Conversations with Keeton

A few days ago I had little Jack in my studio while I was writing and he was having a great time playing with his little ball. He was a very sick little boy when he came to us, but now he is active and almost completely healthy. Jack has to remain as quiet as possible while he is going through natural heart worm treatment, but he is a lively little dog, who loves to play. Every rescue dog who comes here has a very different personality and we have to learn what will make each dog happy. For Jack it turned out to be a small glow in the dark dog ball.

We keep him on his own so that he rests a lot, but he gets very bored, so he comes into my studio for a few hours each day and he also has his alone time in the evening when Kim and I give him a lot of attention and love. Kim is teaching him how to play catch with his ball and watching him is hilarious and entertaining. He adores his ball because it rolls when he plays but the only problem is, it has a tendency to roll under a file cabinet beneath my computer. He has a nice foam bed beside me which he lays on to play ball, but when it rolls off, it seems to roll under that cabinet and Jack sits and whines until I move it to allow him to retrieve it. He always makes me laugh and I finally barricaded the area under the cabinet so it won’t happen again. However, one day I was reaching down to try to get the ball when I pressed the mouse of my computer. After giving him his ball I looked up and stared at the screen quite shocked at what I saw.

I had been on Kim’s Mesh Avenger Facebook page at that time and was reading comments that Lana Keeton posted because she was very angry at Kim. The day before I had shared a fund raiser that Keeton had posted for $11.000.00. The fund raiser was to pay for her to move, buy new clothes and furniture. Kim shared it on Mesh Avenger after I did and gave her opinion. I had been told about the fundraiser by someone else who was quite irate because she and many women she knows feel that Facebook fund raisers are getting out of hand because the targets are always mesh injured women. I certainly agree.

After I shared Keeton’s fundraiser with the following message, other women told me in private that they too are sick of all the fundraisers. A few were brave enough to speak out. This is what I said when I shared the link.

This is not the first time that this woman has asked mesh injured for money. She asked me for money when I turned 65 and told me she would give me information about doctors if I donated. However, I already knew where to go and had my first appointment with Dr. Raz. I was not the only one she asked either. I would never ask women for any money because I know all that has happened to women and how financially devastating mesh can be to women’s lives. I suggest you really think before you donate. We cannot ask others who are in a bad situation to help us through any disaster. I also gave the link to her fundraiser.

I have almost no history with Keeton but what little I have, she has remained so angry because I dared to speak out to her in one email telling her that I wanted her to remove me from her email marketing list where she was asking for donations. Why was I so angry when she had sent me this email?

A few months after my own mesh implant I was out of money and was feeling desperate as to how I was going to get the implant removed from my body. I had spent endless hours researching about who could remove it all, to no avail and the only site that seemed to have any information was one called Truth in Medicine. However it did not give recommendations as to who to go to for complete removal. I am sure many women found this site when there was nothing else on Google. I saw an email address to contact this site, so after reading Keeton’s story, I sent her an email. At the time she was living in Texas and I gathered she had been to some Texas doctors. So I asked her about a doctor in Dallas, if he removed all her mesh. I never received a reply.

I had already began my little blog on Blog Spot, not expecting anyone to find it. Later my daughter set it up in a larger space than I had on Blogspot and it went under the name Bladder Sling Surgery at When the blog grew with as much information I could find and share, Kim had to move it to give it more space and it became Mesh Angel Network. Last year when she had to move the blog to save money, she dropped the Network and it became Mesh Angels.

When I contacted Keeton, I was doing what I always did when going through a crisis, I wrote to ease my frustrations and sadness. That is who I am, a person who writes to get through my tough or even good journeys through life. I did this all the way through my husband’s long illness and it really helped me. When I did not hear back from Keeton I thought it was because she may be ill or having a surgical procedure, so I thought nothing of it. However after I got to know other women and found out the best place to go to get it all removed with the least amount of new injury, was at UCLA and Dr. Raz. However I still had a long wait to get to my Medicare status so I just kept writing this blog. I was then told by one woman that Keeton always answers her emails and she didn’t understand why she didn’t answer mine. I had told Keeton in my email that I was out of money and ideas as to what to do, so perhaps that was why she never answered me. I will never know. This new friend told me to contact her again in case there was any help in Texas, so without hesitation I sent her another email.

