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It takes me many hours to research, write a blog and edit it, which is why I had decided some time ago, to cut back on blogs, since I had already written over five hundred. I felt it was time for me to enjoy whatever life I have left with my family and do all I can to continue raising awareness on my Mesh Angel Facebook page.

The last three blogs I wrote and posted earlier this year, was to share a young woman’s story, written in her own words, over the years she struggled. Her words were left, in comments and I wanted to share her story. She no longer could, because she had passed away, two years prior.

Because she was a ‘pay-it-forward young woman, I knew her story would help many women who were so sad for her loss, including me. So, I split them up over 3 blogs, which I first began to post on April 27th, 2019, this year.

It took me a lot of time to go back through comments and gather them all, including dates when she posted. I did this because I knew her well and after she found my blog, she began learning what she could do to help herself and in turn she began helping other women.

I truly loved her, because she was such a fine example of how we can all do our part in the War on Mesh. We spoke over the phone many times and we shared many personal things, that we could not share with anyone who did not understand. What it is like for any mesh injured woman, to continue living her life, even after the implant was removed.

Alicia Mundy. If you want to read her story, put World Mesh Awareness, in the search engine at the top of this page and the blogs will all show up. It will be quite enlightening for you.

Now to answer Alicia’s comment. First, I would like you Alicia, to read the second blog I just posted, I titled Wingtip Communications. I suggest this, because many of my words were not correctly read, probably because people do not always take the time to read and digest what they read, especially if they are upset. I understand this completely, which is why I take so much time, before I post. I try not to get my emotions to take hold of my thinking, because I know it is easy to fall into that pattern.

Hi — I’m Alicia Mundy, the longtime investigative reporter who wrote the new book “Crystal Mesh.” At the moment I’m not going to comment on the many unusual and incorrect statements in Linda’s posting. She’s suffered and she’s seen the abuse of mesh victims by doctors, corporations and by lawyers, and she’s angry.

Alicia, your opening statement of your comment, would have surprised me, had I not been through this kind of thing before. When you said this “She’s suffered and she’s seen the abuse of mesh victims by doctors, corporations and by lawyers, and she’s angry.” Why did you begin with such a statement? Do you think using my name and talking about me, would gain you a new audience? Believe me it won’t. In fact, it is quite a distasteful beginning, because we injured women have been spoken to by doctors, just like you are doing now.

Alicia, as a long-time investigative reporter, are you not supposed to remain objective? If so, why are you assuming that when I wrote that post, I was angry? This tells me you did not research what went on between me and Akre, nor did you read comments women left, after I began writing about my issues with her. In fact, if you REALY want to know, read the comments that were left in the last blog. And you will know, just a tiny bit of what she did, not just to me, but to other women.

But one big thing: We’re not making money on the book. I priced it $5 lower than the recommended amount on Amazon, at $19.95, so that women all over could America afford to buy it and pass it around to friends.

The price for the book was not my objection, it was about where would any profits go? I did ask for a donation percentage, through the Periscope Group FB page, but no clear answer yet. Here is something else you should be aware of.

Perhaps nothing bad like this has happened to you, or you would understand how many women have been dumped by husbands because they can no longer have sex. How many have lost their jobs and some great careers. How many are on State Medicare and disability, and they can’t pay their way, let alone buy health insurance. These same women are treated badly by local doctors who don’t want to care for them. So, $19.95, may seem low to you, but it means food to some women.

And if you’ve read anything about publishing on Amazon/Kindle, you KNOW that writers don’t make fortunes off Amazon. Jenn spent thousands on the printing of the book, and is already committed to using any pennies she gets back for the foundation she wants to set up to help get women medical treatment.

Please don’t make assumptions that I do not know anything about publishing. You are so wrong, because I am an avid learner and I read…. What you or ‘jen’ spent, is nothing to do with me, or any other women, because you chose to do what you did. No, it was not forced on you.

The book is like my award-winning book on the fen-Phen diet drug scandal that reviewers said read like a murder mystery. I wrote on vaginal mesh because the legal documents I saw were the worst I’ve ever seen about corporations prior knowledge of their product’s dangers — and I spent years at The Wall Street Journal uncovering healthcare disasters where companies made money off dangers drugs and devices.

