Constant Bladder Infections

The last three blogs I have written have been about the new FDA warning status on the antibiotics in the family of fluoroquinolones. If you did not read them and you have been taking Cipro or others in this family of antibiotics, you really need to read them first.

By continuing to take those drugs, your future could be filled with more agony and many surgeries that have nothing to do with the mesh itself, but it has everything to do with the antibiotics you took for infections because of the mesh.

I have written a blog about this alternative antibiotic before but I never said anything about the dosage I have taken. Now I will share that with you, in case you are still having U.T.I’s even after your mesh removal.

I often think about how the world has changed because of the big pharmaceutical companies. They now control most of the world’s population and make billions while people often get sicker and die faster. They control us all because we fear we can’t make decisions on our own without a doctor doing it for us. The doctors fear doing anything unless it is backed by these big companies. But not every country has the billions it takes to get people back to health after an illness or infection. So first I want you to read an abstract.

Abstract Three middle-aged males and one female were diagnosed as having urinary tract infections (UTIs) between 2001 and 2003 in the Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa, a unit of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Of the 4 patients, only the female was asymptomatic. The 3 males had Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella species, and Staphylococcus aureus, respectively, in their urine samples, while the female had Escherichia coli. All 4 patients were treated with grapefruit seeds (Citrus paradisi) orally for 2 weeks and they all responded satisfactorily to the treatment except the man with P. aeruginosa isolate. However, the initial profuse growth of Pseudomonas isolate in the patient that was resistant to gentamicin, tarivid, and augmentin later subsided to mild growth with reversal of the antibiotic resistance pattern after 2 weeks’ treatment with grapefruit seeds. These preliminary data thus suggest an antibacterial characteristic of dried or fresh grapefruit seeds (C. paradisi) when taken at a dosage of 5 to 6 seeds every 8 hours, that is comparable to that of proven antibacterial drugs

With my daughter’s help, I now view doctors as a last resort. I am not foolish in my thinking, I just learned so much from my 6 plus years of going through mesh complications. Therefore rather than set myself up for more health issues and pain, I make my own decisions and I carefully explore other alternatives. You have to fight your fears when doing this and believe in yourself. You also have to learn a new sense of awareness and listen to the things your body tells you. This will take time to do, but personally I feel I am at last in charge of my own body.

So what amount of this herb do I take? I prefer to take the capsule because it is easy and tasteless. We also have drops as you can see in the photo, for our rescue dogs. The capsules I take at 575 mg and if I feel any sign of infection, I take one capsule with water every morning on an empty stomach for two weeks. The last time I did this was a couple of months ago and I have not had any signs of infection since.

This is the past blog about GSE

This is the GSE Kim buys. 120 capsules for $7.49 and they go a long way.

All our rescue dogs are under fifteen pounds in weight, and when they come here sick, Kim gives them 3 drops of the extract twice a day in their food. Many had kennel cough when they came here of other illness from poor nutrition. It is amazing how well they get with this and other supplements as well as the home made dog food we cook. Even now if any act a little off color, Kim reaches for the GSA drops and will put two in their bowl of food, instead of running to a Vet who will give them medicines that could cause them far more problems. When it comes to vet bills, our rescue has a much lower overhead, due to all we know and do for our dogs.

This is Happy Jack. He will soon be ready to find a home of his own. Little Jack would not move when he came here from the shelter because he was so sick. Now his favorite game is playing ball. And he is full of energy and excitement.

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