Once again no reply. I still thought nothing of it and I knew I had to wait for Medicare and then make plans to travel far from home. Because of other women I learned the right kind of insurance supplement I would need to go to Dr. Raz and three months before my Medicare began, I had everything set and my consult appointment was made to see Dr. Raz five days after it began. As soon as I had Medicare in place, I received an email from Keeton that shocked me. I now know that it was because I had also told her in the prior email when my Medicare would begin.

You should know that I kept that email along with my reply and her rebuttal. However I will not stoop so low as to share it because I know Keeton is like me. She was badly injured by mesh and she has worked hard to raise awareness. I respect her for doing that and I wish she respected me for working so hard for the past six years.

Her sudden email shocked me because I had written to her almost two years before and did not know she would keep my email address for soliciting money. Since that time I have learned that Jane Akre/Cox and Aaron Horton have done the same thing, but at that time I was very naive. But learning the hard way changes everything.

When I read the email I became livid with what I saw. I answered by first demanding that Keeton removed my email address from her solicitation newsletter and then I told her why I felt women who needed help should be given that help without having to pay for it. Some of it from her rely was quite volatile and an angry response ensued. Part of what she told me was that she had earned those donations because of all she learned through her journey and she should be paid to give that knowledge to other women. I decided she had already made up her mind and arguing on that subject wasn’t worth it, so I let it go and never received another solicitation email from her. That was the end of my short association with Keeton and after reading her scathing reply, I was glad to be rid of her.

I knew she has been on Facebook for a long time, far longer than I have. I know many women who have her in their Facebook friends. That is their right and their choice and I don’t have a problem with it because this is a free country. A few months ago I saw something roll through Facebook and new something had happened with Keeton and another woman. I was in this other woman’s friends but because Keeton seems to hate anyone who stands up to her, she saw something I said to this other woman on one of her posts, on the other woman’s timeline. It was just a simple comment. I did not see what Keeton said because the woman removed it and then told her to sort it out with me and not post horrible things on HER timeline. I never asked the woman what Keeton had said, but I was grateful she stood up for me knowing what I do to help women.

After that happened I carried on as usual researching, writing and learning from other women while I listened to their stories and never paid any attention to Keeton. I did however learn Keeton had asked many women for money, even while out at UCLA having surgery. I had surgery on the same day as another woman who told me what Keeton did as soon as she was back in the hotel after surgery. By that time, I was not shocked at all. Since then I have learned of others who she asked for money and they too were upset over it.

So when I saw Keaton’s fundraiser for $11.000.00, I decided to share it and say that she had asked me for money in the past. A day later I made a statement through my Mesh Angels Facebook page stating how I felt about Facebook fund raisers. I said that the idea of fundraisers is that when you ask for money, it should be from YOUR friends and family and not be about asking other injured women for funds. There was some controversy over that which I sorted out and a woman unfriended me over it. She was one who had also asked other women for money when she went to UCLA for surgery and she took this as an affront to her. She did manage to get $100 from Aaron Horton at that time of one surgery. We, at Mesh Angels had sent her a package and we also gave this woman a couple of small gift cards when she went back for another surgery. I guess that is not enough for her, but our Angel coffers are very small and the money has come from us and other women who want to share the same joy they had when receiving their purple peace pack when they went for surgery at UCLA. This that early time, we stopped adding gift cards because it was eating up our small funds. It is her prerogative to not like what I said and honestly I am quite okay with her being gone from my life. She has in the past been a staunch supporter of Horton until Horton kicked her out of her Warrior group for something she said against Horton and then she came back in to my friends with an apology, after dumping me a while back when I spoke out about Horton. I have heard she is back as best buds with Horton again which is fine by me.

So I thought all this was done with until Jack lost his ball and I hit the mouse accidentally and wound up on Keeton’s own personal ‘open to the public’ Facebook page. Apparently she had these conversations about me with other men and women and as I stared at it, I was shocked. I was angry at what was said about me, without any proof and in fact what she said is libelous. So now I am going to give you what was said and who replied. This all happened over a twenty-one hour period without my knowledge and a good part of this time I was asleep.

