Coloplast Catastrophe Part 2

Dr. James Browning

Part one about this company was very long and I spent many hours hunting and researching before I finished it. This is part one and I hope if you missed it, you will read it first.

After I rested on the couch and played with the dogs for a bit, I knew I needed to search for a photo of Dr. Browning. I am determined to put a face to the people who invent and market these implants because they cannot hide behind a company name.

While writing the blog Coloplast Catastrophe part one, I hunted for a photo of Dr. Browning and could not find one, but determined as ever, I decided to keep looking.   Now read on and learn how he made big bucks.

Scottish medical technology company Mpathy Medical has been sold to a Danish firm in a £22m deal. 22 million pounds is a lot of money that could be used to repair women who don’t have enough money to take time out of their lives for all the surgeries they have to endure after these implants.

The Glasgow-based company was bought by medical health care product manufacturer, Coloplast. Mpathy specialises in developing less invasive surgical solutions for restoring women’s pelvic health. Joint Mpathy investors Scottish Enterprise and business angel syndicate Archangels expect to receive more than double their investment.

Archangel investors, who put in almost £5.6m to Mpathy and its sister company Gyneideas – which was sold as part of the deal – should receive about £11.8m from the sale. Yeah, everyone is very happy EXCEPT the people who are suffering because of his invention.

Scottish Enterprise, which was a joint investor through the Scottish Co-investment Fund, should get about £4.2m for its original £2m investment. Great return for leaving human beings in terrible shape.

Coloplast’s acquisition of Mpathy, which has North American headquarters in Raynham, Massachusetts, will give the Danish multi-national an increased presence in the multi-billion dollar international female pelvic floor specialties market.

Mpathy’s medical devices are constructed using light mesh technology which was developed to minimize complications following surgery. Do you feel your body has minimal complications after this was put in you?

‘Important milestone’

The company was founded in 2003 by Dr James Browning, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Dr Browning said: “I’m very proud of Mpathy’s accomplishments and look forward to improving outcomes for women as part of Coloplast.”

Archangels, which first invested in Mpathy in 2004, is one of Scotland’s biggest investors in life sciences and has led funding totaling £80m to the sector over the past 18 years.

David Grahame, director at Linc Scotland, the national association for business angels, said it was an “important milestone” for angel investment.

“It reinforces Scotland’s reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation and is a real success story for the Scottish Co-investment Fund,” he said.

I was curious about the other company Gyneideas so I Googled them. It seems they also have mesh slings and women need to know all about them. Here is the request to the FDA in the U.S.


Other 510(k) Applications for this Company
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Other 510(k) Applications for this Contact
Regulation Number


Be sure you click on the link for ‘Other 501 (k) Applications for the company’ you will see all the other slings they wanted on the market. Yes, they are big into hurting women, in fact they have been requesting applications with the FDA since 2003. Now I wonder which hospitals are putting these in women or perhaps they have not come up with enough of an insensitive to get them in. You have to have big bucks to pay everyone off in this country. So I kept digging and found the following link and you can click on the ‘summery’ to learn more about their implant.

I saw that they market mesh for hernias too and I found their financial information and details of where this company is.

Gyne Ideas Ltd

Company Profile Information

$10 mil. – $25 Revenue 50 – 100Employees
Contact people at this company
6.05 Kelvin Campus , West Of Scotland Science Park ,GlasgowGlasgowG20 0SP.United Kingdom

+44 141 945 4653+44 141 945 5291Fax

And yes he is very busy patenting mesh implants. Check this out from 2008.

Well by now you should know me and I kept digging. Guess what? He knows where the BIG BUCKS are.

James Browning

Dr Browning enjoys working at the interface of surgical practice and the medical device industry, particularly in the small company start-up arena through to exit.

He is by background a surgical gynecologist with a particular interest in female incontinence and pelvic floor reconstruction He was a Staff Specialist in National Women’s Hospital,Auckland, New Zealand and a Consultant Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol, UK. He has his foot in many doors, so this may be of interest to women in New Zealand.

His transition into industry occurred when he became Research and Development Director for Ethicon Ltd. where he went on to run the Gynecare and Mitek businesses in the UK. Yep! He is responsible for all the women in the U.K injured by Gynecare. Now I know how he got them into hospitals.

