A Month to Share Your Story

The month of April has been exceptionally tough for my daughter Kim. Everything seems to break down all at once, or at least one after the other. The weather was another factor that made life harder for her to fix everything. Spring in our part of Texas, especially during April can be one nasty storm after another. Violent winds and thunder happen because the Gulf winds from the South are very warm and they meet with the Northern Cold. That creates a bad situation and soggy, saturated grounds.

Yes this truly is Kim working on our old pick-up truck.

Our pick-up truck is getting old and needed maintenance and she stopped other things to make sure it was safe and running. The car is also aging, so when the engine light came on, she switched to maintenance on the car. Then the water well pressure tanks blew and she stopped to fix it to get water back into our house. She barely took a breath and the septic system stopped working and that turned out to be a huge fix. The pump that pumps clean filtered waste onto the land stopped pumping. No septic meant we could not flush toilets or take a shower. I went back to the old days of my childhood, used water sparingly and then put waste water into a bucket, so she could throw it outside on to the ground. She had already pumped the water down to a level where she could see and pull up the pump and she warned me not to run water down the sink. Two days later she had the septic system up and running and we celebrated with a shower, then cleaned and flush toilets. Sanity once again was restored.

Then yesterday she switched to finding out what is wrong with a large air-conditioning compressor that cools our bedrooms. She has learned there are no leaks by testing everything and it is full of Freon. We have a guy who charges a lesser amount to repair them when Kim can’t, because of lack of special equipment. He just happens to be out of town all week so at night we blast the ceiling fans and get on with it. That’s life for everyone, regardless of how well you feel. You’ve got to suck it up when everything goes wrong and figure out a way to fix it and pay for it. Kim is really good at saving money and doing all the hard work, but sometimes it can be a rough month when everything goes wrong. But we’ll survive.

There is no extra money to hire anyone to do these jobs, so Kim reads manuals, searches Google or YouTube to find out what others use or do for the best and longest results. Thankfully Kim is amazingly smart, just like her dad was. There are days when she is covered in sweat and mosquitoes are eating her up even with repellant spray on her, because it runs off when she sweats in the high humidity, that she wants to throw up her hands. However, she comes back in the house to cool off and then gets back out there to get the job done.

I would have posted photos of her fixing the septic system but even with two walking sticks, the soggy ground was unsafe for me to go out there, so I couldn’t take any. I like to take photos of her doing all this because no one would believe that a woman without any training or help can do all she does. I like to add them to the hundreds of photos I have taken of her working on this house because it is her life journey and she needs to be able to look back on this time when she is old and gray. Photo memories are always special as we age.

While she was doing all this, I could not ask her to stop and design a new logo for Mesh Angels. However to my surprise she took the time this morning to do it and I absolutely love it. I love it because I have always stated mesh implants are a World problem with women all over the world who suffer from complications. So for Kim to understand this and depict it in her own vision of this logo makes me so happy and I hope all injured women feel the same. During the month of May, please, please share your story, either here of anywhere you choose. Either under your own name or anonymously. What happened to you is just as important as what happening to me. I already posted a blog early due to threat of more storms and if you missed it please read it. There is a story from a woman who suffered and a long time before removal she can feel a huge difference in her health. She wanted to share her journey with you so that you know you are not crazy when you feel the same symptoms she did. Here is the link

I am very proud of my daughter and so would her Dad be if he could see all she has accomplished building this house. I took many photos and she made a slide show for YouTube to share with our family. I am very fortunate to have a loving and caring daughter who stands by my side while I have gone through hell because of mesh. You can see that video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2eKpwoAPAo

Thank you for reading this and for participating on this special day.