This was the very first line of conversation. It happened 21 hours before I read it and I have not edited one thing they said.

It begins with Lana Keeton
I will not allow these drug & pharma moles, Linda Kilpatrick and her daughter, to lie about me. I am an honest sincere hard working God loving woman who has helped thousands and thousands as a patient advocate while I have been sick broke and injured and this vile woman crawls out of her hole and lies about me. I know plenty of other Meshies she has lied about. Disgusting woman.

 Here are all the replies.

Christina Lynn Brajcic

Yes they are disgusting. I been hurt by these evil women.

Evy Airey

 I as well have been hurt by them and a lot of other good women.. Those two are evil.

Chirstina Lynn Brajcic

Yes Evy, so many I am friends have all had hate blogs and lies spread about them from those two. It’s horrible. We need to ban together not tear each other down. I believe this infighting and division they create has really stifled our ability to advocate properly as a group.

Diane Fichter

I’ve also been hurt by these two ladies and have blocked them both off my friends list. With friends like them who needs effin enemies!!!

Tim Cross

How do you know she is a woman?

Davisa Shepherd

What on earth happened???

Dayna Marie

Lana Keeton ..this war is not against flesh and blood but of rulers of darkness and principalities ” I’m praying for God’s protection…this is a sure sign ur going to a higher level of helping and doing God’s work..the enemy is trying his damndest to stop you.. Keep faith keep praising God!!! Mesh sisters let’s join together and pray for Lana’s protection as she moves forward for all of us …and prayers for eachother…lana what you are involved in is removing the veil of deceit that the whole world believes the fog of darkness..Our God is Almighty and us women are chosen warriors in this purpose.. Let’s rise up!!!

Lana Keeton


Lana Keeton

Christina Lynn Brajcic “Yes Evy, so many I am friends have all had hate blogs and lies spread about them from those two. It’s horrible. We need to ban together not tear each other down. I believe this infighting and division they create has really stifled our ability to advocate properly as a group.” I AGREE!! Linda Kilpatrick and her daughter are the slime of the earth ALWAYS attacking other mesh injured women, NEVER THE COMPANIES OR THE DOCTORS! No one has that much hate in them against a whole class of injured women UNLESS THEY ARE PAID TO DO IT BY BIG PHARMA.

Lana Keeton

I AGREE!! Linda Kilpatrick and her daughter are the slime of the earth ALWAYS attacking other mesh injured women, NEVER THE COMPANIES OR THE DOCTORS! Okay I will interject here. Has she ever read my blog? No one has that much hate in them against a whole class of injured women UNLESS THEY ARE PAID TO DO IT BY BIG PHARMA.

Lana Keeton

Polly Montgomery, Diane Fichter, Davisa Shepherd, Halina Myers I have stayed out of this studipidty created by Linda Kilpatrick and her daughter for a very long time but not anymore. Just look at how many they have attacked right here. And I know many others who have told me privately personally. Scum of the earth they are, attacking those who are already so devastated! Evil, evil, evil

 Lana Keeton

Dayna Marie Thank you for your prayers of protection because I NEED THEM! I curse the devil and his evil minions, Linda Kilpatrick and her evil daughther. Evil, vile scum.

Lana Keeton


I could not read Halina Myers post because she has blocked me but you can read it all on Kim’s new post which I have given you the link at the end of this blog.

Lana Keeton

Halina Myers There are always followers, even of evil people. Thank you for your understanding hiw sick this stuff can make you. I am hyper allergic to cigarette smoke, some food and some medications. Formaldehyde is used to make cigarettes and it is used as an adhesive in laminated wood (sawdust glued together and then pressed together in the middle). Just like Chinese drywall, there is laminated wood flooring coming into the U.S. that is highly toxic. My heart races in the middle of the night, my feet and hands and head sweat whenever I come into contact with formaldehyde in a clothing store (it is used to make fabrics permanent press) or in an asphalt parking lot. I get instant diarrhea when I smell it and it dries out my nose, throat and esophagus. It is carcinogenic and an odorless, poisonous gas that kills you easily. Unbelievable.

Lana Keeton


There was a post on her page on the 24th April and Kim and I wondered about this woman. Apparently I am not the only one who opened disagreed with what Keeton does. This is that post.

