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This week I noticed a comment come in on this blog and when I had it I knew I had to help this woman. We spoke on the phone and she told me she had been in the Army for nine years and she could not find anyone to help her. First I want to read what she wrote on the post about C-Diff.

I have had c-diff three times. I found using probiotic 10 that can be bought on Amazon works great. It says to only take two but I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.
Here is my story and if anyone can offer any advice or help I would love to hear from you.

To say my life is hell is an understatement. I am out of hope.
I had a bladder tuck May 2015. It didn’t work. I am still having the same symptoms I had before the bladder tuck, which are bladder and kidney infections. I can tell that my bladder is not emptying out all the way when I pass my urine. It is holding about a cup or more of urine according to the ultrasound and urodynamic study that was done. I just had this urodynamic study done. Wow was that painful and right after that they shoved a camera up my urethra with no sedation of any kind. The worse pain I ever had at one time in my life. For two days I felt physically and mentally traumatized from it. I was very concerned when I read this and no doctor should do this when a woman is in obvious terrible pain. She told me she was screaming and I was reminded of another women whose husband told me his wife did this when they did a cystoscopy. (Camera in the bladder) The reason is you should not be in this much pain and if they push the camera through it could cause permanent damage to your bladder. This much pain means there is a blockage of some kind and it could be eroded mesh. Yell STOP and make sure they do. If you have any of these tests, take someone with you and tell them what to do. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN TO ANY WOMAN. You should also tell your removal doctor that this happened and the pain and I know at UCLA they will only do this when a woman is in pain, when she first goes under for surgery.

I am positive the surgery didn’t work because when I examine myself I feel the bladder protruding into the vaginal canal. One of the GYN doctors I last saw wrote that I have a stage 3 bladder prolapse and state 1 to 2 uterus prolapse and stage one rectocele prolapse. She told me to go back to the doctor that did the surgery. She won’t touch me surgically.
Before the Bladder Tuck, It took 5 years and many doctors to get diagnosed with bladder prolapse. You should be aware that a diagnosis of stage 3 does not mean you are going to die. If you are not having severe pain in the vagina or urethra you can go and try a pessary while you wait for surgery. It will holed the bladder up. A stage 1 prolapse is not anything to worry about and you can wait. This woman may not realize this but being turned down by many surgeons is a blessing, because they could make you worse or worse yet put a second sling on top of the first. I know women who had 3 slings removed at UCLA, because this is what they did to her again and again.

After this surgery where I had the bladder tuck I have been back to this surgeon at least half a dozen times. He examines me and tells me everything looks fine. It is not fine. I am still having infections. This has been going on so long that now I am running out of antibiotics to treat these infections and now have to be hospitalized to get them intravenously. There comes a point when nothing will clear the infections and the antibiotics become dangerous when over used. I can’t take oral antibiotics because the side effects have gotten so bad. They will keep giving her stronger and stronger ones and some side effects will not go away. Look at me because of the drug Gentamicin. I have went to several other doctors and they usually rush me out of the office when they discover I have already had surgery and two of them “advised me” to find another doctor. If I was seeing a urologist they tell me to go see a GYN or go back to the surgeon that operated on me the first time. This is why I jumped in immediately to help this woman. I know EXACTLY what they did to her because it happened to me. I am a military vet and now using two urologist that I have no faith in. One over dosed me on antibiotics by leaving me on them for 3 years which gave me C-Diff. My implanting doctor told me I may have to be on a low dose antibiotic for the rest of my life. I was stunned and refused. That is when I started taking marshmallow root. This same one told me to drink baking soda mixed with water when I have UTI symptoms. That made me puke and it didn’t help with the UTI symptoms at all. The other urologist says I should have my urethrae stretched and the bladder sling loosened. Let them stretch it because it is not meant to be stretched and it will curl in at the sides and will cause mesh erosion. The other alternative is they cut it in the center and then you have even more complications to worry about. That happened to me 9 weeks after the implant. This will only have me urinating on myself from what I can figure. I believe the bladder tuck did not work and I need it redone or a full hysterectomy. I am at my wits end with tons of doctor bills and waiting for the next infection. I get them about every other month now. The doctors don’t want to touch me because they are worried they will be blamed and sued for the mistakes the first surgeon made. I don’t want to sue anyone, I just want to get better.

I honestly can’t live like this much longer. Is there anyone out there with advice? I am desperate. The doctors won’t listen to me and I have worked around doctors for 30 years and I know some of the things they do to patience they want to stop coming to them. I don’t trust the 2 urologist that the Veteran’s Hospital is having me use. Their idea of stretching my urethra and loosening the bladder sling makes no sense at all. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly love to hear from you. I am glad she did none of this even though she is very desperate. I know far too many women who have been tortured in this way.

When I read her comment it took me back to 2013 when I was desperate to find a Urologist in my area to help me. Just like she said, no one would and even my personal doctor tried to find one and the answer was “No”.

What she also said about C-Diff is very true and if you get into this situation you need to find out exactly what was put into you and make arrangement to travel far from home to have it removed. It is tough to do this but sometime we have to face the fact that this is our life and to not do something means we may die. YOU DESERVE TO LIVE.

We spoke on the phone and I then emailed her a link because she had no idea what was in her. This link will tell you how to get the most important part of your records to find the name and number of the implant and don’t waste time asking any doctor. You can read this here

I told her over the phone that she should take Marshmallow Root to help her while she has retention. She said she had some but didn’t see any difference when she took it. So I am going to give you EXACTLY what I took and still take now. It will say on the bottle take one a day but she is in grave danger for kidney stones and needs to take more.

My daughter purchases the marshmallow root from Swanson vitamins which is very reasonable. You can see this product here and in case the link stops working, it is 500 mg per capsule and there are 90 capsules for $4.49. I still take it to this day because my bladder is half the size it should be and I need to protect myself from constant infections. So I take 2 capsules, 3 times a day and can take it on an empty stomach. So I keep a bottle beside my bed and take 2 before I go to sleep. I take 2 as soon as I get up and 2 more during the day. The bottle says take one a day but the great thing about this herb is that there seems to be no side effects and it stopped all the infections I was having before removal. However, I stopped taking it 2 weeks before removal surgery and wound up with a terrible infection before I had the surgery and they had to give me antibiotic to clear it up.

The reason you need to do something is because retention can cause damage to your kidneys and kidney stones. You can read this to learn more

So how do you know how much urine your bladder is retaining? You have to do the work to find out and then you know exactly what damage is being done to you. There are 2 blogs you need to read to learn and take action.

I want you to know I did come out of this and even though I have a damaged bladder I am doing okay. I will help this woman and as I learn more I hope to share with you. It is truly awful to know a woman who has served our country is left like this and she feels hopeless.

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