World Mesh Awareness Day 2019 Part 2

If you did not see part one, here is the link.  Please read it first.

Now here is more from Davonne. Note, she was not only sad, but she recognized that a person she trusted, her own doctor, did this to her and she was still struggling to deal with it.

I cannot say enough about the word empathy, because Davonne was the epitome of that word.  She cared deeply for anyone who suffered and regardless of all she was going through, she did all she could to help them.  That is why our long distance friendship was so wonderful.

Not only did she leave these comments behind, she also sent me many private messages during the two years she was in my friends.  I am not going to share those with anyone else, but I did share them with her family, soon after her death.  Now continue reading her messages.

January 6th 2015 This was also her reply to the blog Mesh & the elderly.

Oh Linda… Somehow I missed that blog about “how to treat”.. it’s awful, it makes me so mad, I’m crying, my gyn did this to me when I complained that something wasn’t right 3 months after my sling was placed.. he gave me Premarin… I had no idea it was the mesh.. HE is just as Guilty as American Medical System!!! The man I trusted, I considered him a great friend.. it makes me so ANGRY.. Then i go to the second Dr, Blames the dr that put it in, he blows me off after revision and stone removal, “takes the pain pills and I’m sending you to neurosurgeon”, I never went back to him or the neurosurgeon, Finally FIND the DR in Knoxville that PROMISES me and my family that I will be pain free soon.. HE LIED. I dislike these 3 men!! So much!! They all need to be sued and held responsible! But the Damn Tennessee Politicians passed stupid laws. I Want to put Every one of these Doctors names all over, but it’s probably best that I don’t. They are all the Devil just like American Medical Systems!! ( I now believe these doctors names need to be posted, because the are complicit in this whole mess.)
He is a friggin idiot… Thank you Linda. Sorry I’m mad, guess it shows in my words.

I knew when reading her comments, she had decided to be an activist, even though she never consciously thought about it.

1st February 2015. She left a comment on a blog I wrote Mesh can Destroy your Bladder.
Angry… so angry… I’m not sure if having your bladder and urethra reconstructed means the same as having it removed?? I guess I will know come May 11th… DR. Raz told me that he will reconstruct my bladder and urethra, along with other “complex” things. It’s so scary to me.. I haven’t researched the things he told me I needed till tonight, it’s scary. All I’ve researched is getting it out..
I wish I could take pictures and post on here of my doctor notes, my pre op and surgery notes, They Have ALL of those “cover up” WORDS!! MAKES ME SO SICK!! AS I HAVE TYPED BEFORE AND WILL CONTINUE TO TYPE, THE DOCTORS ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE MESH MAKERS!
The last Dr that botched me up, Dr. Jeffrey Dell, Knoxville tn. Ladies, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO HIM.. HE WILL NOT HELP YOU. He will lie to you and Trick you with his words PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF SLING.
Oh my gosh I want us all to have our lives back. I’m so scared..
I have always been a strong person.. I’ve had many heart aches. the worst, watching my 2 year old die a horrible death.. I miss her.. all of this pain and sickness with mesh makes my life total hell.. if I could get in my car, I really believe I could drive off a cliff.. BUT I CAN’T do that.. I made a promise to my little girl that I would see her again, she died in my arms, when she took her last breath, I felt her become Whole again, a new body, no sickness, no pain She is in Heaven, I will see her again. I will fight through my sickness and pain, it’s so hard right now. BUT I WILL FIGHT..I can’t do that to her.
We all have to Fight as hard as we can. We all have to Survive.
Hugs to you all.
Linda, Thank you.. you are my hero.. people may say how can she be your hero.. i say Google Mesh Angel Network.. that’s how she’s my hero.
I’m sorry if I’ve misspelled words and rambled around. I’m just not with it anymore…

My answer. Beth it is not the same thing with your bladder so don’t panic. Undoubtedly your bladder and urethra does need repairing, and he will do all he can. You can live again because you are going to the best surgeon in the world who will do his utmost to get you back on your feet. Do that to keep the memory of your little girl alive. You can join her later but right now you need to get better to begin a better life so that you can make a difference. We need to continue spreading the word to stop other women suffering the way we do.

