The Silent Killers of Mesh

Last week, this post was supposed to go up on the web, but when I opened my Facebook page and read my messages, I was stunned and shocked to read about Davonne’s death. I knew then that I had to write about her and wait on this post, until later. The irony is that the premise of this post came about because of something she had posted on her ‘Beth Berry’ Facebook page only a couple of days before she died. I shared what she wrote on my Mesh Angels Facebook page the same day, after I asked her if I could and you will read it today.

Davonne had one of the brightest lights when it came to raising awareness and since she has died, some women from her community have contacted me because they too suffer mesh complications. That is no surprise to me, because women everywhere are learning more about why they are no longer healthy.

Davonne’s light is so bright, it is piecing down from Heaven, trying to get women to realize their illnesses stem from their mesh implant. There are so many women who don’t know why they are always sick, since they had a hysterectomy or other female surgery, because it was several years ago, since their surgery. But when they complain of health issues to any doctor, they are told it is because of menopause or age. I hope this blog will shed some light on the many silent complications of implants.

There have been so many times over this past seven years of trying to warn women about these implants, and sometimes I think “Why do I bother?” It has been the most difficult and daunting blog to write over the years, because it is all about sickness from implants that are still on the market and used in women every day.

The frustrations of writing this entire blog have been endless and the worst part is that new women just aren’t listening or researching, before they go in for a hysterectomy or prolapse surgery. They are simply believing their doctors who lie outright about these implants. Regardless of what I have done, or how much I have written, these implant surgeries are still going on daily. It has worn me down and I know the fault is not mine, because I know how hard I have worked to change this.

More than seven and a half years ago, I was researching to find out if I was making the right choice for my rectocele repair surgery. NOTHING was out there about the high risk of these surgeries and I researched well, by adding more words that could lead me to a good choice. The other problem was I had no idea of the key words that could help me find out about the complications. Since 2011 women don’t have that excuse. The FDA warnings are out there and lawsuits have been filed by thousands of women and the Internet now has many articles and blogs.

I know that women are NOT taking these surgeries seriously and I am now writing one last blog on this subject, in hopes they will save themselves and choose life and living, instead of a long, slow, painful death, because of a pelvic implant.

I am not the only one who tries to warn women. Many other women share what has happened to them in their own neighborhood, but sadly women just won’t believe this is as bad as it is. I recently shared a post of a woman I know well, who has the kindest heart and did not want to see her neighbor’s mother go through this. This is what she wrote and what I shared on my Facebook Mesh Angels page.

I was just given permission to copy and paste a very frustrated post made by a woman who knows what implants can do to our bodies. She did all she could and went out to UCLA for full removal and reconstruction. She now tries to inform but even when she does, bad things happen to good women. Read this.

I am now giving you her name. It is Davonne. “My mind is mad and sad today.. a very good friend / neighbors mom just died.. all because of transvaginal MESH. She went to one of the doctor that mutilated me, I begged them not to go.. he removed pieces of her mesh, just like he done on me, he blew her off multiple times, gave her the same lines he told me. after her surgery, she was not able to walk very good, she fell down her stairs last week = brain bleed.. = ventilator.. she was on it 7 days.. she couldn’t wake up.
Yes. MESH KILLED HER.. I’m sick for this family. I’m sick because of what mesh and lying ass doctors do. It is not right. It will not stop.
I went and spoke to her multiple times, this doctor assured her he would get all the mesh. She had made the call and got her appt with ucla, but she didn’t follow through.. she didn’t think she could wait.
I know with all my heart and soul she would be here today if she would have made that trip to California.
She was 62. Too young..
I’m so angry today. I swear I could hurt these evil people.”

I know when women are going through all the repercussions of their implant, they seek removal close to home. But you cannot imagine all the terrible stories I have heard about doctors around this country who tell women they can remove their mesh, but who have no idea how to remove an implant safely. So, if you want your life to Improve, please, please, go out to UCLA. I will give you the link at the end of this blog.

