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You’ve got to hand it to Jane Akre these days. She has not slowed down one bit and continues raising money by using women, without any shame of doing it. She is so shallow and has no conscience and she is joined by many others who are exactly the same.

What is she up to now you may wonder? She has teamed up with Greg Vigna who I already know collects a percentage from mesh women’s cases who he has managed to wiggle his way in to be part of their cases and this means millions from big cases like mesh and now talcum powder cases. So what does he want to do for the newest victims? Here is what Akre wrote.

“Dr. Vigna and his staff have witnessed the life-long suffering these patients experience. Many patients lose their ability to work, pay bills, and receive adequate medical care.”

What do I think? BULLSHIT! Vigna wants to set you up with loan lawyers who will profit big time from this and if you except any payment before your case has settled, be warned that THEY including Vigna will take it ALL. You want to know how? I will give you links to read at the end of this blog.

You know two years ago there were those who wanted to crucify me and my daughter because we gave them the truth about Akre. Fortunately, it was such a small percentage and many I know have now turned around and thanked us.

I have had great respect for nurse practitioners in the past because they truly helped me when doctors would have let me die, but this one? “Why the hell would you do this?” Is my question for her. This is what Akre says about her.

What I want to know from her is this.  Are you a woman who has no conscience? This is dirty money and that dirt will be all over you.

Much of our writing is done by Eva Hvingelby NP, PhD is a Nurse Practitioner, writer, educator and researcher. She has been working in health care for over 25 years with a focus on traumatic injury and terminal illness.

This is my thoughts on this situation. AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS.

Two years ago my daughter asked Akre what was she going to get at the end of the Johnson & Johnson case settlements. She refused to answer, so I asked the same question. She made sure others kicked me off of Facebook but of course I did nothing wrong and I was soon back up and running. That made me more determined to make sure women know what and who she is.

Jane Akre is a master of marketing. She will use anyone to put money in her pocket and she works for LAWYERS. Not good ones either. She will use any doctor or lawyer to fill her bank account and she has one purpose. A BIG FAT PAY CHECK.

So ladies, let’s be part of the solution, not part of the Facebook ‘ambulance chasing’ problem. Never share anything from Akre’s site. Never endorse anyone who advertises on her site. Never hire anyone who advertises on her site. She may not be doing anything illegal, but she is doing everything immoral.

Do NOT sign up with anyone from her site or any Facebook marketing campaign. Search for your own lawyer who does not participate in these programs.

Here is what she says about talcum powder lawsuits.

Welcome to MND on Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

The site was created to follow the issue and inform. It is not medical or legal advice. Bullshit. Her site was created to rake in money and use any injured person who suffers from implants and anything else that is raking in millions.

Big Pharma knows that some women are willing recipients of marketing. Other women are developing a critical eye toward medical marketing. That is probably a good thing. YOU ARE the MEDICAL MARKETING problem Jane Akre!

I am not giving you a link to her crap because I hate people who do this. This blog is to serve as a warning as to who she really is.

She no longer hides what she does, but she still tries to sugar coat her nasty little secret.

They are very proud of this new venture together and of course Vigna sent out a press release. So I thought you would like to read it.

Women with Ovarian Cancer from Baby Powder, Helped by Life Care Solution Group’s Collaborative Effort

LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Greg Vigna, MD, JD, founder of Life Care Solutions Group and Jane Akre, founder of Mesh Medical Device News Desk today launch a collaborative effort to educate, empower, and assist catastrophically injured women with ovarian cancer, who were exposed to Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder containing Talc.  Empower and assist means to get them loans and take a huge percentage.

The mutually agreed goal of this venture is to provide injured women with the tools and information they need to understand the nature of their injuries, and receive help. Women affected by Johnson & Johnson talc products will need to work closely with their medical providers to obtain medical care, and will also need legal representation to protect their interests in what may become protracted litigation against Johnson & Johnson.  I am sure that is what a doctor who treats them for is doing anyway.

Greg Vigna MD JA is a practicing physician in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, medically managing catastrophically injured patients on a daily basis. He is also a Certified Life Care Planner which means he serves as a testifying expert on future medical and non-medical care required for the injured. Dr. Vigna is a personal injury attorney with an emphasis on Pharmaceutical Litigation. A huge emphasis on pharmaceutical litigation.

Journalist and publisher, Jane Akre, founded Mesh News Desk more than five years ago to cover the devastating injuries caused by transvaginal mesh. The website brings the latest medical news about the emerging science surrounding mesh injuries and the legal implications as this litigation winds through the courts. Mesh News Desk will begin covering talcum powder injuries as will a companion site created by Ms. Akre, Women’s Health News Desk/ Women’s Health Litigation. Yes she was pretty clever how she set her site up to cover up her REAL purpose. Raising cash for herself.

Greg Vigna, MD, JD and Jane Akre are vigorous advocates for women, and understand that women are disproportionally affected by dangerous medical treatments and common goods.  They have each produced hundreds of medical and legal articles to assist the most injured in the Transvaginal Mesh Debacle, obtain the highest quality medical-legal assistance.  Dr. Vigna represents dozens of these victims with leading pharmaceutical attorneys, and has assisted thousands of others understand their injuries and the medical-legal care required. He brings this expertise to users of talc based Baby Powder, now suffering from ovarian cancer. So watch out ladies. These two together plan on cleaning up from your lawsuits. Both are very savvy at what they do.

Please contact Dr. Greg Vigna to learn more. The practice is available 24/7 to answer questions and get these very important cases prepped for settlement as efficiently as possible. I removed the contact info.

SOURCE Greg Vigna, MD, JD

If you want to learn more about her, believe me I have written blogs exposing all she is and what she does. Here is a link.



How is she connected to lawyers and how I came in contact with her? Read this one. http://www.meshangels.com/story-tellers/

Reuters News has exposed what goes on with these lawsuits and you can read this blog to learn more. http://www.meshangels.com/big-lawsuit-scam/

Don’t be scammed from your money. Please share this blog through Facebook so that the talcum powder victims will know the truth. Who am I? I am a mesh injured woman who does not take money for doing this and does not work for any lawyer.

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