Lana Keeton

Vickie Patterson thanks for your support. I have reported Norma Roberts to facebook for abuse. I have no idea who she is but she must be a mole for the drug and device companies to be so cruel. The things she is saying about my disaster recovery fund are simply not true. Offer of signed photos, NO. Who would want a picture of me? Just recognition for any and all donations on my websites, thank you notes and lunch or dinner someday if the person is ever in Miami to show my appreciation. for bigger donations Best, blessings, Lana Keeton Okay I have to say this. “Good for you Norma Roberts!”

Like I said Kim took screen shots of everything said to have the proof that they said all this.

The next set of posts were these.

Lana Keeton

Linda Kilpatrick is an evil liar. She knows nothing about me. I never ask her for anything. I spent MY OWN money traveling to the FDA to get the warnings issued about mesh. I did the work. I still do the work. Linda Kilpatrick is an idiot who every single day harms other mesh injured women with her lies and innuendo. I am sick, injured, broke, and now this idiot has the audacity to publicly lie about me. To Linda Kilpatrick every mesh injured woman is an eternal victim. SHE IS WRONG!

Christina Lynn Brajcic

Yes! I couldn’t agree more. I too have been talked about by her daughter and a nice hate blog written about me. I don’t understand all the anger that comes out of them. They are strangers to me but yet they claim to know alot about my life when they have no clue. Hugs Lana!

Lana Keeton

Truth about them as LIARS is coming out!

Tim Cross

How do you know she is a woman?

David Safa Shaye

Lana, You are an amazing and the most honest lady I know. Don’t listen or pay attention to these people. They are willing to do anything for money. God has been and always will be on your side. Keep up the good work. God bless you,

Sandra Proventud

I’m sorry , ppl take advantage off us because they think we are weak , it’s hurtful to think instead off helping they hurt us , shame I read her story I thought my self is she for real , she also said a lot that didn’t make sense either she helping

Or not I didn’t get it ! Sorry Hun that you had be hurt by someone you thought was to help you ????????????

Poly Ann Meulenberg

We have “former” Monsanto managers directing National CancervResearch Center here in Frederick, MD. Unreal!

Jane Akre

Lana you are greatly respected, don’t worry. Some people are mentally ill and do nothing to hide it, in fact, they flaunt it. I feel sorry for them.

Lana Keeton


Soo Kim

I don’t know any details nor do I really want to know…wish peace and serenity to ALL.

Lana Keeton

Because Linda Kilpatrick and her daughter cause too much intentional pain to too many.

Soo Kim

Very sad. frown emoticon

Mmy Jackson

 Amen Jane Akre and Soo Kim…

Tammy Jackson

Give it to God, giving them attention just feeds the fire

Garrick Sitongia

Some people really are minions – people who enjoy working in the interests of evil people.

La Ison

I agree with you Lana Keeton

 Mmy Jackson
 It really surprises me the people to say they support Mesh Complications and don’t have ANY MESH posts on their timeline, How are you supporting Mesh Awareness? Unless a woman is in my friends, she cannot see what is on my timeline. Everything I say publicly on my Facebook Mesh Angels page and I then share it on my own page. I share many other things that I love, such as art and design. Mesh is not a priority on my personal page.

Lana Keeton

She gave three sites to read. the and another site

I have been around so long, you don’t know who I am. Did you look at photos of my trip to Washington, D.C. in December 2014 on my facebook page when I petitioned Congress for a Congressional hearing.

Tammy Jackson

This woman seems to have more than one Facebook page.

I wasn’t speaking about you Lana, I was speaking about another lady on post. I’ve been around since your Topic page. Wasn’t about you…sorry. There is other people posting on this post Lana Keeton

Tammy Jackson

I even remember the Yahoo page that was paid membership only. I’ve been around since 2007

Lana Keeton

Thanks for clarifying. You have been around since the beginning. Do you live in North Georgia?

Tammy Jackson

No, Kentucky

Robin Herzog

Dont waste your energy on people like that. You know the truth and save your strength for the real fight! Others can kiss off!

Tammy Jackson

Amen Sister, God has it ALL and sees ALL, we speak evil of them we are doing the same thing we are upset with them over.