Before you have any type of implant surgery, you should learn more about them. You should first ask the surgeon what the name of it is, because there are many manufacturers of every type of implant used in human bodies. You may think I am only speaking of pelvic implants but I am not. There are literally 100’s implants for just about every part of the human body. Read this about their safety.

Tens of millions of Americans live with medical devices implanted in their bodies—artificial joints, heart defibrillators, surgical mesh. And it’s a safe bet that most of them assume that someone, somewhere, tested the devices for safety and effectiveness.

But that is rarely the case. For most implants and other high-risk devices brought to market, manufacturers do nothing more than file some paperwork and pay the Food and Drug Administration a user fee of roughly $4,000 to start selling a product that can rack up many millions of dollars in revenue. Often, the only safety “testing” that occurs is in the bodies of unsuspecting patients—including two of the three people whose stories are told in this report.

As for the smaller number of high-risk products for which advance safety studies are required, government rules allow them to be sold based on studies that are smaller and less rigorous than those required for prescription drugs. I will give you the link to read it all at the end of this blog.

One of the major problems of these pelvic implant surgeries, is the technique. It is a BLIND procedure to begin with and there are thousands of surgeons who should never attempt at doing them, because they have no real clue as to what they are doing. Nor can they see what they are doing, with the large needles that will pierce through your pelvic area and damage you for life. But there is a lot more to the dangers of these implants.

If you think falling is not a complication of these surgeries, you would be WRONG! Six months after my implant, I too fell and cracked two bones in my wrist, which resulted in a cast for six weeks and a long time to completely heal. But things went from bad to worse. I was told by my implanting surgeon that this could not happen with a TVT implant. But it did. It happens with TOT and TVT and all kinds of mesh implants, including hernia mesh.

Recently I warned a woman I met locally about these implants and she told me he knew about them because friends had had them done. She said they were giving her mixed reviews and she did not want to get into this situation herself.

I can tell you why women give these surgeries MIXED REVIEWS. They have no idea of the full scope of the consequences of implants and after the surgery, instead of recognizing their bad health changes, are part of the implant reaction, they believe they are just getting older. I say BUNK! It is the implant, and NOTHING to do with your age!

Before my implant, I was up and down ladders and scaffolds daily. I was very healthy and had always worked hard. The day of the implant, everything changed. I will give you a link to read at the end of this blog.

So, I am now going to give you one of the MAJOR problems with foreign body reaction of implants. All implants. Yes, an implant IS a foreign body.

Some women show signs of rejecting their implant, immediately, whereas with others it may take time. During that time, she may think it is something else causing her health issue and that is ALWAYS what is reiterated by her doctor. After all, they truly believe that any bad reaction is YOUR fault, not the implant.

What is that major health issue? Well, before I give you a long list, you should first be aware of something that Dr. Raz told me. Dr. Raz is the foremost mesh removal expert in the WORLD and he practices at UCLA. Why does he know so much? He and his team have now removed thousands of complicated implants, of all types and brands.

What he told me was this. “If you did not have this health issue before the implant, then it IS the mesh causing your illness”.

Believe it. IT IS THE MESH!

Why or how could this happen? Read this.

Other types of organ dysfunction can occur in the systems of the body, including the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urological systems. Implants are used in those and other locations to treat conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastroparesis, respiratory failure, sleep apnea, urinary and fecal incontinence, and erectile dysfunction. Examples include the LINX, implantable gastric stimulator, diaphragmatic/phrenic nerve stimulator, neurostimulator, SURGICAL MESH and penile prosthesis.

I am going to give you that link to read at the end of this blog, because surgical mesh is not the ONLY risk of various implants. You will be shocked to learn about ALL implants, including heart stents and more.

Here’s more.


Complications can arise from implant failure. Internal rupturing of a breast implant can lead to bacterial infection, for example.

