Endo Stocks Down

Because there are thousands of women who read this blog and are not on Facebook, I decided to share something very important with you.

This morning there is something to celebrate if you were injured by AMS products. Your lawyers settled for a pittance and the seriously injured women are the ones who will lose by this. AMS then sold out the women’s health section to Endo because they no longer wanted to lose money. I don’t cuss much but I have some very bad thoughts about them going through my head right now which I won’t put down on paper. Of course if your injuries were bad, then you will also have those thoughts.

Yesterday a news article hit the Internet and this morning I shared it on Facebook Mesh Angels. I wanted to yell a cheer, because when women speak out, everything changes. You may not be compensated properly but YOUR VOICE COUNTS. We can stop thousands more women from being injured and Endo (AMS) is just ONE company. The rest needs to close this down!

I struggle personally every day because of a mesh implant by Boston Scientific and I have refused to stay quiet. I do not want any other woman becoming disabled by these products and both Mesh manufacturers and doctors need to accept responsibility for ruining women’s lives both physically and financially. Not just ours but our families lives too. The burden is with the whole family to try to help a woman through this and many lose their homes.

Here is a paragraph from this story.

The company’s stock closed down 21 percent to $41.81 per share Monday.

In August, Endo said it had set aide $1.53 billion for potential litigation and settlement costs, and the company said Monday it took an additional $834 million pre-tax charge during the fourth quarter related to vaginal mesh cases.

What a shame…… If these people listened to women’s stories and learned how bad it gets, they would get it. But they don’t!

The hospital theatres all over the world have stocks of their products and the potential for damage permanently to women is HUGE! They have no right to injure us and no-one is doing anything about it. It is time to take notice of what is happening to women before it is too late! Time for both manufacturers to admit they have done wrong and remove them from the market.

Ladies, do NOT think these manufacturers lost money. They are making tons of money with other products but they don’t like losses. Please, please keep sharing your testimonies through Facebook and let’s change what is happening to women. We are thousands strong and we CAN stop this. Here is the full article

Now let’s ALL celebrate these important changes for women. Please share this with every woman you know.

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