Lana Keeton

I will not be maligned by these women one more time. I have been silent too long.

Lola Nightshade

I love how those 2 attack anyone who asks for help or tries to make a nonprofit, when in fact those hypocrites have done just that! They belittle and pick at anyone asking for money but they themselves have their greedy paws out.. Her daughter is especially vicious but in my eyes should keep her nose out of it. She has no business talking trash about anyone or to anyone, she’s not even mesh injured!!

Lana Keeton

Thank you David Safa Shaye,a man I know well for years now who knows me and knows these women are pure evil!!!

Lana Keeton

God has it!!! It is His purpose for someone to stand up to evil

Tammy Jackson

God is Love, turn the other cheek

 Tammy Jackson

Wrath is His, not ours, if we speak evil of them, what is the difference in what that have done? One and the same

Lana Keeton

Lola Nightshade This has been a long time coming, these two vile liars being so destructive of so many mesh injured women.

The last set of posts happened eleven hours later.

Lana Keeton

Thank you to all of you who know me and have and are supporting me! I truly appreciate it. I will not be kicked by these evil, vile women anymore when I have given my heart, my soul, my life to help others. And when I need help LIARS show up. It is not okay!!

Marcie Jacobs

You are an inspiration to many. Please keep it up.

Christina Lynn Brajcic

It’s not ok at all. They are disgusting. Keep on being your fabulous self

Lori Smith

Lana Keeton, You rise above the conditions with grace and beauty.. this is certain.. YOU ARE loved and adored by those who stand united in truth… we never focus on the hate or the confusion of mind s controlled by negative energies. Your power is beyond force of any form that would attempt to strip you of YOURSELF.. Power always rises above force, Power stands firm and is not altered by force. I along with so many stand in our minds with you and hold you in positive thought… A blessing YOU ARE and as a Holy Child of God I affirm blessings from our Abundant, Powerful Father and Mastermind. God’s Over flowing good to you Lana. With great love and support~

Lana Keeton

Lori Smith Thank you for that powerful message and for calling the powers of good into my life. To God be the glory!!

Lori Smith

Never forget it is God in you, as you, that is YOU! Always I stand in great appreciation for you, and the love of God within You! Thank you for your extension as the love that you are~ XO

Lana Keeton

Praise God for the love we share as Christians.

Lana Keeton

I will not allow these drug & pharma moles, Linda Kilpatrick and her daughter, to lie about me. I am an honest sincere hard working God loving woman who has helped thousands and thousands as a patient advocate while I have been sick broke and injured and this vile woman crawls out of her hole and lies about me. I know plenty of other Meshies she has lied about. Disgusting woman.

Lana Keeton

Linda Kilpatrick and her daughter are the most destructive forces there are among Meshies. They repeatedly ATTACK innocent women on Facebook who are they? Who do they work for? How do they have the time and energy to attack FOR YEARS? Who pays them for their dirty work? Revelations 21:8 … And ALL LIARS shall die a second death in the lake of fire and brimstone

Sherri Gibson

God Bless You !!

After reading this, you need to understand that I never bring the bible, or religion to this blog, because my views are personal and should not be part of an informative blog. I have been put down for not doing this many times and made out to be a heathen. I have lived all over the world, sat at tables and ate with people who worship in many ways. I would not walk into their homes and give them an opinion as to how they should worship. When writing this blog I feel the same way and I want it to reach every woman not a percentage. This journey is not influenced by how you express your right to worship in any way you choose, unless you decide it is. That is what it is like to live in a free country.

You may wonder how I know all these people who left these comments on her posts. What may surprise you is I don’t know hardly any of them. There were three women who after I read this who had friended me through my personal page not too long ago and I immediately removed them from my timeline after reading what they said. One other woman I know well and left her in my friends hoping she would realize that what I have done to help women through their mesh crisis is only for good and what Keeton says is totally unfounded. If however she believes all Keeton has said I hope she will unfriend me. That goes for anyone else in my Facebook friends.

