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I have just read an article about the fact that Boston Scientific just issued new warnings about the adverse effects of pelvic mesh. It has been very hard for me to keep going at times because of all I deal with from my own permanent injuries, but I am going to see this through to the end and with the help of injured women we can change things for the rest of the world, not just for American women. The first step of change is to get your records from the hospital and then REPORT YOUR SYMPTONS TO THE FDA. You may not realize that this could change EVERYTHING for the future generations of women and for those who are not injured at present.

You may wonder why reporting your injuries is SO IMPORTANT, so I am going to tell you and at the bottom of this blog I will give you a link where you can do this.

Sadly America sets the standard of how much these giant manufacturing corporations can get away with and our government agency the FDA is looked at by most other countries as to if these implants are safe. Women in other countries are fighting hard to change what has happened to their women but their numbers are far smaller than the injured in this country, so what we do can make a huge amount of difference. That is why if every injured woman reports to the FDA, we don’t just help our own women, we help them too.

Just because a company like B.S, which in my books stands for BULLSHIT is making changes, it does not mean that this is going to slow down or stop. It won’t. Hospitals are gearing up to do more to make sure women feel safer with their doctors, by setting up free workshops to encourage women to go to them. They will then convince women that all will be well and the products they use will not injure like the ones that have made the news. I say BULLSHIT to all of them and I am going to give you more information.

This morning someone sent me the following information and of course there was my own implanting doctor who is going to be part of this discussion. So I am VERY HAPPY to share this and let you know DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE DOCTORS.

Women’s Pelvic Health Discussion

Thursday, June 23, 2016 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Join us for an informative talk featuring a colorectal surgeon, urogynecologist and urologist affiliated with the Pelvic Floor Health Center at Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center. YES this hospital will be quite happy to have implants in the surgical theatre so that these doctors can implant you WITHOUT your consent. This way the HOSPITAL can make money!

Many women of all ages cope with a variety of pelvic floor disorders, thinking it is just part of aging or a result of childbirth. Don’t suffer in silence with uncomfortable, embarrassing symptoms that can be treated effectively and, in many cases, without surgical intervention. This is what I think about this. I have aged at least 10 years because of this implant and I cannot drive. I cannot live alone and I am disabled. So what Galaza Siddiqui did to me has resulted in aging me to the point that my life has TOTALLY changed for the worse.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse
  • Accidental bowel leakage (fecal incontinence)
  • Urge incontinence and male urinary dysfunction

Dr Hajar Avoub MD Urologist DOES SHE USE MESH?


Dr Gazala Siddiqu MD Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (Urogynecology) YES THE VERY WOMAN WHO IMPLANTED ME AND TOOK AWAY MY HEALTH & INDEPENDENCE. I wonder what she has to say now about fixing women. I also wonder why she never gave me any alternative suggestions when I first went to see her on New Year’s Eve 2009, EXCEPT SURGERY.

I would love to stand up in front of these women and tell all of the women in attendance what my life is like AFTER the implant and subsequent FOUR MORE surgeries. If you live in Houston and want to attend and have your say, this is the location. Hotel ZaZa, 11th Floor, Grapevine Room, 5701 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005

So what is all the hype about the new information released by Boston Scientific? Well first I have to say this.

Boston Scientific is STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION for importing counterfeit mesh. Do they think any injured woman has forgotten about this? Don’t worry, if you missed it, I am going to give you a blog link in a moment, for you to read.

Does Boston Scientific think women are idiots? It was only on March 29th this year, less than 3 months ago, they were sending all their sales reps to doctors’ offices to sell them on their IMPLANT products and I doubt if this has stopped. I will give you a link to that blog, so you can read what I say is true.

Before I give you the information that is floating around Facebook and being shared, I decided to find a press release to see if any of this is true. I found a list of press releases for the month of June 2016, but I found nothing about the following news release by this company. However the report comes in from an Internet company called Mass Device Today, so I wonder about this information and if it is completely true or if it is to gain new readers. I hope they will clarify what they print.

Here is that story.

Boston Scientific updates warnings for pelvic mesh products

June 14, 2016

Boston Scientific recently updated the directions for use and warnings for its pelvic mesh products, classifying the meshes as permanent implants and warning of complications related to removals.

The Marlborough, Mass.-based company added new precautions to the directions for the meshes, warning that that “regardless of the route of delivery,” the meshes have been associated with “erosion” which may require surgical removal.

“Complete removal of mesh may not be possible and additional surgeries may not always fully correct the complications,” the company wrote in its updated guidelines.

Adverse event risks associated with the device were updated to include that perforation or laceration of vessels, nerves, bladder, urethra or bowel may occur during placement. Scarring, scar contracture and ongoing pain were also added to the list of possible adverse events.

The company also warned that “In some instances the response to these events may persist as a permanent condition after the intervention,” according to the press release.

Risk factors which “impact patient outcomes” with the devices were also updated to included impaired vascularity, such as diabetes or smoking, age, pelvic floor myalgia, impaired wound healing or active infections at the surgical site.

Boston Scientific said these factors, as well as issues with untreated coagulopathies and patients with hypertonic bladders or vesico ureteral reflux should be taken into consideration before performing procedures with the devices.

Last October, Boston Scientific saw its $1000 million payment over a lost pelvic mesh lawsuit slashed to $10 million by a Delaware judge.

Judge Mary Johnston in New Castle County, Delaware, said that the damages awarded to plaintiff Deborah Barba last May – the largest ever in a trial involving transvaginal mesh – were “grossly disproportionate to the injuries suffered and shock the court’s conscience and sense of justice.”

But Johnston denied Boston Scientific’s bid to set aside the verdict altogether and order a new trial. While the jury had properly decided the company’s liability, Johnston wrote in her ruling that the jury’s award was too high, particularly in comparison with the other mesh trials, in which punitive damages awards spanned from $1.75 million to $7.76 million.

Now here are the links as promised.

PLEASE report your injuries to the FDA.

This is all about the counterfeit mesh brought in by Boston Scientific

This blog will show you proof that B.S sent out their sales people BEFORE THE INK WAS DRY on Endo discontinuing their own pelvic implant manufacturing.


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    It is so disgusting to look at those women. Thank you for your time and info.


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