Dr Browning founded Gyne Ideas Ltd and Mpathy Medical Devices Ltd. both women’s health implantable device companies in Scotland, and established successful US sales before they were then sold to Coloplast of Denmark in October 2010. This has subsequently been recognized as the Scottish Business Insider Small/Medium Enterprise Deal of the Year 2010.

He is also Chairman of Ocutec Ltd. and lives with his family in Glasgow. I had to know what Octutec was all about and I am sure you do too.

His passions outside of business are live performing arts, squash, skiing, and supporting Everton FC and Glasgow Warriors RFC. Nice for him he can do all these things and the women he has injured cant’!

I thought about how hard the Scottish women have been fighting to try to get mesh removed from the market and stop these surgeries in their country. So I know I had to write this second blog to share with this information with them. Then I found this.

(October 29, 2010)

HUMLEBAEK, Denmark and MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 29, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Coloplast announced today that it has acquired Mpathy Medical, a fast growing company in women’s health, for a total cash consideration of USD 30m equal to DKK162m, potentially increasing to a total of USD 35m equal to DKK 189m on a cash and debt free basis. The acquisition expands the Coloplast female health portfolio of innovative product technologiestt and surgical solutions for female stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Coloplast Acquires Mpathy Medical and Strengthens the Company’s Position Within Female Pelvic Health

Mpathy Medical gives Coloplast the lightest weight mesh technologies in the world, less invasive pelvic restoration procedures, and an increased presence in the U.S. female pelvic health specialties market.

The Mpathy Medical aquisition is important in Coloplast’s strategy to build a strong market presence within the highly competitive USD 500m, US and EU female pelvic health specialties market. The acquisition positions Coloplast for technology leadership and accelerated growth.

I am very happy to announce this mutually beneficial acquisition,” said Dave Amerson, Global Vice President, Coloplast Surgical Urology. “The acquisition of Mpathy will strengthen our presence in the female pelvic health market and raise the standard for innovation and patient outcomes in this market worldwide. We will leverage the strengths and best practices of both companies, which will give our customers access to an even stronger product portfolio and innovative solutions for restoring female pelvic health.”

So who is this vice president and what is his background?

David Amerson , MBA

Business Development
NeoTract, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA

Dave joined NeoTract in July 2011 as President and CEO. He brings over 25 years of management experience in the medical device field with an emphasis in urology. Most recently, Dave served as Global Vice President, General Manager for the Coloplast Surgical Urology division and was Chairman of the Surgical Urology Leadership Team. In these roles, he was responsible for Sales, Marketing, Quality/Regulatory, R&D, Clinical Studies, Manufacturing and Legal. In 2006, Dave was the point person for the divestiture of Mentor’s urology business unit that was acquired by Coloplast Corporation for $463M. Post-acquisition, Dave led the Global Surgical Urology division at Coloplast to achieve double digit sales growth and launch several innovative new products. Dave began his career at Osbon Medical Systems where he built a successful sales and marketing team that achieved aggressive sales growth. Osbon Medical was acquired by Urohealth Systems, Inc. in 1995 for $44M. Dave is a former board member of the Urology Society of America, the American Lithotripsy Society and EMKinetics. Dave holds an M.B.A. from Argosy University and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of West Georgia.

I know you want to see what he looks like and here is his photo.

This is where you can send him your story and tell him what your life is like after the implant.

Contact Information 4473 Willow Road #100 Pleasanton, CA 94588

The Scottish women have gone to parliament to fight against what is happening to women. I doubt if they have any idea what Dr. Browning’s invents and they need to know who is on their doorstep, snapping up a lot of money hurting new women. You can read about their fight here

Ladies of the U.K I hope you have enough information to take to your governments and you PICKET this Scottish company right on their doorstep. They need to know what they have done to the women of the world.

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  1. JKA

    I have suffered severe, permanent injuries due to a Coloplast TOT (transobturator) bladder sling implanted 8 yrs ago. Beware ladies, they are still implanting it.. but they will likely tell you ‘this is a new type’ of mesh and it is ‘different’ than the type used involving the 2011 lawsuits. It IS the same mesh. My American doctor told me Coloplast brand was the ‘safest on the market’ and that he had personally gone to Denmark to observe how they were made. He also claimed he was involved in assisting with ‘tweaking’ them for a ‘safer’ product. This surgeon has since left his practice so he doesn’t have to face the thousands of women he helped to injure. Yet he cannot be sued.


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