5th February 2015, she left a comment when I wrote a blog called A Da Vinci Horror Story. She had a date for removal by Dr. Raz in May.

This makes me so sad and so damn mad.. I see that she’s in TN.. I hope she reads this. And sees that I am in TN.. and sees that I wouldn’t trust anyone here.. THEY CAN’T HELP YOU! THEY WILL HURT YOU..I PROMISE. Please believe me! I truly believe the last doctor I went to here is a bad bad doctor and that he is getting paid by the mesh maker.
The mini arc sling has ruined my everything about my life, I am a very sad, sick person. And i HATE being this
I’m Very Very Thankful to Linda.. without her I would not have found out about Dr.Raz.. I didn’t know anything… I mean nothing about the complications or anything. I’ve been living in straight HELL for almost 4 years, I knew something “wasn’t right”, but nobody believed me, hell, I didn’t know, I just would tell them something wasn’t right down there.
LADY IN Tennessee, Traveling to UCLA was very hard.. but Oh so worth it! Dr.Raz believed me!! we had to drive 3 hrs to fly out of Nashville(so hard to sit), I cried on the plane, but again it was worth it., it cost me $130 to stay at the Tiverton house.
My surgery is scheduled for May. I’m counting days not months.
I’m sorry that each of us are living in this Hell. Its awful.
Hugs to All..

I called her on the phone that day, instead of answering this comment.  I knew she needed a big hug, from far away in Texas.

On March 4th She commented on a blog I wrote called Nerve Pain & Hemoclips.
Linda, I swear I learn something new every day I look to see if you have posted a new blog…. you know I have a lot of pain. bad.. I just pulled one of my CT scans with /without contrast of and/pelvis, guess what it says!!?!?
POSTSURGICAL CLIPS ARE PRESENT IN THE LEFT.. left what? I don’t know. that’s what it says on my report.. Could this make my pain worse? I don’t know. strange though. I never knew clips were being used, or being left.
I bet I am a total mess down there.
thank you so much. Hopefully Dr. Raz can tell me about this. you are SO HELPFUL!!!”

I wound up talking to her over the phone to try to help her, once again.

March 18th I wrote a blog called The Hippocratic Oath.
Linda, Thank you again… You will never know how much you and your Mesh Angel Network has helped me.. I just wish that I had found you sooner. I’m thankful that I will be having surgery with Dr. Raz, I wish it was sooner. I am passing stones and shards of mesh. it is very painful.
I read hystersisters, I post on there some, I tell them to read mesh angel network. women are still getting mesh. everyday… I don’t understand. It sickens me to see these women get mesh. I tell them how bad it is, I’m surprised they haven’t fired me!!
Ladies, please do not get mesh..
thank you again.

My answer. Beth, doctors are often very convincing UNTIL a woman begins to have problems. Then they blame everything else as you know. Are you taking marshmallow root? Take 6 a day, 2 three times a day to help with the stones.

She replied. No I’m not. I have a list that I got from one of your posts:) My mom thinks I need to buy from the vitamin store. They convinced her store brand wasn’t the real deal

My answer. Beth they of course will say that as they stand to make money. Shop on line through Swanson Vitamins They have excellent products.
Before I continue with Davonne’s comments, I know many women wind up with kidney or bladder stones because they cannot empty their bladders after these implants. I also had that problem and did research and learned about marshmallow root. I still take it to this day.

March 28th. This blog was called What is Transvaginal mesh
Thank you Linda! Great Post as usual!
Please let us know if you get a response from Whitney. it would be nice if Chelsea Peretti ( @ChelseaVPeretti ) might see this since she tweeted about it. I saw the comments/retweets from people… it saddens me.. honestly its sickening… People are so cruel. if these people only knew.. I wish we could have seen HER TWEET on March 18th, she was on Jimmy Fallon that night.

Over the early years, I thought celebrities would care and contacted many.  However, none replied and I don’t believe they have any interest in what happens to other women.