  1. Mary blanks


    Last Thursday I was going through physically again, I had developed an aneurysm and I had gone to Cleveland clinic last September I believe and had the repair done. After surgery I was told it was repaired and everything went off without any problems. Well two weeks ago I began to have this excruciating pain different than normal. ( you all understand). I couldn’t think of anything but Cleveland. Last Monday I returned back and I was told the aneurysm wasn’t repaired they’d repaired a rip!! WHAT RIP?? Not going to lose focus with that story , but I called LINDA KILPATRICK, NOT JANE, NOT AARON ,BUT LINDA! I called Linda because I know if we talk long enough I’ll receive the direction I need. I never forget the first time I called her I had been told I was dying , no one knew how to help me and I only had two to three months to live. Linda KILPATRICK gave me the blueprint for my victory. She told me the only Dr.that could remove it and remove it all was Dr. SHOLMO RAZ. She helped me every step, from how to get my appointment,who to speak with even really what to say, where I should stay and on and on.. Linda helped me get my surgery while she herself had to wait over another year before her insurance kicked in, she helped me unselfishly. Linda told me what herbs and vitamins to take to fight the infection that was raging in my body. Well last week I was facing the same death and I was really lost. Linda and I talked and I remembered any time they operated on me in my stomach area it creates this life stealing infection, so Linda said Mary you should be on intravenous antibiotics. We all must remember that the bacteria has not left our bodies. I don’t understand how it hides until we have any surgical need and there it appears as if it never left! Linda thank you for unselfishly helping us fight for our lives. I love being one of those Christians,Kim lol, try not to think evil of people. I wait and watch…..
    After watching I found that something was incorrect with Janes page, when she allowed that atty Hal to bully us on her website and rebuked us if we questioned him. Real questions we now know we need to know when taking advice, like do you work for AMS, why are you spending weeks bullying us on your website Jane. Even before that that that Estelle Tasz when I asked how she could get full removal from Dr. RAZ one day and be on the beach the next. Instead of Jane asking relevant questions, we were rebuked and then Jane got with that Dr. V who rumors say, really leaves women hanging, and Estelle Rogers Tasz, and began discounting Dr. RAZ the only Dr. I know we can trust in full removal, because if you haven’t noticed this trend that Drs say they can remove anchors and all but after surgery the truth comes out and they can’t!
    I too spoke with Reuters and when Traci’s story came out and it exposed many Drs and others Jane was recommending, Jane attacked Traci. I was shocked and when I asked Jane why she’d tried to discount Traci’s perception of her experience with these people, I was rebuked! These have been four of the hardest years of my life and without the real lifesaving guidance Linda freely gave me, I would not be here. Yes I must not forget Aaron Horton is also not a good person. Linda is a very open person, so when Linda was just about at overload dealing with injured women, Aaron told her she would help her with her blog until she became strong enough again, Linda told me about this plan and advised me to talk to her. I never did and I informed Linda something just didn’t seem right. Well I’m convinced all Aaron wanted was Linda’s friend list and as soon as she got it, her and Jane turned their new corner which was never to be of any help, but for us to help THEM find their route to fame and fortune. Linda I’m so glad Your idea for Mesh Awareness Day is such a great success. Maybe people will try to come together instead of all this craziness,it seems the other blogs like this too. I love you Linda I love you Kim

  2. Judy

    Linda, I cannot thank you enough for shining the spotlight on the horrors of mesh.
    I was totally lost with what to do regarding my mesh problems until I happened across your blog while desperately searching the internet for information.
    I cried as I read the email from the woman you posted above. All of her symptoms and feelings could have been written by me… and countless others I feel certain.
    I have been fighting this battle since 2010, when a Coloplast mesh bladder sling was implanted for SUI. The doctor never mentioned “mesh”, but instead told me it was “tape”. I was told how “safe” it was and that this type of surgery was “successful” with very little “downtime”. I searched for information but found very little at that time…. then in 2011 the news of “mesh lawsuits” was all over television with advertisements by lawyers. I didn’t file a lawsuit because I thought I was “one of the lucky ones”. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and was actually having many autoimmune type symptoms at that time which could not be explained by ANY doctor. I was clueless!!
    This “doctor/surgeon” had been implanting the mesh slings for many years, and he knew full well by 2010 that there were many problems with mesh. Yet greed drove him to continue to implant them in unsuspecting women who trusted him.
    I could go on and on about this subject, but will refrain as I know so many of us are fighting the same battle.
    Again, I thank you for all you have done to help so many women and for being there anytime I have needed you. You and your blogs filled with vital information literally saved my life when I was so sick and didn’t know where to turn.
    I know it has cost you in many, many ways, yet you continue to do all you can to spread awareness. Thank you for your honesty and integrity above all. Those attributes seem to be a rare find these days.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Thank you Judy.


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