREAT!! And she DOES NOT use mesh!! Whoohoo!! I love her! Her name is
    Dr.Holly Talley. I was a nervous wreck going into this appointment. She is so kind and so honest. She spent 2 hours with me! So ladies in knoxville or close by, See her. She’s a jewel!

    1. Linda (Post author)

      That is wonderful Beth. I am so happy you found someone and I will look her up and add her to the list.


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