Don’t assume I have not researched you. In fact, because you have written a book, you were much easier to find than Banmiller. You are much more open about what you do, and I can tell you, I actually applaud what you have done. But that is not my problem with you. I did not have a beef with YOU at all, until I saw how you ‘teamed up with Akre’. She obviously told you about other women who may give you interviews, because this has been her status all along. I know because of what she did when I included her in emails to other women, at a time I trusted her. She collected those emails and contacted some of them. They told me and that is how I know what she does. I was always taught that leopards do not change their spots.

Please, do answer these questions. Did you go to Medical Mesh News Desk site and assume she was such a wonderful person because of what you saw?

Did you tell women you knew Akre, when you spoke to them, while doing the interviews?

Did you ask women if they were satisfied with her, or had a problem with her?

The reason I ask these questions is because I know to the ‘untrained eye’, her site looks great. I also know if you speak to her over the phone and you tell her you are going to write a book about this, Akre would be so nice. The truth is, she wants to hook her wagon to anyone that could possible give her credit and in turn, give her ego a boost and find her new customers.

When you gave Akre credit publicly, in your book, suddenly, you made women stop and think and distrust YOU. Did you think if this could happen? I guess you know now that it did, because behind the scenes, women are telling ME what they think. Very few will speak out publicly, because they don’t want to be in the same situation I am. A target! I don’t want to be part of a fight, but I do want every injured person, to watch out for the sites, that hide what they do. So, you just happen to get caught in the crossfire, which was not my intention.

So I wrote Crystal Mesh to let women know they weren’t alone — not alone in being told their problems with mesh were “in their head,” not alone in being ignored or under-treated, not along in being in terrible, constant pain —

I wanted the women to see the documents showing what the companies knew.
And WORSE, what their own doctors, and doctors associations knew about TVM dangers.
And I wanted them to also read that they were let down by a lot of lawyers who were pushing the mass settlement arrangements. Yes — the Chapter called “Breaking Bad” deals with some of those “puny” settlements, as one GOOD law firm called them.

Alicia, even though in your opinion I am an angry woman, I have been doing this all along and could have jeopardize my own case, because of what I do. However, I did it anyway and you will learn all I have done, if you take the time and read all 500 of my blogs and read every comment left by women, like me.

Sad to say, without tort law, none of us would have received one penny, because you cannot sue any doctor, unless you die and someone else does it and collects a puny settlement. Believe me I am well up on other device/implant settlements and the pay out if you die. Without product liability and mass MDL’s no one would take a second look at any of us. So regardless that it is NOT perfect, it is all we have.

With sites like Mesh Medical News Desk, Periscope Group and Wingtip Communications and others, injured people have no clue who the lawyer is, who will take their case, because there is no information on these sites.

These sites are all built on other injured people, with either stories or videos. This can get the injured person in a trap they can never get out of, because of these ‘sympathy’ stories. Believe me, many women would love to dump the bad lawyer they have, but they are legally tied, just because they signed up, without any knowledge of who they really were.

On the last blog titled ‘Wingtip Communications’ I addressed this problem and what could be done to change it. I hope Jennifer reads it and does things differently. I hope she will make both sites more transparent and give complete information to EVERY injured person, who signs up.

What these sites are, are ‘referral’ sites and they do not state what percentage they take from each case they pass on to a lawyer. Medically injured people are a BILLION-DOLLAR business and when something like this, proves to be lucrative, many people jump on the wagon. It is just a modern way of doing ambulance chasing and the injured person is the loser.

Lawyers usually take 33% out of a client’s settlement, but they upped it to 40% for MDL’s. Why? Because of all these people who have found a way to collect, from every settlement, that they give a referral. Sited like the ones I already mentioned.  Believe me, I know a lot about this stuff and I have shared it on my Mesh Angels page, so that anyone who wants to can learn.

Besides the 40% fee, the IOLTA 5% fund that lawyers set up for people who can’t afford a lawyer, (the money all goes back to layers of course), Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance pay backs, many women wound up with a few hundred dollars, not even enough to buy a year of insurance. That is the whole problem with this system and that is why $19.95 is too expensive for many women.

And… don’t get me started on lawsuit loan lenders. Did you know that Akre had at least one on her closed group for mesh injured? She did not tell anyone, but the woman popped up one day and began selling her wares. A woman I knew tagged me and I began asking questions about who she was. Then other women joined in because no one should be on a support group, EXCEPT the injured.