Did what I read about me and my daughter hurt me? Yes indeed it did. I am made of human flesh and blood and I am a very sensitive and caring person which is why I continue to write and share about what mesh does to women’s bodies. There are now a few things I will clarify. No one pays either me or my daughter to write or do anything. The morning Keeton went to Kim’s Mesh Avenger Facebook page and began her own attack, Kim had just come in the house from walking all the dogs after their morning meal. It was a hot humid morning so she sat down to rest before going outside to work. She saw the comments when she logged on to Facebook and she began to answer. But when Keeton kept going, Kim stopped her and blocked her because she had to go and fix the septic system so that we could take a shower and flush our toilets. She said she just didn’t have time for Keeton, because she has to take care of everything on our property.

You may not understand why Kim’s Facebook Mesh Avenger page is so popular, even though the amount of ‘likes’ won’t show it. It is popular because Kim speaks her mind and other women relate, because often what she writes about is exactly how they feel. A few women are strong enough to handle the wrath of others who will go after them when they see someone who dares to click ‘like’ on her page, while others don’t feel strong enough to handle the wrath that comes down if they expose themselves to ‘liking’ something that is controversial. That doesn’t mean they don’t agree with Kim, it just means they can’t deal with others who will go after them. Personally she makes me laugh with her own way of writing and she is a grown woman who can do as she likes without my interference. Sometimes laughter is the only way I get through my day.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything to do with mesh implants. I use my own experience and listen to the pain of other women to research and learn something that they can do or try to help themselves. I don’t enable women nor do I call anyone dealing with this a victim. In fact I encourage women to get the mesh removed and help themselves move forward so that they can enjoy some of their life.

I am not sure why anyone who objects to something someone said is deemed as a mole for drug companies. If Lana read my blog she would know how hard I have gone after the Manufacturers, Doctor’s and even some lawyers. She would also know that I even pointed the finger at my own implanting doctor.

I have been very busy listening to women who have going through a really bad time and I continue to write. I just posted the blog about World Mesh Awareness Day and shared a wonderful email I received from a woman who is now on a path of living her new normal life. You can read that blog if you missed it.

My daughter designed a beautiful new log for International Mesh Awareness month and you can see it here

So what does my daughter think about those who jump on the World Mesh Awareness Day bandwagon? Read this.

What doe Kim think about Keeton’s outburst on her own personal timeline? Read this

My daughter does absolutely everything she can to save money, including a lot of hard and dirty work. Not only that but she is the one who sends out the purple peace packs to injured women. You can read this blog to see all she does.

You may wonder why Keeton said she needed money to move. She said it was because she was being poisoned by Formaldehyde. In case she hasn’t had time to research what she can do to minimize this I researched and found a good link. The fact is this is everywhere and moving house won’t change anything.

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Formaldehyde. How to minimize risks associated with formaldehyde exposure:

1. Establish a no smoking policy in your home. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should not be used inside the home. There are many toxic effects of exposure to cigarette smoke, including exposure to formaldehyde, and evidence continues to mount concerning the health effects associated with cigarette smoke.

2. Clean chimneys and wood burning appliances. Make sure fireplaces and woodstoves are in good working condition to prevent smoke from getting into your living environment. Burn only well-seasoned firewood, and keep your chimney clean and clear of obstructions.
To learn how to maintain wood-burning heater efficiency and safety, read our article 6 Great Wood Heating Tips

3. Keep idling gas engines away from the home. Engine exhaust contains a number of toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde. If your home has an adjacent carport or garage, be sure the door is well sealed to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the home. Do not idle cars or other gas powered equipment, such as weedeaters, leaf blowers, lawnmowers or snow plows, in attached garages or near open doors or windows. Pay attention to wind direction when using gas-powered machines around the home, especially during summer when windows are more likely to be open.

4. Buy solid wood furniture, or be sure pressed wood products are sealed. To keep emissions low from pressed wood furniture or cabinets, purchase items with a plastic laminate or coating on all sides. For some building and household products, there are low-formaldehyde options, such as U.L.E.F. (ultra-low-emitting formaldehyde), N.A.F. (no added formaldehyde) or C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) Phase 1 or Phase 2 compliant.
Solid wood furniture contains no formaldehyde, and although more expensive than furniture made using particle board, solid wood furniture will usually last longer than furniture made using glues. Thrift shops and flea markets are good places to find used wood furniture at affordable prices.

