Lotteries Liars & Lawsuits

I want all you injured ladies to ask yourself these questions. How many people do you know who actually won the Lottery? How many people have you believed to be honest and then you were devastated when you found out that all they did is lie to you? Last question. Do you believe your tort lawsuit will bring you enough money to go and get removal surgery and all the subsequent surgeries you will need to fix your body once it’s out and pay all expenses? Granted there are women who are not badly injured and only need one removal and no repair surgeries, but many others will need more than one surgery.

If you answered none to the first question, one or more times to the second and no to the third, then honestly you are ready to handle your life and do all you can for your future without thinking life is a fairy tale. The truth is we can’t live in a fairy tale world or we will continue to be taken advantage of and we can never help ourselves when we find ourselves in a bad situation. Believe me mesh complications IS a BAD situation.

To be honest I never buy lottery tickets because I think it is a waste of money and the chance of winning so small, that you may as well throw the dollar bills out of your car window and keep driving. But that’s me. I live in a world of reality and I know life is tough. I grew up after World War 2 in England and I was taught well that money doesn’t grow on trees and no one is going to give you any money just because things are bad for you. As a child I was also taught that when the going gets tough, you had better get up and get tougher if you are going to make it through life’s bad times.

Even though my daughter is an only child, I also taught her that money doesn’t grow on trees and she was only going to make money if she was ready to work for it. I believe that was the greatest lesson about life that I could have taught her and I am glad I did. She totally understands what the fruits of her labor mean and she is as hard a worker just as her Dad and I were all of our lives.

So let’s say you definitely aren’t going to win a lottery and be done with it. What do you think a tort lawsuit is? Have you researched and studied as many lawsuit cases you can find through Google? Not just mesh lawsuits, because you are not going to find buckets of them anywhere. But you will find so many cases to do with just about anything to do with lawsuits when you begin to read. Or do you sit back and let someone else tell you what is going on and then moan about it?

Do you follow every court case since these mesh suit trials began and you get excited when you read of a big win for a mesh injured woman? Do you believe that some day when your case is settled that that will be you? If so you are in for a very rude awakening if you have laid in your bed waiting for your big win to get the mesh out. Sorry but it is true.

I am on my sixth year of writing this blog, since my mesh implant surgery on March 9th 2010. I knew absolutely nothing about what was in my body nor about lawsuits of any kind. Frankly I never dreamed I would wind up in a lawsuit at any time in my life and I could have done nicely without knowing about them. But sadly my ignorance has not lasted.

I was also ignorant of what I would go through when I began my ‘little’ blog telling of the pain I was going through, hoping someone else would see it and tell me I was not alone. That did happen in a gigantic way which was shocking at first, but now I am not shocked by anything to do with the medical industry, prescription drugs, health after mesh in the body, mesh types and lawsuits. I am now truly educated by women’s stories and by researching and reading and I am no longer ignorant. It has been both a good and a bad lesson in my life. Good because of the good women I met but bad for the rest of it.

Now here’s the bad news. Like it or not Tort lawsuits are NOT big win lotteries. After reading tons of stuff all over the Internet I now know that sadly there will be nothing for my future or yours or much compensation for all I have gone through. I also know that the lawyers will do well and I won’t.

Let me ask you another question. How many times do you call your lawyer, or have called him/her over the course of time since you signed up? Did you think that every call you made would be billed back to you when it comes time to settle? If you never gave it a thought and you have been calling constantly, then sadly you will be in for yet another rude awakening. Once you get that bill after settling, think about it. Were any of those calls you made really helpful? Chances are they weren’t far more than they were.

If you are now at the beginning of the road that I have been on for six years, do you think a lawsuit will bring in the money you need within a couple of years? Hate to break it to you but it could take as much as eight years before your lawsuit completion and who knows maybe more. So you have to make it through that time like it or not. You have to figure a way to find the money without thinking it will just happen if you pray enough.

God may listen to you when you pray but He cannot help you find money. It is not HIS job, it’s yours! I never once asked my daughter to find a doctor, make an appointment or make other decisions that affects my own health. I had to ask her to take me to appointments and go with me for surgeries because mesh has disabled my body and I can no longer drive. Although she does all of it, I truly hate being dependent on her or anyone else.

Even when I was going through bad times I lay in my bed and called around myself to find someone to help me get the help I needed. She could not do it for me because she wasn’t in my body and did not know where I hurt. Whatever I could do for myself I did. If doing something was going to cause more problems than it helped, I left it alone. This includes picking things up or doing things that can cause me even more prolapse or pain than I have now, or cause my daughter more stress trying to help me fix it.

My blog gave me access to hundreds of women who were suffering from their mesh implants. So I listened to many, many women, learned their stories and what they did to help themselves. My daughter also researched to help me find supplements that could ease pain and get me out of bed. Then as I learned the difference it made for me, I wrote blogs and shared that information.

I also shared many blogs here that can help you travel far from home and save money while you have your surgery and gave you links to learn even more. While out at UCLA I researched while on location and wrote blogs to share what I found out. Those are all here throughout this blog.

What I did not know and there was no way for me to learn without writing this blog is that there are those who want to make money from my pain and yours and they will LIE to me to get access to all the women I know. That was the hardest lesson of all and honestly I could have done without that lesson as much as my mesh implant lesson. I also learned that there are those who set themselves up on a website so that they can contact women like me and become my buddy so that they have access to YOU!

