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 This month is a month to help raise awareness of all that can happen to men and women because of pelvic mesh and/or hernia mesh. It has been hard for Kim to do much lately for Mesh Angels due to having to repair so many things around our home. Car, pick-up truck, tractor, water well and septic system either needed maintenance or fixing so she has been tackling one thing after another, before she could take time out.

Then came more rain and because of that, she took time to design some cost cutting mini brochures where you can print them out yourself or have them printed by sending them to a copy shop location near you. Shop around on line to find the best deal and some places will send them direct to your home. These brochures are cost cutting because from one sheet of card stock you get four mini brochures, with everything clearly marked as to watch may be happening because of mesh.

Kim lives with me and knows other mesh injured women and understands all the side effects of mesh and has used them in a clear and visual manner. I am going to carry some of these on me at all times so that I can hand one to any woman who says she has mesh and doesn’t understand all the negative symptoms that can be life changing. It will be my way to do more to raise awareness about this terrible journey. I hope you will do more too. They are free to download.

She also designed new ten to a page business cards to hand out to inform of the dangers of mesh to hand out to those who do not have mesh in them at the present time. I will be carrying these with me at all times, too.

World Mesh Awareness Day was on May 1st, but when it changes your life forever, you know as well as I do that raising awareness is all year through. Please, please do your part.

Thes cards and mini brochures are free, but if you want to purchase some, there is a link to buy a few at a time.

This is the link.

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