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Since the news broke that J & J have settled their first set of cases for mesh injuries, it will open up a door for those who seek to take advantage of women in a bad situation. These lawsuits filed at all the mesh manufacturers have been the largest lawsuits in a long time and of course that can be bad for the victims.

I do not want women to become paranoid and stop living their normal lives, but living your life means living it with commons sense. Just like your mother taught you, don’t open the door to trouble. So the best way to handle your life right now is to be aware and not answer the phone if there are any suspicions. Let whoever is calling leave you a message and if you believe it to be a legitimate call, there should be a particular person’s name left on the message that you need to call back. Remember lawyer’s offices are business offices and they will leave proper instructions. If you feel any unease, let them call again and decide if this is a proper call or a scam.

Any proper offer you receive will be in writing and mailed to you. It should be from your lawyer’s office and not something odd or peculiar that came from a weird place. If you get an odd phone call making any statement of offer you will be wise to ignore it and state they should send it to you in writing before you will consider it. You should also remember that accepting an offer is voluntary on your behalf and no one should coerce or bully you into taking it, either lawyer or family member. You should feel comfortable with the offer and understand that all expenses will come out of your share and not the lawyers, so there is a bottom line after expenses, insurance company’s liens, Medicare or Medicaid liens and possibly other medical expense. You will also be charged for all expenses that the lawyer incurs and you should know exactly what they are before you accept, in writing so you know exactly what your bottom line will be. Think of this as a business or an expense of your home and therefore you need to know how much you are paying for this service. Yes your lawyer has offered you a service and before you sign you should know exactly what it will cost you. After all expenses, your bottom line may run as low as 25% to 30% of the original offer.

You may have waited years for an offer so receiving it in the mail may shock you that it is not what you expected and the best thing you can do is sleep on it for a few days. Don’t call your lawyer screaming or do anything rash. You need to get over the shock and be calm and collected if you decide to speak over the phone. You can also email how you feel but whatever you write, leave it alone for a day and then take a look again before you send it. Sending a long drawn out email won’t give you the results you need or want. Short and to the point is the best way and make sure your spelling is correct. If you use a phone to email, your words often don’t make sense with auto correct so take time to correct any errors.

I cannot tell you what to do when it comes to accepting the offer nor do I have any desire to do so. This is YOUR life and YOUR future and you should take the time to think about it. However, the more research you do and the more you read to understand about all kinds of cases in the past, you will become better informed. Everything in life is an education and this one is no different. If you don’t want to deal with it yourself then expect someone else will not have your best interests at heart and don’t complain after the fact. It is your life, your choice.

Please do be aware that Facebook is another place for scams. If you receive weird friend requests or repeat requests from friends you already have, send the requester a note and ask why they are friending you. It happened to me once again just yesterday and I asked and received no reply. This goes on all the time. Don’t accept the friend request and then ask. Ask first.

You should not live your life in a bubble or be afraid of the bogeyman. Mesh has already taken away enough of your life and you should enjoy every day you can. But always use common sense. Protect yourself by not listening to phone calls that are suspicious. If someone promises you money or free help to fill out paperwork, remember there is nothing in life that is free. There are people who are very good phone sales people and can persuade anyone with their bullshit. So the best way is to not listen in the first place.

Scams come in all forms so be aware that scumbags will do anything to get your cooperation and your money. Nothing surprises me anymore and I hope you understand that and will protect yourself during this difficult time. You hold the key to your future. You have to decide if you will or won’t except the offer and no one has a right to badger or bully you into doing so. Fear is your biggest enemy so don’t get trapped in fear. Think logically and stay calm. The lawyers have a quota they must fill to finish settling these cases. I hope none will badger women but if they do you can report them to State bar where they practice. Let’s hope none of this will happen.

I am suspicious of anything that comes through Facebook these days, but I did share the following press release. Before I shared it I did research Teresa Deppner and she did come up. There isn’t much else I can do except hope this is not a hoax. So don’t just share something. Think before you do and if it sounds too good to be true it is.

If you still have not done any research you may want to read this

Always think first and stay calm before you act. I wish you well.

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