A Valentine for Men

I woke up this morning thinking about all the men who contacted me to try to help the women in their lives and I thought it was time to honor them on this Valentine Day. I will never forget the conversations I had with a son who was afraid his mother was dying and he did not know what to do to stop it from happening. He had gone home for a visit and was shocked at the state she was in and immediately began searching on Google. Then he spent a day going back and forth with me learning how he could help her get well. Fortunately she did go to UCLA and had all her mesh removed.

I have had conversations with husbands when their wives asked me to speak to them to help them understand why it was important that they get all the mesh removed and where they could go to get it out. Grateful wives with good husbands who still remain together.

There are so many good men in women’s lives who deserve a huge hug and a giant thank you today and every day. Men who are quietly holding down the fort with young children while their young wives are very ill. Older men who stay by their wives’ sides and literally care for them every second of every day. Fathers who open up their wallets to help fund their daughters trip to UCLA. Husbands and sons who fly with their wives and mothers and who stand by her bed after removal surgery. Good men with deep hearts.

Long time men friends of women who do all they can to help these women through endless surgeries and after care. Men who never walk away from their women no matter how angry she is and her deep suffering with pain.

I say thank you to all of these men this morning and I want you to know I know what you do and how much you suffer while watching them go through this terrible ordeal.

This morning when I came through to my kitchen I was reminded that I too am very much loved. My husband died almost twelve years ago after many Happy Valentine Days together over thirty five years. Now our daughter lets me know how much she loves me and this little group of fairies was waiting to greet me this morning in my kitchen. They make me smile.

Ladies I hope you too are as grateful as I am to be alive on this day of love and even more grateful to have someone in my life who really loves me. I also hope you enjoy a day of love and less pain. Have a lovely Valentine Day 2016.


  1. Sharon

    So very grateful for my husband. Especially this last surgery in Oct.

  2. Josh

    I came across your site while trying to do some research as to whether my wife should accept the settlement she’s been offered. I noticed your post and thought this would be as good a place as any to post this, but ladies if you have mesh and are on the East Coast, I would recommend Dr. B. Boyd Clary to you in Richmond, VA. He is a wonderful man and an even better surgeon. I took my wife to Duke, Johns Hopkins, VCU Health, UVA Hospital etc. to see “leading experts” all of whom couldn’t help and had awful attitudes to boot. 4 and a half years after her initial surgery my wife is almost back to full strength, and there were many days that didn’t seem possible so keep the faith, you can get better too.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      I cannot tell you whether or not to accept your wife’s offer, but you should be aware that every surgery she has had concerning her mesh removals will have a lien on them by the Insurance, Medicare of Medicaid. In the end after all expenses including and additional 5% above the attorney fees, she will more than likely only wind up with 30% of the offer or under. Everything I have read points that direction. I do have a blog you need to read and I will come back and give it to you here.
      You should be aware that many women thought their mesh was completely removed but after 6 months to a year they began having more problems. The only test that will show if mesh is there is the translabial ultrasound done for mesh search. I do hope however your wife is one of the lucky ones.
      And this one. http://www.meshangels.com/wondering-about-your-case/


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