Please Continue to Pray

Today is Father’s Day around the World and I want to make special mention of a man who has remained by his wife’s side through her serious struggle with mesh complications. I want him to know that I believe he knows the true meaning of the word marriage.

I checked in yesterday to find out how the woman is doing now who had her bladder removed on the 8th June and I promised to inform you when I knew more. This is a tremendously tough surgery and since the day of her implant she has suffered many terrible health issues. So it is not a surprise to learn she is still in ICU. All any of us can do is pray that she will heal and one day will enjoy her life again and enjoy her devoted family.

I wanted to write a quick blog this morning to shout out to her husband to wish him a very Happy Dad’s Day. You deserve good wishes from everyone, regardless if they know you or not. I also want to say to her four children “Thank you for loving her” during the hardest time of her life. You are all wonderful children to see this through with your mother and care so deeply.

I wrote this today for this very special woman.

Surrounded by Angels


I know that you are suffering

I wish that I was there

But even though I cannot be

You need to know I care

I’ve asked that all the Angels

Look down from up above

And send you prayers of healing

A gift that’s filled with Love


And now I’m asking everyone

To join me on this day

And pray your day of healing

Will soon be on the way

From all the Mesh Angels from all over the World, we want you to know we care deeply and pray that soon you will find the joy of healing.

Please read the last blog I wrote about this woman to learn more about her condition.

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  1. Luanne Cunningham

    I so hope and send positive healing thoughts to not just her but to her family, I dont think its realized by many that not only the injured are injured but the ones who love her are also. I feel so deeply for all of you and hope you find peace


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