World Mesh Awareness Day Part Three

If you missed parts one and two, here are the links.

Part two.

Now to continue with the final part, which tells of one woman’s journey through her own mesh implant.  Sadly, she is no longer with us, but she was a great activist, in helping other women through their ordeal.

When someone leaves this earth, what they did in life, remains behind.  Davonne has been gona almost two years, but her words live on.  Here is the final part of her comments left on this blog, over two years.

April 30th The year before this 2014, I had decided that women needed a day in every year, to tell the world what they were going through and share their stories. I did research on when the best date would be and came up with May 1st as one that would not interfere with other special days. This was her comment.
Thank you… I will never be able to Thank you enough.. Without you and your Mesh Angel Network I would still be looking for answers. It is so sad that you have had to go through this Hell. I have wasted so much time and effort and endured so much heartache from useless so-called doctors. I am so Thankful that I found you.
1 week from today I will be 3,000 miles away from my kid’s and family getting ready for my total Mesh removal from Dr. Shlomo Raz, only because I found you. Mesh has took so much from me, my family and friends, Mentally as much as Physically. I am ready to have my life back. I encourage any woman that is having mesh problems, to read your blog, and Go to Dr. Raz ASAP.
You are my Super Star!
I will share your post/blog 1st thing in the morning, May 1, 2015, Mesh Awareness Day.
MUCH Love and Great Big Hugs to you my Friend.
My answer. Hugs back to you Beth. Your day will soon be here and although I know you are anxious I will be at your side figuratively. We’ll chat when you get back home and feel better.

We spoke over the phone before she went out to UCLA. It is a scary time for every woman, to travel far from home to have surgery, but she wanted to feel better and like me, felt she had no choice. I have always been grateful I was able to go out there and not have many, many partial removals here at home. Every one of them can cause irreversible damage.
May 14th. She wrote a comment on a blog I wrote called Proving it’s the Mesh.
Ladies, don’t waste your time on no good doctors. This man will help you. HE will listen to you and you will be so glad you went to see him.
Dr Raz removed my mesh Monday May 11, 2015. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!
thank you Linda

Another woman answered her comment.
How wonderful for you, Beth! We just missed each other out there! I was there for my consult. My surgery and hopefully day of my new beginning is October 29th. I pray that your recovery will be complete without complications. Blessings!!

She also answered another woman’s comment.
Katie, take the time to read this whole blog. You will learn so much. I promise.. educate yourself. Best wishes honey

May 29th I wrote a blog called Mesh & Leg Pain, because it continued to plaque me and so many other women. Mine was ignored by the implanting doctor who decided that I had ‘done something’ to cause it.
Here I am.. still reading.. still learning from My mesh angel..
I am 2weeks and 4 days post op from complete mesh removal from Dr. Raz. I feel so much better. But I’m weak, my right hip and leg hurts. It’s not the same terrible mesh pain, but I do say it hurts. I know I have a lot of healing. I have to be patient. 4 years of my life has been consumed by mesh hell…
I have pain medication, but I’ve made it this far, I have only took a half of pain pill since my surgery, I took half before the 6hr flight home.
I feel like I need an IV for vitamins and supplements.. I’m making my list and will be buying tomorrow.
thank you Linda.

May 30th I wrote aa blog called Mesh & My Wellness plan. She asked me the following question.
are you still doing this wellness plan?
I am trying to make a list of vitamins that I think would help me. it’s hard, I read about them, and think, i need this, this and this…
I hate mesh.

My answer. Beth, I do and will be doing it the rest of my life. But I know from other women that those who take this route will need less or no pain meds, but it is an on-going process to keep your health. You are on the right track. This is very normal because removing the anchors extremely difficult. But as time goes on you will feel relief. It is a slow process of healing. Yes, you do need vitamins and R Lipoic Acid and Benifotiamine will help heal the nerves.

June 2nd I wrote a blog warning about an I.V antibiotic called Vancomycin, because it is in the same family as Gentamycin. The very drug that has left me with constant dizziness.

A woman I know by the name of Gina, posted a comment that she was going out to UCLA to see Dr. Raz. This was Davonne’s response.
SO Happy for YOU!!! I found Dr Raz through Linda too!! I found her last June. Hard to believe it has been a year ago. I will never forget the day that I posted my first comment.. I had just been mutilated TWICE in One day!! I am 42 years old, my moma was taking care of me. I was dying.. I had been abused and butchered by local doctors here in Tn.
I am so HAPPY TO YELLLL- I AM MESH FREE!!!! Dr. Raz removed the left over pieces of the mini arc sling from my body 3 weeks ago yesterday!! I have a lot of healing to do, but I am so much better! No pain and NO infection!
I am SO Thankful for Linda! and Dr. Raz.
Gina, you won’t be sorry! Best Wishes to YOU!
Please let us know how you do.
Take GOOD care! You don’t have many more days to go!