Anyway, after tagging Akre several times, she finally took it all down, without any explanation. Poof! It was gone as if it didn’t happen. Two days later the woman was back, saying she did not know why everyone was mad at her, because Akre had invited her. I was tagged again and saw it, then quickly, poof! It was gone. No mention of why she was on there, but we all know it was a way to catfish women. Why did Akre do this? One can only surmise she would have made money, once again. There are no flies on Akre.
Later my daughter began to look at everyone on this support group for injured women. Lawyers galore and others, were spying on women’s private and personal conversations. How lovely. Of course I was blocked….

I withdrew money from my own retirement fund to cover my living expenses the last 3 months, so I could complete the book and all the edits, without having to start a new job at another newspaper, so please don’t tell people I’m going to profit from this.
The book is for YOU.

Did I ask you to write this book and withdraw your retirement money? I think not. I was totally unaware of who you are, or that you were writing a book. So, please do not blame me if the book does not sell. Look at who you thanked and blame her, if you want to blame someone. Think long and hard about this and don’t blame me. I have been very public with this blog for nine years and you could have read it any time and learned who you should not trust.

We’re pushing for Congressional hearings on the vaginal mesh scandal, and medical treatment for injured women. If you read the book, you’ll find out that in Australia, there already IS a vaginal mesh treatment center with surgeons, pain management specialists, physical therapists, sex and marriage counselors, experts in chronic pain and in chronic depression. We should have such a center in America because too many women aren’t able to get their mesh damages repaired. Thanks. Let me know if you have questions. Alicia

You seem to think I am so unaware of what goes on in other countries. One again you are assuming so many things about me. I do my homework. I learn every day what is going on and I have connections in several countries. I am not blind…

Did you pay for the treatment center in Australia? Believe me no one wants to donate that kind of money. I have lived in Australia. My husband worked there offshore drilling rigs. I have family there. I am not someone who is not knowledgeable about other countries. I have lived in many other countries, so I understand the healthcare system in other countries, because we used them. I also understand the NHS because I was born and raised in England. I also understand the system here in the U.S, because I have lived here for fifty years and I am an American Citizen. Now you know a little more about me, please do not assume anything about me.

Do you think I and other women did not think about setting up counseling here? There are so many obstacles, because many of us cannot travel, either because of our disabilities, or financially. Do you plan on setting one up in every State? Think about this and let’s be realistic. It’s impossible!

I am not out to get you or stop sales of your book. What I was out to do, is share what happens when you become part of the medically injured system and do not understand how anyone can set up a website and use it to make a good living. Why don’t you ask Jane Akre, how long it has been since she was ACTUALLY a reporter? While you are doing it, ask her how many times, she asked women to send her money?

Before I close, let me tell you a true story. I was on her support group years ago, when it was public. She posted one day, for every woman to ask her lawyer to send Akre money. It was in different words that these and I still have in somewhere in my files.

When I read it, I copied and pasted it into an email and sent it to my lawyers. I know they got it, because I made sure they did and I did this, because I was sick of Akre asking everyone for money, when we were all broke and struggling to pay our bills. She is an abled bodied woman, who could work, but she chooses to do what she does, because it is lucrative.

You talk about taking money out of your retirement. If you ask any woman who had many surgeries and complications and you will find out that most of us used all our savings, to TRY to get well. So, for Akre to keep asking for money, it offends all of us. Like I said, add her name in the search engine of this blog and you will find proof of what I am saying.

Now that you know this, why don’t you write another book that EVERYONE will read?  Investigating all the underground ways to make money of sick and injured people.  Of course, I know the answer.  You, nor anyone else will do this.

Now it is time for me to rest. Thank you for your comment.

I was wondering about book reviews for Crystal Mesh.  Imagine my surprise when I found a link saying the book was $9.99 on Kindle.  This is what this link says.
“Crystal Mesh by jennifer banmiller
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 91,600. Language: English. Published: September 30, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Women’s health
The inside story of mesh and how women’s health was traded for quick cash.  Here is the link  




  1. Kerry

    Linda Thankyou for your insight into the behind the scenes of the women’s pelvic mesh journey.
    I would like to ask whar you actually know about the Pelvic Mesh Clinics in Australia?
    Also i would like to ask why you make every post on Mesh Angels only about Transvaginal mesh surgery and not all Pelvic Mesh Surgery?
    The one post you ever did concerning Rectopexy mesh where Lucinda Campbell took her own life because of Rectopexy mesh complications.
    Your intro for the post was once again about bladder mesh and Transvaginal mesh.
    Totally ignored the true tragedy in front of you.
    Why don’t you raise awareness for all Pelvic Mesh Surgeries?