You may not know this if you are new to mesh, that I do not read all the crap Jane Akre writes on her website Mesh Medical News Desk. I also know she was set up and works for lawyers and in fact she makes a very good living from writing about these trials and actually hurts far more than she helps. If you believe that you will come out with a good amount of money once your case is settled, because you follow her writing, then this is what I mean by hurts more than helps.

Jane Akre and Aaron Horton (given the title to herself Mesh Warrior) are not injured. They cannot imagine how you suffer and need money to get treatment because they have not struggled through this. But what they do is find new clients for the lawyers they work for. Is it a good idea to buy into their hype and use a lawyer or doctor they recommend? They are paid a substantial amount every month to push the people the write about or have on their sites and they may not be the best people for you to turn to.

If you don’t know the full story of me and Horton you won’t know that she lied to me and my daughter when she came to our home. She came here to use me to get to injured women and she did so with Akre’s full approval. In fact Akre mentored Horton, promoted her and is on Horton’s so called non-profit. Government nonprofits are listed and you should be able to find them on the Internet. There are two kinds, State and Federal level. You first have to become registered with the State before you go Federal. Both cost money, but the cheapest way is State and you are not required to go Federal unless you choose to. We only went State for Mesh Angels and we have shared that information on this blog. We also provided a year end statement. State nonprofit only cost my daughter $25 and she sold things to do it. We were given a small amount of money by other injured women and my daughter sold things and added it to the pot to begin sending out gifts of love and caring to those who suffer. We can’t do huge amounts because money is tight, but what we do makes a huge amount of difference in the lives of women of suffer from their mesh injuries and while going through surgeries.

Recently my daughter suggested to a few women that needed money to ask Aaron Horton what she does with the money she gets. Well that seems to have pissed her off a great deal and she and her answer was, her husband takes care of the money. That gave us a huge laugh because that is quite frankly Bullshit. Even if he did, they have to give the government an end of your statement just as my daughter did and she has full access. My daughter wanting to be above suspicion and completely honest, posted our year end statement here on the top of this blog under Mesh Alliance. There are drop down links and you can learn everything we do.

My daughter set up a Mesh Angels page on Facebook so that I could share my blog links and try to help those who don’t know where to turn, to get the help they need. There is NO money through Mesh Angels. I don’t advise any women which lawyer to choose and I don’t work for lawyers. It’s a fact that don’t sell women out!

Facebook is a huge money maker for their corporation. However it is a giant website and you have to search just as you search though Google. But for a PRICE Facebook will offer to help you find others and get you more ‘Likes’ for your page. To give you an example, if you pay $5 ONE time to boost something from your page so that it goes through to other people, there is no guarantee anyone will click like and Facebook states that on average you may get as many as four likes from that one boost. More money you spend, more chance. Frankly it is bullshit and not much better than winning the lottery.

I don’t buy LIKES! I would rather put that $5 in to send a woman something that helps them feel like someone truly cares about their situation. I don’t use women’s pain to gain money for myself. I don’t make money from this blog. I don’t send women to lawyers or loan companies. I care because I too am injured and I do not take advantage of your painful situation.

My daughter owns her own website aptly names She is a different kind of writer than I am but she is also about telling the truth and exposing all the crap that goes on by those who want to make money from our awful situation. She just wrote a blog and posted it that you may find interesting. It is about Aaron Horton. Here it is

If you wish to learn the truth about the people who make money from your suffering here are a few blogs you can catch up on.

So stop believing in fairy tales. Stop looking forward to a big lottery win in the form of your tort lawsuit. Help yourself and keep working on your future. If you don’t know one else will.



  1. Debbie gore

    As my husband always says , evil is everywhere. I am a mesh , ‘victim’. I cannot fathom anyone doing anything just for personal gain from others pain. I too share in hopes to help even if in some minute way, another from experiencing the suffering I have been through. God bless and what goes around comes around , as I believe in karma. Sometimes that doesn’t happen as soon as we would like!

  2. can't tie my own shoes

    Thank you Linda for all you do for so many! I know that had I not listened to my gut instinct and read your blogs about all that goes on regarding mesh, I too would be waiting to win a lottery I didn’t even buy a ticket for! I am so sorry for all of us that have had to deal with being injured in anyway by mesh being implanted in our bodies. Mesh knows no boundaries it rains on the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the rich and the poor. Yet with all our differences it still eats at our bodies just the same. I am totally not planning where I will be and how much my fortune sitting in the bank will be. Trust me I haven’t opened a new account to transfer it all into for sure!! So many women need so much in the way of help and the companies do not care all! It is heartbreaking but we each have to do everything we can possibly do to help ourselves first! We have to be first in our world or get left behind. I haven’t even been able to read each and every blog that you have written, but I actually do find comfort in knowing just about any questions I come up with I can usually find it in one if the blogs. This is all so tragic for so many reasons and so many ways, however , while I know you don’t do the blogs and talk to women for fame and glory, there will never be enough “thank you’s” in a hundred years. But I have to say again thank you for your devotion and compassion. Not just anyone can take these types of things on and see it through! All I know is you have stayed the course and have become the most influential woman in my life! And I am sure many more than you could possibly imagine! These words sometimes seem to be a courtesy. But when I tell you thank you it is from the whole heart it say this. So, Linda thank you again! And I know you know I love you and appreciate it all…..and Kim! Lol

  3. Cheryll

    Thank you for your time ,I’ve fired 4 attorneys have sle lupus since 2006 and 13 joints replaced, last year a very new mesh madness.. Acquired Hemophelia factor vlll God bless us and keep us.. I have a 19 yo autistic son .. I lost my home ,my health ,my career

    1. Linda (Post author)

      I feel for you Cheryll and I hope you find answers soon.


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