June 11th. I wrote a blog called Explaining Nerve Pain, because so many of us struggle with this affliction.
Great Blog Linda. I am doing real good!4 weeks post op total removal by Dr. Raz.
My right leg and hip hurt some, mostly at night. I’m hoping time will help this.
thank you Linda!
your little friend in Tn.

June 19th. I wrote a blog called Mesh Complication Education.
Linda is typing the truth… Dr Shlomo Raz at UCLA can HELP YOU! He removed my mini arc sling mesh 6 weeks ago.. I was deathly ill for 4 years..I am so much better. I found Linda and this blog one year ago. she has helped me and family so much. GET AN APPOINTMENT WITH Dr. Raz, then read this whole blog.. You will learn so much.. I am 42 , I live in TENNESSEE. there is no one in this state that can help you. Ladies, Do NOT waste your time and energy on trying to find a local doctor to help you. please do not have any partial removals, or clippings, that makes your problems so much worse.
fight and research all you can!
thank you Linda

June 19th. I had also written a blog called Mesh Removal & Incontinence. I did so because I had also struggled with this and so have many other women. Much of the time it is cause by mesh erosion through the urethra. It is a very difficult complication to go through and I had talked to her, trying to ensure her that things would improve after the fascia sling surgery and to give her hope.
here I am… almost 6 weeks post op TOTAL MESH REMOVAL by Dr. Raz. I’m doing really good! but my incontinence is really REALLY BAD… I know i still have healing, but this has gotten worse. he told me this may happen. I haven’t drank any caffeine since May 6th. I guess time will tell. Its aggravating though. makes me hate MESH even more!!
thank you Linda.

My answer. Beth you may need a fascia sling surgery now which is using your own tissues. I also had it done as the destruction mesh does to our tissues sometimes means another surgery. It is hard to think about but hopefully after that your life will improve greatly.

Footnote. This is hard on women, because leaving the house with such extreme incontinence takes a lot of planning and you need large pads, changes of underwear and more, to go and buy groceries, let alone do anything else. Sometimes, you feel it is far easier to stay at home. Using pads and staying wet can also cause skin irritation, so I gave her some hints over the phone as to what helped me.

30th June. I wrote a blog called Tributes to Dr. Raz
GREAT BLOG!!! This has brought tears to my eyes tonight. I truly appreciate all the hard work you’ve done to help me and so many other people, not just us injured but our families and friends too. I share your site so much. I hate that you had to go through all if this, but I know with all my heart you helping women every day..
Ladies, if you and your family are having a hard time understanding all of this mesh hell, please read and share this blog with them.
Good people, like YOU are hard to find now-a-days, I am eternally grateful for everything you do..
YOU have been here for me EVERY step of the way. I wouldn’t be mesh free if it weren’t for you telling your story and leading us to Dr. Raz.

I AM A MESH ANGEL! (Indeed she is)
Thank you my friend. Lots of love and hugs to you..

July 6th. I had written a blog called My Fascia Sling Surgery Part Two, telling exactly what I was going through and how I got through it. When she read it, she posted this comment.
Wow!! Thank you Linda.***Again!!
Complete Incontinence.. This is exactly what I have.. just like how you explained yourself. I am doing the exact same thing. I’m ok when I’m sitting, but soon as I stand up, I pour.
I will take this over Mesh pain any day, but Its getting embarrassing.. bad as I hate to do it, I will be getting this taken care of by Dr. Raz or Dr. Kim.
Dr. Raz removed all the mesh, I made it through that, I believe I can handle the repair surgery too.
Ladies, Dr. Raz is wonderful.
Thank you Linda.

July 24th. She read a blog I had written called Non Mesh Pelvic Specialists.
Linda, I want to share with you and other readers of this great blog.. Dr. Raz suggested that I find a new gyn, since my last one abused and mutilated me. I found a new GYN here in Knoxville. She is GREAT!! And she DOES NOT use mesh!! Whoohoo!! I love her! Her name is
Dr. Holly Talley. I was a nervous wreck going into this appointment. She is so kind and so honest. She spent 2 hours with me! So ladies in Knoxville or close by, See her. She’s a jewel!

My answer. That is wonderful Beth. I am so happy you found someone and I will look her up and add her to the list.