5. Increase ventilation during painting projects. Use low-VOC paints. Ensure there is adequate ventilation during all home painting or varnishing projects, or when installing wall-to-wall carpets using glues or adhesives. Low-VOC and Zero-VOC paints are now readily available at most paint stores, and these paints have the same or higher quality standards of conventional paints.
For a list of Low-VOC and Zero-VOC paints, see our page on nontoxic paints

6. Let new furnishings “off-gas” before bringing indoors. Allow products that contain formaldehyde to “air out” before bringing them into your home. Open all product packing to expose the products to air as much as possible.

7. Ventilate your home regularly. Formaldehyde concentrations are higher indoors than they are outdoors, so you can decrease indoor formaldehyde levels by letting in fresh air. Also, high relative humidity increases formaldehyde emissions, so you can use a dehumidifier to reduce relative humidity to recommended levels of 50% in summer and 30% in winter.
The Report on Carcinogens notes that, although workers in manufacturing plants are more exposed to formaldehyde, and thus have higher associated risks, consumers should still avoid contact with formaldehyde where possible.
…formaldehyde is both worrisome and inescapable

Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, said that formaldehyde is both worrisome and inescapable. “It’s the smell in new houses, and it’s in cosmetics like nail polish,” he said. “All a reasonable person can do is manage their exposure and decrease it to as little as possible. It’s everywhere.” Here is the link


  1. Traci Rizzo

    Very nicely written post in response to a complete unprovoked attack by Lana !! I believe she’s been around enough to think she’s more important than others and you can see how her followers clammer not to insult her smh ! The difference is you do help anyone who is sincere and I much appreciate what we shared today. Information that would be of great medical and financial help for any hurt by this. I think we all agree there shouldn’t be a war between the injured but there’s always those that are power hungry this is her issue as well as a few others they can’t handle hearing truth. That’s they’re issue !! Again I’ll openly ask anyone who would like to go on record as to what they’ve offered you for free consistently of any substance ? That got me kicked out of a group I’m happy I lost lol. You can’t even question Jane without a bite back ! Who the hell do they think they are ? How do you also justify attacking rather than reaching out to others and in the same day quoting scripture that will send others to hell ?That and the generosity fund is a serious sign of narcissism!! If you may know Lana it wasn’t an attack at first most were concerned that your name was hijacked as it was so absurd !! So everyone’s first reaction was actually in your defense until the in your face pay me now I’m so in need and important came out !! ALL of us are in need !! So be careful quoting scripture before practicing it !! You are so involved with yourself you have no idea the extent others are suffering. Thank you Linda and Kim !!

  2. Mary blanks

    I’m so sorry Linda sorry you have to go through this. Linda Kilpatrick has never declared that she was Christian or anythingelse Speaking the truth Or stating true facts is no sin! Standing for right against wrong when you have proof is no sin. Saying oh you hurt me is no sin. But every Christian knows that to call people Evil vile names is a sin. NO CHRISTIAN WOULD SHAME THE GOD WE LOVE AND SERVE BY CALLING OTHERS NÀMES ON PUBLIC MEDIA. THE LORD SAID JUDGE NOT AND MANY OF YOU HAVE USED THIS EVIL TALK AND CONDEMED OTHERS SOULS TO HELL!! Evey I’m not shocked because I experienced you personally ,remember when Linda had spent hours trying to help you then she because she cares for us asked me if I could try to explain the best way for you to fight for your life. Evey when you couldn’t rope me into your confusion you accused me of taking kickbacks from Dr. Raz of course I rebuked you and you went on to accuse Linda of the same. We both know this is how you repaid Linda for listening to you. I was offended but I told you then immediately I forgive you. Sandra you no longer wanted to talk to me because you found issue that I believe if people have never worked to provide for themselves and have depended on the state for income that if that person received a settlement the state should be reimbursed. Ladies be sure of who the enemy is,when people call others vile names ask why.

  3. Courtney

    Linda, I was just reading a book about a womens dissertation on the Salem witch trials and the torture those early fundamental Christians put those poor women through. Thier ransid hatred for you is disconcerting. There tone is akin to extremist jihadism. I am very grateful that I do not share thier concept of God. I also thank God that we are not in the 1600’s as I am afraid that those women would try to burn you and Kim at the stake. Maybe they worked for the inquisition in thier previous life. You have helped me so much over the past 4 years. I love you and am very grateful for the support you have shown me. Take heart my dear friend you are not alone.