She had read a post by a woman named Hannah on that same blog and she answered her.
Hannah, I am in Tennessee too. 2 hours away from you.. there is no one in Tennessee that can help you.. they will lie to you. I promise I truly know this. I had sling put in 2011, started having problems 3 months later, continued to get worse, with multiple problems, I found out July 2013, that the mesh was the problem, I’ve had many surgeries here (Bad Bad) do not have any revision surgery. I have seen several doctors here, none of them have believed me. Even when I went for my surgery clearance for Dr Raz, my family doctor still doesn’t think it’s mesh. It is so sad. So depressing. Read all you can here on Mesh Angel network. Linda has helped me so much. Go see Dr. Raz at UCLA. I saw him in January, he will be removing ALL of the mesh in May.. I am counting the days. HE gave me Hope. Linda gave me hope. I am so Thankful to Linda.

My answer. Beth the sad part is I doubt if I will hear anything, so I am not holding my breath. (I didn’t hear from her again).

April 4th I wrote a blog called The Truth about Partial Removal.
I soooo wish I knew this back in JULY 2013….but I had no idea, about you or mesh complications! I thought the urologist was removing a bladder stone emergency surgery. makes my blood boil! I am having such a terrible painful day.. both sides are hurting so bad, my groin, my back. I have this pulling/grinding feeling. Oh it’s so bad today. I’m so lonely. so miserable today.. my husband is mowing our yard.. that was my job, I love mowing, weed eating. I can’t do a damn thing.
thank you Linda… you have helped so many women, and men. You help me everyday… One day I’m gonna try my best to help you.. I hope you and your daughter are having a good Saturday.

I need to stop and write a footnote here. Women are often told that they have bladder stones, when it is mesh protruding through the bladder and can give the impression it looks like stones. Mesh erosion is so common and can cause many types of complications. It does what you call granulate, which means it has attached itself to the bladder tissue. Mesh is designed to do this and become part of your organs. I wonder what idiot decided this would be wonderful. Sad….
Even the FDA put out a report that stated this fact and you can read the full report here. 

This was my answer to her comment.
Beth, kidney stones and crystals are caused by urine retention. I know how hard it is but you don’t have long to go now. Please check out this blog and order some things to help you. You will have to stop taking these 2 weeks before surgery, but I took marshmallow root up until a week before. But as soon as surgery is over and you are at the hotel take them again.

April 6th. I wrote a blog called To Mesh or No Mesh.

AMEN… and I will keep saying and passing your site to everybody…. I try my best to make people aware. It just hurts when people don’t believe you.. or me.. I wish I was tougher.. maybe one day I will be.. I don’t regret leaving the truth on hystersisters, it did hurt my feelings that they didn’t believe me, told me how to “word” my sentences, not to advertise Mesh Angel Network, used a different doctor that specialized in sui slings, and that I really needed some intense counseling because I “thought” mesh ruined my life. all of that was ugly to me..
I was just trying to warn women.. my words aren’t fancy.. but they are TRUE.. ALL MESH IS BAD…
do not have mesh put in you!
I read this blog yesterday. good as always! but I felt so bad I just couldn’t get the words out. It was another sad day for me. everybody went to church, went to eat, I laid in the bed. Today has been a little better.
Thank you Linda. xo

Sadly, there are many sites where the administrators make money and they do not want anyone saying that mesh is a monster. I tried leaving comments years ago on this site and I gave up when they did not like it. and none were ever posted.

The final part three will be continued.


  1. Pam Beauchamp

    Oh Linda. That hystersister site something else. I am thankful for you Mesh Angel site. I wish I had known to research here before my implants. May the Lord help us all and get the information out.

  2. Pamela Moore

    I too am extremely grateful for you Linda and miss Beth Berry horribly. She is a true angel from Heaven . She helped me by tell me of Mesh angels . She told me ways to get money to get to UCLA . I sold some of my cleaning equipment and anything I had on fb markets , I drove for Uber , started a go fund me , prayed I prayed for peace of mind to focus so I could make it to UCLA . I read n reread your blog , you called me and messaged me , I took notes as Beth did , I still go back to Mesh angels and tell others about you . I will always be grateful to you and love you Linda and Beth will be in my heart always . I also have read your daughters blog .

  3. jacqui scott

    Hi Linda i miss our mesh mesh sisters Davonne and Beth they were two amazing women so kind and caring they will stay in my heart forever we have lost far to many mesh angels this mesh madness has to stop thank you Linda for all you do <3


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