July 30th. The blog I wrote called Femoral Nerve Injury struck a nerve in her and she left this comment.
I read your blogs and think, gosh, I did the exact same thing! One day I’m going to tell every single problem I had. It will be very long, but women need to know it is not in their heads.. If only I had known.. If only I had found you in August 2011, 3 months after implant. I know I would have never let doctors abuse and mutilate me. But, I did find you. And you lead me to Dr. Raz, and I’m on the road to recovery. I’m so thankful. Ladies, I can’t stress enough to read all you can, ask questions, don’t let doctors bully you.
She did not live long enough to do this, but she shared so many details on this blog, she had done enough to show what life is really like once an implant causes serious problems. She truly is an Angel.
August 8th. This blog is called Surgeries & Scar Tissue.
I will be starting this asap! Hopefully it will help by December for my fascia surgery with Dr.Raz.
thank you! Thank You! Kim and Linda

August 24th. A blog called A Hug & a Hope, she answered another woman’s comment.
Angie, my insurance paid for my removal with Dr.Raz.
please research and read this blog. There are many doctors that say they can remove all of the mesh.I was told that. I’m thankful for this blog. Linda lead me to the Dr.Raz, he removes all mesh. No lie.
Best wishes to you

September 9th. On a blog I wrote called Evaluating the New Mesh, she commented again on another woman’s comment to give her hope.
Debbie, read all you can here. it is the truth. Linda has lived it. she knows. This blog has helped me in so many ways. It led me to Dr. Raz, he can and will help you. He removed my mesh 4 months ago. Dr. Raz will give you HOPE.

October 9th. I had posted a blog when I became three years Mesh free.
Congratulations! And Thank you for all you do! You are helping women every day! You mean a lot to me! I am mesh free by Dr. Raz all because of You and this helpful blog.

November 11th On a blog called Changes for Women.
Another Great Blog!
Smart Women Make Changes.. Yes. They sure do.
Thank you Linda.

She was still reading, even though she was once again, living her life. She continued having leg pain, but it was minimal over time and she felt she could deal with it. She was also trying to help women who posted on Facebook support groups, realize that going out to UCLA was the greatest gift they could give themselves. She is right.

January 27th 2016, this was her last comment before she died in May that year. I wrote about Insurance and Lawsuits and she was trying to help a woman by the name of Regina, realize you have to fight to get your insurance to pay to go to UCLA, and you have to make sacrifices, to get the right insurance.
Regina, Fight. Fight with all you got. Don’t give up on yourself. or your kids.

These three blogs have been long, and hard blogs to write, but I felt she deserved this, because of what she did in the War against Mesh. She is a true Mesh Angel and was a wonderful Mesh Activist, who did all she could to help others.

This was the blog I wrote about her after she died.

She will be forever in many women’s hearts, including mine and I felt her presence when I put these three blogs together.  May she rest in peace… 


  1. Pam Beauchamp

    I am sitting here in the dentist office reading this blog and tears are flowing. The life we have lost as we once knew it and the lovely angels that did not survive mesh. My heart breaks that Drs continue to use this mesh. It destroys lives, families, and finances. If we had only know before we were lied to.

  2. Joanne Naponic

    Today is Friday, May 24, 2019. I went to a Doctor in Houston in November 2007 to discuss incontinence. After her tests she suggested a Bladder Suspension. Fast forward, I am convinced that the mesh used is what is causing me such discomfort. Last year I spoke to another doctor if there was a procedure he could do to remove this mesh. He led me to believe that it was a hernia by my navel that was causing the problem and that the hernia should be removed. I scheduled the procedure for the next week. Well, guess what. He wrapped my hernia in a mesh. Now I have twice the pain. I feel like these doctors just want to dismiss the pain by dispensing pain medications, probiotics, and going gluten-free. My pain is real and it started the day after I had my bladder suspension procedure.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Joanne, The mesh incontinence kits became available in 2002 and soon everyone was making them because they generated big bucks. They never told women they were putting them in, so undoubtedly, you do have it. The problem is getting those records now may be very difficult, but could still be available in storage. I truly feel for you, but if you can find a doctor who will do the translabial ultrasound, it will show up, wrapped around your bladder. I suggest doing that, then making an appointment with Dr. Kim at UCLA. If you have any other questions, leave another comment, then I will answer. As for hernia mesh, there is one word that springs to my mind about this doctor and it isn’t pretty.

  3. Joanne Naponic

    Have you ladies heard of doctors using mesh to hold a hernia inside?

    1. Linda (Post author)

      They use mesh all the time for hernia repair.


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