7 Years of Life Lessons

As the month of March looms closer, I find myself stepping back from the world of mesh and I find a way to be happier. It is a survival mechanism which is so important for my own personal life. I make sure I choose to be happy by doing this and I work at it to make sure my own mind is in a healthier place.

March is a mix up of good emotions and bad for me, which is why I step back. On March 3rd, it will be the 47th year of the day I married a wonderful man who gave me so many good life lessons so that I could be a stronger and better woman. On that day, I said “I do” to a man I had known for just over a year and I stood before him and promised him that I would be a good wife. I kept that promise to him for the 35 years we were together before he died. I have no regrets by choosing to be his wife, because that day I had also chosen to fill my life with many wonderful life lessons. Of course, I had little clue of how amazing it would be, even though I had only flown for 18 hours from England to Singapore, just one month earlier to embark of a new life as his wife.

My life has vastly changed over the past seven years and I could look at March the 10th as the day that broke my spirit and left me disabled. But it never broke my spirit because I am a much stronger person from all the life lessons I had learned over the past 40 years before the implant surgery.

I must admit to being a blind fool after I signed up with a law suit, but of course I had no life lesson experiences in law suits to understand that signing up for a lawsuit would open the doors to those whose intentions are to profit from people injured by medical devices. So, I cannot blame myself for learning the hard way. But learn I did and I now use it as a life lesson not just for me but for my family.

I don’t push my life lessons down the throat of my daughter, because she learns in her own time. We just had a conversation a few days ago about something her Dad told her many years ago. She laughed and said “My Dad was so wise, but I had to learn by doing things my own way”. Yes, she is right. We can only guide and be there when our children feel down after a bad life lesson, and help them through it. Fortunately, by allowing her to learn from her own life lessons, my daughter is a strong woman who can pick herself up and do whatever it takes to turn things around. I am proud I allowed her to choose her own life lessons, because I have watched her grow because of them.

A mesh implant did not control my life, nor was it the only thing in my life. I don’t accept that mesh can control me nor do I accept that I must stay under its spell. I don’t! My life is mine to choose how I live it and I get up every morning with new determination to make the most of each day that I possibly can. So, I close the door to negativity and pull out all my positive thoughts to remain living an enjoyable life. But this HAS changed how I deal with things.

This past week I made changes in small ways because I sat and thought about the people who always stood beside me while I wrote the truth on this blog. I made a conscious effort to clear out the remaining debris and allow the sun to shine through to give me a happier life.

I know that it is still going on. I know that the only way you can learn your own life lesson, is to open your eyes and see that once you signed up with a lawsuit, that you became a target for those whose only intention is to gain from your health issues. But I accept that everyone must do it at their own pace. I also accept that some will cling to those they feel are helping the cause, because they will never be ready to open their eyes. I also accept that they will become collateral damage and it is their choice to make.

Everything is here on this blog for you to learn and become a stronger person so you don’t fall through the cracks and go through the hard life lessons I have had to learn, but it is your choice to read or not to read. I have put in thousands of hours of learning and I am now ready to enjoy my life with good thoughts instead of bad, day in and day out. But I am stronger and so much wiser than I was seven years ago.

Would I have chosen this life lesson had I been given the truth about mesh implants? Definitely not! But for some reason I had to learn them and I chose to not turn a blind eye so that I could give women the truth. Was it worth it? Yes, because my conscience is clear. I did not take money to write here. I did not hold back on the truth because I was afraid. I gave it here, lock, stock and barrel and it is up to you to believe it or not. I am a better person because I told the truth and did not take any money to fill my own coffers.

I am posting this today, so that I can take the month of March in my stride and celebrate all the life lessons I have learned and enjoyed and set aside the bad ones for a time. I choose to be happy………………

Now on to new life lessons and hopefully they will be happier ones for me to enjoy.


  1. Teresa Helton

    I love you!
    Thank you for all you have done & will continue to do for all of us who are forever united by this experience.
    You have touched my life in so many ways & are the best advocate & educator we could ever have.

    I pray you enjoy your much needed time off & have all the happiness your heart can hold.

