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Over seven years I had to work at staying as well as possible despite the mesh implant. Even after removal I had to try things and see what was most effective at keeping my immune system in decent shape. I did not have money to pay alternative doctors so I read up on herbs and supplements, then slowly tried them one at a time. I didn’t get carried away and destroyed all I had built up. I listened to my body and did it sensibly, and slowly.

I always consider the things I write are for adults and they too will read up on everything. Especially side effects and interactions with any prescription drugs they are taking, before they go crazy, because I know people are basically smart. I recently heard from a woman who wanted to know about some of the things I have written about, so I spent time gathering blog links from all these years and put them together. This is what Vicki said.

Thank you so much for the information. Can you let me know what supplements you had mentioned to take after mesh removal surgery? I am still having so much pain and sleepless nights and remembered in one of your blogs supplements recommended by I believe it was the Mayo Clinic. Pain medication is so addictive and hard on a person’s system. I am just white knuckling the pain every day and night it is really getting to me. Any information would be helpful.

I have written about five hundred blogs over this time and I know it is not always easy to find what you are looking for, so here they are. Not all the blogs are here, but on each one you will find other links to read, plus you can do your own research.

This spray gave me so much relief when I most needed it and I still use it.

During your time of going through this, you will be offered many prescription drugs. Some can help whereas other hurt and set you back even further. After each surgery, before I filled a prescription, I looked up ‘serious side effects’ because most links will take you to the lesser of the side effects. However, to this day I must live with a side effect of an antibiotic and can NEVER change it. So, before you waste money and suffer the consequences, know exactly what can happen to you and stop taking it if you see signs of problems.

One of the worst kind of antibiotics has been so over prescribed and has taken the longest time for the FDA to put out a warning. Over time I have learned that the FDA rarely recalls anything, implants or drugs even after people have died. It seems collateral damage doesn’t seem to matter to our government watch dog agency and we are on our own. Fluoroquinolones are some of the worst offenders and if you have suffered because of Cipro or Levaquin, you should consider a good supplement program and realize you may have to stay on it for the rest of your life.

I have written a series of blogs about the dangers of these drugs and here are the links. The first will give you a list of this family of drugs and the warning that the FDA FINALLY put out in 2016. You can also read other blogs I have written about the side effects of these drugs.

It is very hard to live with pain but the body is an amazing piece of work and we can live with more pain than we realize. There are times when you must take them for a short period but you should always read up on what you are taking. The following blogs will explain more about those. Antidepressants are another problem. I have been told by some women that it is not easy to get off some of them, so if you are going to take them, read up first.

I have read extensively on the FDA and the practices of this organization and it opened my eyes to a very different view of these people. Yes people, because any organization is run by a group of people. You cannot rely on our government pulling the plug on drugs and implants that may do more harm than good. All of us need to be educated on this matter if we may survive any hospital stay or doctor’s visit.

I hope this helps you Vicki and anyone else who is trying to get better and feel better.

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