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Kerry, please read all the posts (500) I have made over the past 9 years on this blog and you will find I have covered everything including hernia mesh. I also approved every comment where a woman explained her journey, regardless of what type of mesh she had.
      I now mainly do this through my Facebook Mesh Angels page and once again I cover them all, including any FDA posts. I do not just think about one thing, but I know more about what happened to me and the type of mesh that was in me, so it is easier to post what I know. A guidance to writing, is to write what you know. I learn from other women and I have listened to countless women over the phone tell me their stories.

      I did not know Lucinda and did not hear about her. However, you can write her story as you know it and contact me through PM on my Facebook page. If you wish me to I will share what you write, because I care.

      I do not know anything about the pelvic mesh clinics in Australia, because none of the Australians I know told me about them. I first heard about it from Mundy’s comment.

      Kerry, this is a woman in England who I met at UCLA, long after I posted a blog about her and her son. She had Rectopexy mesh and she has struggled ever since. Sad to say I have lost touch with her and often wonder if she is okay.

      This is another young mother who lost her life due to hernia mesh.

      Kerry, if you believe I have not done enough to cover All mesh injuries, go to this link and read RR from Oklahoma’s comment.
      Then read what her husband wrote on this blog.

  2. Bella

    I have to say thatbi was someone who has been dealing mesh for almost for almost 15 years now although I did not know it was mesh until after 6 of those years had passed. In those 15 years I have seen just about everything, been through so much in my health, my marriage, raised 2 children, buried both parents, 2 sets of grandparents, lost myself (still trying to find myself) lived in fear of my husband of 22 years cheating on me because we do not have sex or fear of us drifting a part because I am who I am now. I have seen woman come and go and some who have even scammed. Linda is probably the most honest and knowledgeable person when it comes to mesh I know.

    Despite what it could have done to her legal case, despite warnings from her attorneys not to write the blogs she did so anyway not for herself but for others. Despite her pain and suffering she kept writing, despite being attacked she kept writing. She is one of the bravest, strongest women I know. I wish I could say I have been able to bounce back to any degree of a life after the mesh harmed me but I haven’t, I gave up. I don’t fight. But Linda does, she fights for herself, for her daughter, Kim who is also a wonderful well versed lady and she fights for every woman who has been injured.

    As for not knowing who the lawyers would be, this transparency issue is a big one. We had transparency issues from the beginning with the mesh. With the warnings not being clear, the company, the doctors not being clear, omitting facts and truth. Informed consent forms being given. Do you really think not being open and honest about anything any organization does that is involved with mesh is a good way to go. I for one certainly will never trust non transparency. It’s shady and like I say if you can’t show me than you have something to hide. Plain and simple.

    As far as the cost of the book, I like to read everything on mesh…good or bad. I can’t afford 20.00 for a book. I can barely afford some of my meds. I checked and the book is not available on Kindle unlimited. I know a lot has that cause there is not much we can do so we read and that is a much cheaper way to read several books in a month. So if you were really worried and concerned about informing others they were not alone, to show the court records and everything you say, then why not do everything you can to make the book available to as many people as you can. If someone can’t afford the book, then they can read the book and will never know they are not alone, that they do not suffer in silence, that the pain, the health health issues are very real indeed and that person who needed to know that, who needed to know they were not alone, who needed to know it was not in their head but can’t cause they cant afford the 20.00 might be the next to commit suicide because they thought they were alone, they were told it was in their head and didn’t Know any different, couldn’t get help. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

    I have a lot more to say but it has taken me 2 days to write this due to all my problems from mesh, but I’m sure you know about that right, you wrote a book…oh but wait you have never had mesh of any kind. Hmmm.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Thank you Bella for your candor about many subjects that are left unsaid. I also appreciate the time it took you to write this, because I am well aware, of your injuries and how much you have been left to suffer.


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