  2. Pattie

    Are there any groups for mesh survivors? Implant 2011 sick from the get go and 6 years of litigation. When will this end? I was offered a settlement in August 2016 signed papers still waiting for the jerks to settle.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Facebook is full of them, but it won’t help you move forward.

  3. davon

    love this.
    so thankful for you linda.

    teresa, you are right… Linda has helped me in so many ways too. if each mesh injured person would sit down and read every single one of these blog posts they would learn so much.

    pattie, get to ucla. they can help you.

  4. Sandra

    I hope you don’t mind that I’m writing a comment even though I have not had a mesh implant. I started seeing the lawsuit ads on TV and was curious what they were all about so I started looking for info. Sometimes I think lawsuits are a bit shady, like the baby powder ovarian cancer suits. But what I read about mesh implants was shocking, terrifying, and infuriating, and I am 100% certain that those of you with mesh implants deserve gigantic lawsuit settlements and the mesh companies should be barred from doing any more business. I wish I could be on a jury. Prolapse is so common, just about any woman would be a candidate for mesh. So there are many many victims. Why is mesh still in use? And what kind of doctors could still implant it knowing full well that the complication rate is so high and the complications are so torturous, pain and disability from the mesh and pain and disability from repeated surgeries to correct the problems? This is as shocking as the fen-phen debacle, and it’s interesting to note that there too the victims were almost entirely women. Turns out the drug company that made fenfluramine and pushed the fen-phen combo on unsuspecting women had a dim view of women, thought they weren’t very smart. It makes me wonder if the mesh manufacturers are the same. I pray for all of you who are suffering. I pray for resolution to your pain and suffering and big $$ awards.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Sandra I do understand why people think lawsuits are shady. We are bombarded with TV adverts that make us immune to real suffering. I certainly don’t mind you leaving this comment, in fact I and all women who suffer, welcome your response. Because you have read what it does, you will make sure those you love understand and don’t wind up like so many of us. Greed is our worst enemy and this all stems from that one thing. Sadly women will not receive the compensation they deserve let alone care for them in their future.

      1. Sandra

        Your site is full of useful information and I have already passed it on to my sisters, mother, and sister in law, and my sisters will pass it on to their daughters. So we are 7 women who will never allow mesh to be implanted thanks to you and your web site.

        I saw your post about Caldera. I thought it was odd that there wasn’t an MD among their company execs. Maybe that’s an unfortunate standard. What really sickened me though is that Caldera has announced that it’s sending kits (with reusable implanting tools) to poverty-stricken countries so mesh will be implanted in women who will have no reasonable way to deal with complications. It’s bad enough for victims here in the US, in Europe, and in Australia. Imagine being some struggling poor third-world woman with little or no access to decent medical care and then trying to cope with severe pain or an infection from mesh. Caldera pats themselves on the back by proclaiming that they’ll be eradicating suffering. What a joke. For many of the women they will trade one form of suffering for another much worse form. The people working for that company must not have souls. They know the frequency of complications and they know that complications often require one or more surgeries, antibiotics, or other treatments that the women in those countries will not have access to. It boggles my mind.

        Bless you Linda.

        1. Linda (Post author)

          Sandra you made my day because this is why I have done this for so long even though I am very tired of doing it. Yes, I too was discussed that they would inflict pain on women who have no way to understand what is happening to their bodies and they will have no recourse.

  5. JKA

    I will never forget the day I stumbled across your blog while desperately searching for answers and help with mesh problems. That day was actually March of last year and the information you provided literally saved my life as I felt so lost and didn’t know where to turn.
    I was so very sick from the mesh and was plagued with one autoimmune disease after another.
    Thanks to you I knew what I had to do and where to go. By May I had an appointment with Dr. Kim at UCLA and by June I had full mesh removal. I am nine months post op and my surgery went very well. I do live with some chronic pain and some other problems, but I no longer have to worry that the mesh might puncture my bladder or colon. I can walk much better now as well, in spite of the damage of having the mesh bladder sling for almost seven years.
    A simple ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate in expressing my gratitude for you, Linda. But I am truly grateful and I am happy to hear you are working to remove the negativity from your life.
    You truly have been an Angel to me. I prayed and asked God to help me find the right person who would understand. That person was you. Take care, and God bless.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Thank you so much JKA.


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