Mesh Danger

This is for every woman who is still not aware of the dangers to her future.

Six years ago I went to a doctor for a prolapse. I did not understand anything about these issues and I believed going to a specialist was the best way to find out. I was a very active and busy person who was working on a new future after becoming a widow six years earlier. I had everything to look forward to and was actively working on my life.

When I walked into that doctors office I did not know my life was about to change drastically and for the worse. Now I am disabled and the future I once worked on is gone. Now I spend a great deal of time trying to help women just like me and trying to warn women of what can happen when you undergo what you will be told is a simple little surgery.

Before you continue reading this blog, please read my story here

I wish I could tell you my story is rare, but it isn’t. I wish I could tell you I was able to pick up where I left off, after having the mesh sling removed, but I can’t. To this day I need a walking stick to get around and some days are still bad with leg pain. But I can tell you this. Every woman is in grave danger of becoming like me.

You remember those TV ads about mesh that hit the air waves in full force 2011 and continued for a couple of years? They have all stopped and you probably have not noticed. That is the way this works. The FDA put out a warning about these implant products in July 2011 and the air waves lit up with ads by lawyers to find more women like me. It worked. However there has been so much happened that you as a non-injured woman may not know. Corruption is everywhere and the continued use of these products have not slowed down even though 80.000 women filed suit. Women contact me continuously because over a long period of time, their health has declined. You can read about the corruption here

My story is not every woman’s story. Many women have had no trouble with their mesh implant for many years, even for as much as ten years after implant. But then they feel pain, have auto immune issues and many things happen that they had no clue could happen to their bodies because of their implants. They often go down a long road of surgeries for back or hip problems which actually stem from their implant but they had no idea. I cannot list all the complications from these implants because they are vast and varied and very individual. You just have to read their stories as many women stories wrote for me to share. Here is one written by a man who watched his wife go through this foe MANY years and she is disabled

But today I want to share with you something VERY IMPORTANT. The currant mesh lawsuits have not even been settled and it is as if it never happened to us as far as the mesh manufacturers are concerned. How do I know?

I was given some paperwork that was delivered to a doctor’s office by a drug rep. We’ve all seen them while we sit and wait for our appointment. Men or women, smartly dressed usually pulling along a suitcase full of drug samples which they hand over to your doctor. This is grass roots marketing at its very best. But before I continue I want you to know it is not only drugs they are pushing. They are pushing what can be the most serious threat to your health and to everything you hold dear. Your career that you went to school for and spent thousands and still have to pay off your government loan. Your partnership. I know many women whose husband left them at the worse time of their lives because they can no longer be a partner in sex.

Women whose grown children have turned their backs on them because they can’t see on the outside what the mesh implant is doing on the inside of their loved ones body and the doctors tell them there is nothing wrong with them. Women lose everything and then have no one to help them through a time that can be far worse than going through cancer. Yes far worse when it comes to pain and there is no treatment other than to find someone who can removed it safely. If you think that is easy, you are wrong. I had to travel to UCLA for a safe removal and so do many women who do not want many partial removals.

So how do I know none of this has had any affect as how the IMPLANT MANUFACTURERS are continuing business as usual and ignoring all the damage done to women’s bodies? Here is proof. The following letter was dropped off at a doctor’s office when the doctor was not available. Please pay close attention to the date. February 29th 2016. Yes, just last month.

Unless you have been injured by one of these products, you won’t have a clue who Astora or Endo is. But I can tell you. They are no longer in business as of the end of this month as pointed out in this part of the letter, but the company who bought out part of their business, Boston Scientific is now in the forefront of stepping in to take their business and that business can cause serious damage to a large percentage of women. Boston Scientific, the very company who made my implant and has been ‘sued and lost’ by other women injured by their products. To help you understand who Endo is please read this blog

This is the second part of the Boston Scientific’s letter dropped off at what could be YOUR doctor’s office. There is a comparison of implants that the discontinuing manufacturer made compared to the ones Boston Scientific continues to make and sell, regardless of the current lawsuits STILL GOING ON.

Please be sure to read the blog about my story because I listed all these implants because they are part of the current lawsuits.

Please note; Boston Scientific did not buy out the women’s part of Endo because it was riddled with debt from all the lawsuits and they already had a highly profitable women’s urology department. I also want you to know that even though in current lawsuits, these slings have been found by a JURY to be defective, they are ON THIS LIST. Mine is right there, Advantage fit.

After the next part of this letter, I am going to give you a link to a video so that you can see for yourself how this sling was put into my body in March 2010 and I had no idea what was being implanted.

Important point in this part of the letter for you to note “We are the #1 manufacturer in the pelvic floor space.”

How does a giant pharmaceutical company grow even larger? By smart, door to door take over campaigns like this. If you go to your doctor for a hysterectomy, prolapse or you have incontinence, be warned. YOU ARE IN GRAVE DANGER! If your doctor says he/she does not use these products, and they use only NEWER products, be warned. They are all the same and doctors constantly lie. The manufacturers just keep coming up with new names and new patents to fool YOU the UNSUSPECTING woman. They also training doctors to use alternative names instead of the word mesh. You can read this blog to know EXACTLY what I am talking about and you will also read the dangers of these products that your doctor WON’T tell you. Here is the truth

If you dismiss this blog thinking you will be able to sue and get recovery for all your financial and personal losses, forget it. I can tell you that there is a pattern in these lawsuits. Regardless of how bad things are for you, you will NOT be financially compensated. The lawyers are settled with these manufactures that gives them cart Blanche to continue down the same road that they have been on for several years. The current lawsuits are not the first of their kind and these won’t be the last. Once you realize you have health issues, it can take up to 7/8 years to receive any compensation and then the bottom line is you will only receive around 25% of the original offer IF YOU ARE LUCKY.

The lawyers are settling our cases for an average of $40.000 per woman who files a lawsuit. However, then the money is doled out in a matrix system. It is pitiful where badly injured women will wind up receiving very little money for the future care they need. Read this blog to understand that I am telling you the truth. It states the payout is $119 million to be divided up between 2970 women. You do the math. You should also understand that that there are other manufacturers and all are being sued because of these implants.

Now for a video I beg you to watch so that you see how my type sling was implanted. Note there is no camera so see where the doctor is pushing this huge needle with mesh attached in a woman’s body where there is tremendous risk to her nerves and muscles. Here is that video

You should also read this blog to understand how easy it is to wind up with permanent nerve damage

Please, please do your own research and learn before you have any surgery. I can only write and share, but the rest is up to you.


  1. Mary blanks

    The monarch sling is the one that completely disabled me . I have had the removal 4 years ago but so much damage was done to my body I don’t know what the outcome will be!

  2. Karen Richardson

    is there any where in Canada that removes the sling safely? I have started about 2 months ago having bad pain with stones and been sent for ultrasound and exray after another. I cannot go to the states. Been told in the hospital it is in my head, the pain is getting worse. One question I have is can the mesh let stones pass or not.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Many women in Canada travel to the US because they cannot find a doctor who can remove it all. Read ‘tributes to Dr. Raz’ on Facebook because a Canadian woman just posted there.

  3. Pat Pat

    Hi Linda
    Can i email you privately please


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