Angel of Hope

The Angel of Hope

I often think about how much hope comes to play when dealing with mesh complications. Without hope many of us would have given up on any future. However, hope and family plays two very important roles in how we deal with our lives.

Almost a year ago, early this year, I was with my daughter and saw a basket in a store with left over Christmas decorations. In it was a lighted tree top angel that was squashed and looked bad, but she was 90% off and the price was $1.49. Someone else would have passed this up thinking there was no salvaging such a pitiful angel, but not me. I saw a mesh angel that would be a symbol of Hope.

After I got home, I removed all her crumpled garments and glue and found the lightedworkings worked perfectly, but needed trimming to remove any damage. Then I decided to think about how I was going to give her new life. Almost a year later I worked on her and she now sparkles and exudes all the hope and light of a Mesh Angel.

I used three kinds of mesh fabric, from soft to stiff and she is now a renewed Angel, full of Hope and promise.

I have often thought about how much Hope plays an important role and two years ago I wrote the following poem.

Hope is a ray of sunshine

That warms us from the sky

Lifting us from sadness

And thoughts “I wonder why?”

‘H’ is for the happiness

That’s often felt as glee

‘O’ is for an orange glow

We feel and sometimes see

‘P’ is for perfection

When hope is kept alive

‘E’ is for elation

We feel it deep inside

The sky has much to offer

On days when you can’t cope

Find that ray of sunshine

And seek your piece of hope

Linda Kilpatrick

So regardless of your struggle through the process of mesh removal surgeries and healing, never lose Hope is the message I always reminded myself through my long journey of suffering. I hope you won’t give up either and will find your ray of Hope.

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