Celebrate Your Life

This morning I was thinking about two women I know, who don’t know each other and they are celebrating Birthdays today and tomorrow, when in fact they would more than likely be dead, if they had not had mesh removal.

Both of these women I have known for a very long time and in fact they were two of the women who contacted me when I first began this blog. I have remained in touch with them over the years and listened to their health issues, as well as their proud stories of family members. They are true survivors and although I have never met either due to the distance we are apart, I feel we are kindred spirits.

Both of them had serious health issues from mesh being in their bodied for a very long time. Both still live with health issues that has robbed them of much time spent enjoying life with their families. But they are survivors!

Surviving mesh complications is often so difficult and filled with twists and turns. It takes much diligence to fight for the right treatment and find the right doctor who will help. Taking no for an answer means regardless of how ill you are, you have to get on the phone and FIGHT. That is what both of these women did to survive.

I would like to think one day I will meet both ladies and we will hug and laugh together, but in the meantime I want to send them both my love and wish them a lovely day and remember to celebrate their life. This goes for every woman who is still fighting to live after mesh complications.

Never give up on life!

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