Under ideal conditions, implants should initiate the desired host response. Ideally, the implant should not cause any undesired reaction from neighboring or distant tissues. However, the interaction between the implant and the tissue surrounding the implant can lead to complications. The process of implantation of medical devices is subjected to the same complications that other invasive medical procedures can have during or after surgery. Common complications include infection, inflammation and pain. Other complications that can occur include risk of rejection from implant-induced coagulation and allergic foreign body response. Depending on the type of implant, the complications may vary.

If you continuing reading the link I am giving you, you will learn the many horrors of foreign body reaction, but this is only a small part of what they can do.

Foreign bodies can be inert or irritating. If they irritate they will cause inflammation and scarring. They can bring infection into the body or acquire infectious agents and protect them from the body’s immune defenses. They can obstruct passageways either by their size or by the scarring they cause. Some can be toxic or generate toxic chemicals from reactions with chemicals produced by the body, as is the case with many examples of ingested metal objects.

With sufficient force (as in firing of bullets), a foreign body can become lodged into nearly any tissue.

Foreign body granuloma
Transvaginal ultrasongraphy showing a foreign body granuloma at right as a hypoechoic (dark) area around a perforated intrauterine device. The uterus is at left.
A uterine device?
An IUD is a tiny device that’s inserted in your uterus to prevent pregnancy. … These IUDs are divided into 2 types: copper IUDs (ParaGard) and hormonal IUDs (Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla, and Liletta). … The ParaGard IUD uses copper to prevent pregnancy.
The foreign body granuloma is a response of biological tissue to any foreign material in the tissue. Tissue-encapsulation of an implant is part of this. An infection around a splinter is part of this, too.

So, what is a granuloma?

A mass of granulation tissue, typically produced in response to infection, inflammation, or the presence of a foreign substance.

So now is the BIG question. So, now do you get it? THAT A PELVIC IMPLANT IS MADE OF A FOREIGN BODY MATERIAL?

I truly hope you do, because then you need to ‘listen’ to your body, if you have ANY type or brand of implant in your body, no matter what it is!

Now I can hear some women when reading this, thinking to themselves, “I have not had any problems such as those that happened to other women who left comments on this blog, explaining their symptoms.” So, now it is time for you to learn all about the immune disorders that these implants can cause and gain enough knowledge to try to reverse your illnesses.

Now here is another question for you? Since having the implant, have you had thyroid disorders? Answer honestly. Have you been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease? I can’t tell you how many women I have spoken to who this has happened to after their implant, because I did not keep count. But over time I began to realize that indeed, implants can cause this autoimmune disorder. Now read this.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, or inflammation of the thyroid gland, is an autoimmune disorder. That means it is caused by a malfunction in your immune system. Instead of protecting your thyroid tissue, your immune cells attack it. These immune cells can cause hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), a goiter (enlarged thyroid), or both. Eventually, the thyroiditis process can even destroy your entire thyroid, if left undetected or untreated.

In Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, large amounts of damaged immune cells invade the thyroid. These immune cells are called lymphocytes; this is where Hashimoto’s other name—chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis—is derived from.

When these lymphocytes enter the thyroid, they destroy the cells, tissue, and blood vessels within the gland. The process of destroying the thyroid gland is a slow one, which is why many people who have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis go many years without any noticeable symptoms. You can read more about this in our article about the symptoms of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Because the thyroid is essentially coming under attack from invading cells, it isn’t able to produce as much thyroid hormone as it normally would. Eventually, this causes hypothyroidism. And in extreme cases, the immune cells can cause the thyroid to become enlarged and inflamed to the point that it produces a visible mass in the neck—a goiter.

So, what about other immune disorders? Have you been diagnosed with any type of arthritis? Do you even know that there are many types? In fact, there are over 100 types of this immune disease. I will also give you a link to see if you have been diagnosed with ANY one of this disorders SINCE your implant. First, what does autoimmune mean?

