State of California Sues Johnson & Johnson

Mesh & talcum powder? What else are you going to do to women Johnson & Johnson?

Wow, is the tide actually turning? The following article just came out yesterday and I just read the May 24th lawsuit complaint by the attorney general for permanent injunction, civil penalties and other equitable relief and I was amazed and honestly want to scream “About time someone took these companies on”. Then I searched and found that Reuters News are already on the ball and wrote the following article and know all mesh injured women will want to read it.

California sues Johnson & Johnson over marketing for pelvic mesh

NEW YORK | By Jessica Dye

California has accused Johnson & Johnson of failing to warn doctors and patients about the severity and frequency of complications associated with its pelvic mesh devices.

According to the lawsuit filed by the state’s attorney general on Tuesday, J&J and its Ethicon unit falsely marketed the devices as a safe and superior option to non-mesh treatments for pelvic floor disorders, when it was aware that they could cause pain, bleeding, loss of sexual function and other side effects.

“Johnson & Johnson put millions of women at risk of severe health problems by failing to provide critical information to doctors and patients about its surgical mesh products,” California Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement. Her office led a multi-state investigation into J&J’s mesh products, which included 46 states and the District of Columbia. Yes, yes, yes….

The lawsuit seeks monetary penalties and an order halting any unfair advertising for mesh.

J&J said in a statement that the lawsuit was “unjustified” and could discourage women from seeking treatment for incontinence symptoms.

“The evidence will show that Ethicon acted appropriately and responsibly in the marketing of our pelvic mesh products,” said spokeswoman Samantha Lucas.

J&J is one of several manufacturers that sold the devices to treat conditions like stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women. Those companies are facing tens of thousands of individual lawsuits from plaintiffs who said they were injured by the mesh’s poor design and substandard materials, which plaintiffs say led to serious complications that require surgery to repair.

According to California’s attorney general, J&J sold more than 787,000 pelvic mesh devices in the United States from 2008 until 2014, including more than 42,000 in California. There was also a lawsuit before this one and those cases were settled in 2008. However there were not as many women as this round and business went on as usual.

Also on Tuesday, Washington State’s attorney general, Bob Ferguson, filed a similar consumer-protection lawsuit against J&J over its marketing of pelvic mesh devices. Yes, yes, yes….

Over the past several years, the devices have come under increasing scrutiny by regulators as well as private litigants. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it has received thousands of reports of complications in connection with mesh used to treat pelvic organ prolapse.

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration said it was reclassifying mesh used to treat pelvic organ prolapse transvaginally from class II, or moderate risk, to class III, for high-risk devices, which will require manufacturers to submit extensive data to establish the devices’ safety. True but doctor’s also have to be accountable for what they are doing. They are treating this as if nothing happened and we are all lying.

Yes J & J would say this is unjust, but have any of them dealt with the fallout of what mesh does to our bodies? High time every State takes on EVERY manufacturing company because this not only affects women it must affect the State’s economy. More women I know cannot ever go back to work and have no recourse but to rely on each State for income until they get government disability. I think it is also high time our government sues them all for the very same reason.

Women need to understand that there are other ways to fix you for incontinence and this way is proving darn right dangerous over long term. These companies are getting away with disabling women and paying out a pittance for their injuries. It is high time this changed!

I truly hope my State of Texas follows suit. Unless someone goes after these manufacturers that can fight with deeper pockets, this will continue and it will become the medical travesty of the Century.

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