Is Jane Akre Nuts

Sometimes I view something someone has sent me and I think to myself “What the Hell?”. This was one of those times.

I also wonder “Will any woman actually tell her what she wants to know?” You would think that I would have heard and seen everything there is to see by his time, but just as I think that, I look at something like this.

In my opinion Akre is the lowest of the low for asking women this question and it is NONE OF HER DAM BUSINESS and I hope women told her that. It seems to me she is just so desperate for money she doesn’t care how low she stoops and I believe any woman who didn’t see it, deserves to, which is why I am sharing it today.

If you cannot see the words on the top of this post, this is what she asked. “Have you received your settlement offer? Are you accepting it?” Who the hell would ask this question of women who are in a lawsuit? If you did not see this for yourself, I am sure you would not believe it.

Ladies this woman is poisonous for your case. Please use common sense. Do not give her any information. No phone number or email address.

Ladies, if you have a beef about your settlement offer, take it up with your lawyer.

Even I who do not cuss or swear a great deal was wondering WTF when I saw this. Now do you believe she is nothing but a money grubbing, disgusting person? I hope you aren’t still sitting on the fence after this one.

Now I will go and enjoy the rest of my day and after reading this I hope you do too.


  1. Deaths Door

    This is sickening. Does she know are pain what the hell we go through day by day can she sleep well at night unlike me . I can’t even get help I was told yesterday more mesh coming out both sides I screamed almost came off the table with so much pain . No Money in the world will give me my life back ! Slowly dying. ?

  2. grammagi

    OK I know this is not my company but …if she is so buddy buddy with the lawyers then she can ask them the question…we will never disclose the amount of settlement to the likes of her….or anyone it is a closed issue… some ppl make my skin crawl… I think k she should have mesh inserted to suffer like us …

  3. T

    Well she won’t get any information out of me because we can’t get a lawyer to take our case against the doctor/hospital for medical malpractice so I feel we won’t find one for mesh either. I just wanted to be healed first and foremost, and then we wanted to put my former doctor out of business so he can’t injure another woman like me!

  4. Sugar Sue

    There is a person on her site who is disclosing quite a bit about her settlememt and this person is asking for input from others. I am suspicious because i was under the impression that u could not speak about your settlement after u
    received it.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      No you cannot speak about it and when someone does I would view this as a trap to get women talking.


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