A Word of Warning

Sadly, you cannot be too vigilant these days or once again you can easily get caught out by scams and those wishing to use others to make money from you, especially if you are on Social Media and have a lawsuit. Now I will give you what I know and you can choose what you wish to believe.

I had planned on writing a very different kind of blog this weekend, but have set that aside so that I can pass along some very disturbing information so that you can decide what you want to do.

As you know if you have read most of this blog, that I was used by a woman who works for lawyers. I was a newbie when I signed up with a lawsuit and had no idea that there were people who would use me to get to other women, all because of a blog I wrote to give women help and support. Her name is Jane Akre. Now before I continue with the latest, I want you to read a blog I wrote in Sept of 2015. It will show you how Jane Akre is connected to everything and everyone to do with lawsuits and doctors. http://www.meshangels.com/story-tellers/

Now you have read it, I will give you what you need to know.

A few days ago, I received a friend request through my personal account from a man who identified himself as Kevin Petersen, but there was no message attached to it. These days I am wary about everyone who sends me a request and it is because of all I have gone through in the past. The name was familiar of course because I have written a blog about hernia repair doctors who don’t use mesh. So I wrote the following message but did not accept his friendship because I sensed a scam and imposter.

From me. “Kevin may I ask who you are and what information you will give me because I don’t accept friends without knowing more”

His reply. “My name is Kevin C. Petersen, M.D. I treat patients with mesh pain or other complications. I friend requested you because at least 5 of your friends are already friends of mine.”

I had gone to his personal page and read what was on there and noted that he was asking for anyone who lived in Canada who would speak to a reporter. I have no excuse but I fell into this one without thinking who could be behind it, because I did know a man whose wife had suffered so much. So I sent the man a note and asked if he wanted to speak to a reporter. He came back with his email.

Sad to say it took me a couple of days to realize that Jane Akre is I am sure, behind this doctor. Yes, I now feel certain it is the doctor himself and I will explain more in a moment.

I gave him the man’s email in private message and he thanked me. It was later in the day, so it was time for my attention to go to the dogs in our rescue. Evenings are always time to hug and hold each one and give them special attention.

The next day I noted that there were now 15 of my friends on this page and I was taken aback. So, I sent this note in private.

Me. “Can you explain to me why a well known hernia doctor is collecting friends on Facebook? This seems suspect and I personally do not like it.”

His answer. “This is about the epidemic of chronic pain caused by hernia mesh. I have been asked by dozens of my patients to create a help group for mesh pain victims, to reach out to news outlets and to generally support mesh pain patients. What makes mesh pain such a serious problem is lack of public awareness and denial within the medical community.”

Me. “I understand about Facebook pages, but why are going through women’s friends and trying to get into their personal pages?” I continued with this message.

Me. I have a Facebook page for my blogs and I have created much awareness and support. But… I never go into anyone’s personal page without they contact me first and I know exactly who they are. You may not be aware of this but Jane Akre has tried to scam me into finding people to give her their stories. She works for lawyers and I no longer trust anyone, especially through Facebook where anyone can pose as someone else.

His answer.I dont know if i know the difference. I have no interest in anyone’s personal information. If I have made you uncomfortable I apologize. I am not a Facebook pro.”

That last sentence made me think, first because of the way it is written (not as well as I would expect a doctor to write). So I looked up his office and spoke to a women there and told her I suspected that someone was posing as him and asked if he had a Facebook page. She replied he did and it was support for pain sufferers.

Now I truly suspected that someone was using his name because the page was set up like a personal page and not a support group page. So, I sent the following thinking that if this was definitely an imposter the page would go down, when I wrote the following.

Me. “I am definitely uncomfortable and do not like this. You should be aware that I called your office with a complaint.

I received the following reply.

His answer. “I know. So long.”

I was totally baffled by the answer but did not get to reply because instantly everything went off and I was blocked.

Still baffled, I then posted on my own Mesh Angel page and was met with women who said they too had received a request and some did not accept. So still thinking this was an imposter and could be a scam. I then went to my Mesh Angels Facebook page and posted this.

Ladies something strange happened a couple of days ago. I received a personal friend request from Kevin Peterson and I asked in private who he is. I knew of course there is a doctor who fixes hernias without mesh, but why send personal friend requests. I was told by ‘him’ that it is a support group, but I asked again why go into everyone’s friends and look for mesh people. I called his office and put in a complaint and warning in case this is a scam. I am now blocked.

There is more and if you want to read it all, go to my personal page.

Now here’s the deal. There is always someone who decides you are trying to stain someone’s name but it is not true. So I also wrote another long post stating I still felt that the person was trying to scam and was an imposter. Guess what? That post is now gone and NO I did not remove it myself. Why was it removed and who did it?

I only just discovered this today when I began writing this blog and wanted to share with you what I stated. I now feel certain that Akre is behind him and that has me very concerned. I learned more from others, which I do not intend to write about here, but what I learned now has me convinced it is definitely this doctor. Why would he send a lot of personal requests? I do not know but if Akre is behind it, beware. So now it was time to give you all the facts and to warn you that anyone who is in your personal friends should simply be your personal friends. You should also be aware that Jane Akre wants your information and will use it, so don’t give it out.

I did send the man I asked about talking to a reporter. a message to warn him and gave him the story tellers blog. I just hope he and his wife will not allow Akre to use them, because it will be a story written about Petersen I am sure, and it will be designed to attract those who suffer from hernia mesh complications, for her LAWYER friends.

So take from this what you want and do what you want and don’t say I never said what is going on and left you to be preyed upon.


  1. Rocky Elkins

    Yea people and a doctor are scam artist… He has damaged many with his mesh removal for pain.

  2. Rocky Elkins

    Please be careful! People are making money off of mesh pain. I know it seems like mesh removal is the answer. But with many men it made them much worse off. More nerve damage. and more health issues. Beware of the scam it comes in many forms. If it sounds to good to be true? It is.

  3. Dana

    I can consent to this. Many people harmed by the coercing into mesh removal. There is a growing list of detrimentally damaged individuals that were sold on mesh removal by him only to find out after they were part of a clinical trial and made worse. Some of these people list sexual function and we’re given large defects and hernias. Most tried to tell their stories and were threatened with legal papers to silence them from revealing the truth about No Insurance Surgical Fraud.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Dana I am, sorry you have gone through this, if you are still in a bad way, there is a doctor who has helped others I know. https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-bruce-ramshaw-x6wpd

  4. Kitty

    Thank you for information. Miss anything recent. Hope u are well.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Kitty I was having problems with this site and I had to wait until my daughter could take time of to fix it. Instead I began posting on my Facebook Mesh Angel page.

  5. chuck

    I’m very happy people are getting wise to the scams and cons of mesh pain. People will take advantage of the people who suffer. Fill you full of hopes and dreams. The oldest scam in the world is I have the cure for all your pain. Desperate people in chronic pain are easy targets. I am sad that our fellow humans can do this to people who suffer. People sit around and think up ways to get your money. Even if it kills you. Then they go down the road. And you will be flat on your back.

  6. Kitty

    The vaginal suppositories are gruesome. I use them when it gets really bad….but the nightmares are frightening…but yet they may predict the future??

  7. Kari

    Thank you for warning the public about these people and that place. Once the mesh is out and the damage is done, your worse pain and situation will be blamed on the mesh and the surgeon who inserted. Gives a removal surgeon a perfect set up to remove mesh:

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Kari I am glad you get the point of my writing this blog.


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