    I hope they remember when they point the finger at you, they have 3 more pointing back at them.

  4. xoxo

    I know it must be difficult to deal with the constant flow of hate when your intention is to do good in the world. It is clear Lana is full of anger and that is why she is lashing out at you and Kim. I love how she uses God is good….but you are vile and evil in the same conversation. When someone has to justify and defend their work, there is a problem. She says, ” I have been around so long, you don’t know who I am.” That is very telling.

  5. Patty

    Unbelievable! Some people are just not happy unless they are surrounded by drama. It’s just such a shame she chose you and Kim as her targets. Linda, I have never met you personally but I know you are a very kind person. Shortly before my surgery I had discovered the Mesh Avengers page and boy was I glad. I read and read everything Kim had up and followed her. I realized very quickly that when Kim posted anything she ALWAYS backed it up with proof!! I left these other groups quickly. It was only a week or two before my surgery when I reached out to you for information. You not only provided that information, you called me, messaged me and checked in with me my entire time (3 weeks) that I was in California. You didn’t know me and you took a chance. You are genuine and you are kind. NEVER have I seen either of you ask, insinuate, or hint for money. But I have seen plenty of others constantly badgering mesh injured women for money. This woman just didn’t like the truth being told and I feel sorry for her followers. Hopefully one day they will wake up and see her for what she is but it’s their choice who they follow. What she says is totally unfounded and I agree with the others, before they spout off scriptures they should first practice what they preach. Any Christian I know would not say the evil things these women have said, NEVER!! I love you you guys! I love not just what you do for us but the dogs as well. I’m not afraid to like or comment on anything Kim says because I’m a lot like her and would not be afraid to say what’s on my mind if they came at me. It wouldn’t be any prettier than the way Kim writes. Lol. Hopefully she got this out of her system and will go back to doing what she does best (if that even applies) and leave you two alone. She should really get a life!

  6. Sugar Sue

    Mary Blanks is a true hero.

  7. JKA

    Keeton continues to spread her vitriol and hatred toward you and Kim….. all while quoting Bible scripture. Hypocrite??
    It appears she enjoys hanging around Washington D.C. and jumps at every chance for a photo op. She continues to ask for money from desperate women by claiming she is in D.C. to fight for them and their rights. She says, “God spit me out in D.C. to do His work”. And now she feels the need to leave her ‘moldy Florida home’ in Florida to move to D.C…. but she expects other injured women to finance her move. She is currently asking for $11,000.00 dollars!!!
    Nothing in the D.C. area comes cheap; especially lodging and meals while supposedly meeting with members of Congress and various politicians. She is likely doing more harm than good for mesh injured women with her lunacy and irrational comments.
    She dresses very well, is obviously well nourished, and seems to have the money to have her ‘blond roots’ touched up and dyed frequently…. while many injured women struggle just to feed their families.
    I’m all for fighting for mesh injured women… but Keeton needs to do it on her own dime and stop playing on the desperation of other injured women and their families.
    In my opinion, Keeton is lashing out at you and Kim because she knows she’s been caught and called out. Why else would she be so hostile and spew lies about the two of you.
    Continue to ignore her. She isn’t worth your time and energy. Those who know you won’t believe a word of her hate filled rants.

  8. Pam Beauchamp

    Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Linda. I know that had to hurt. I do agree with others here that have stated hypocritical. And that is one word that can describe on quickly. I am surely no writer by any means, but I do know right from wrong. I am sorry. This was wrong. You have done nothing but help, and we all know how Satan works. Keep doing what you do best. Help others. I know how valuable your help has been for me. Besides, the drama, it does sound like there are a few drama queens on this site. I have never seen it. I am too busy researching and trying to remember what I research. Looks like some women have too much time on their hands. Hang tough Linda. We did not go thru this surgery to end up having hurt feelings. Too many other parts hurt. Always be humble and kind.

  9. Valerie Schell

    I was a victim of Lana Newton sent her $1,800 I was desperate in crisis need help she turned on me… I ran across this and thought I would reply.


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