When an intruder invades your body—like a cold virus or bacteria on a thorn that pricks your skin—your immune system protects you. It tries to identify, kill and eliminate the invaders that might hurt you. But sometimes problems with your immune system cause it to mistake your body’s own healthy cells as invaders and then repeatedly attacks them. This is called an autoimmune disease. (“Autoimmune” means immunity against the self.)

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases can affect almost any part of the body, including the heart, brain, nerves, muscles, skin, eyes, joints, lungs, kidneys, glands, the digestive tract, and blood vessels.

One of the chief causes of foreign body reaction is inflammation. Implants cause inflammation!

The classic sign of an autoimmune disease is inflammation, which can cause redness, heat, pain, and swelling. How an autoimmune disease affects you depends on what part of the body is targeted. If the disease affects the joints, as in rheumatoid arthritis, you might have joint pain, stiffness, and loss of function. If it affects the thyroid, as in Graves’ disease and thyroiditis, it might cause tiredness, weight gain, and muscle aches. If it attacks the skin, as it does in scleroderma/systemic sclerosis, vitiligo, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), it can cause rashes, blisters, and color changes.

So, what types of autoimmune diseases are there? You can copy any one of these autoimmune disorders into Google, to learn more about each one. I did the first 3 for you.

The list of diseases that fall into the autoimmune category includes

  • alopecia areata hair loss
  • autoimmune hemolytic anemia blood disorder
  • autoimmune hepatitis liver disease
  • dermatomyositis
  • diabetes (type 1)
  • some forms of juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • glomerulonephritis
  • Graves’ disease
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
  • myasthenia gravis
  • some forms of myocarditis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • pemphigus/pemphigoid
  • pernicious anemia
  • polyarteritis nodosa
  • polymyositis
  • primary biliary cirrhosis
  • psoriasis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • scleroderma/systemic sclerosis
  • Sjögren’s syndrome
  • systemic lupus erythematosus
  • some forms of thyroiditis
  • some forms of uveitis
  • vitiligo
  • granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener’s)

So, now do you get it into your head! If you have ANY health issues SINCE your implant, you could be suffering from a foreign body response. While it is in your body, it is slowly taking away your life and the prescription drugs you are taking for pain, depression and other symptoms are also killing you!

You may NOT want to believe it but if you want to choose life, then disregarding what your implant is doing to your health, is foolish, to say the very least.

Finally, here is a site to give you complete information about every autoimmune disorder and treatment.

So, let’s forget all you read that happened to the woman above and ask yourself if you have been diagnosed with any one of these disorders since your implant and it is not genetic?

To help you understand what happened to the woman above and to me, I do want you to know and understand that these implant surgeries are done without the use of a camera to guide the surgeon.

What has been proven in court cases about why these implants can cause permanent injury.

What does the FDA have to say about the implant kits and tools sold by manufacturers? Read this blog to learn.

This will explain more about what the health issues are with all implants.

This is a list of more than 100 types of arthritis.

To learn even more, read this study about autoimmune diseases.

Learn more about the safety of all implants by reading this.

There have been many lawsuits on these implants, but very few go to trial. Most of us will never see a day in court because lawyers say it is too expensive. The result of that is most badly injured women will not receive due compensation. There was a trail about the same implant as mine was, made by Boston Scientific and it was found defective. It changed my life from a healthy busy woman, to one who is disabled. You can read it here.

Here is the information for you to go to UCLA. Dr. Raz is continually booked up months in advance, but if you don’t want to wait, I am giving you Dr. Kim’s information and a blog to learn more. These doctors are in the same building.

Shlomo Raz, MD

Frank Clark Urological Center

200 UCLA Medical Plaza Suite 140

Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 794-7700

Dr. Ja-Hong Kim

Assistant professor of Urology


200 Medical Plaza Suite 140

A few days after I posted this blog, I received a link to a video, produced undercover, to expose how easy it is to get ANY type of implant through to market them in Europe.  Please watch it and learn.  This can mean life or death.



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    As always great thorough information. But unfortunately some folks just won’t believe this could happen to them.

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