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Conflict of Interest

I wonder how many women who are injured by Covidien’s implant products know what has taken place one year ago this month. I also wonder how many of them have the Interstem implant to try to help their complications and have no idea why this is a HUGE conflict of interest.

Lately the Interstem implant has been brought to my attention by comments left on a blog I wrote a long time ago and by recent conversations I have had with women who could not live their lives because of their mesh implant complications, and in desperation, tried the implant to be able to live a more normal life. What I did not know until I spoke to them and then researched, is that Covidien sold their implants company to Medtronics in January 2015. What you may not realize is that although there are lawsuits against Covidien that acquisition means that all the Covidien mesh implants sitting in warehouses or on shelves in operating rooms of hospitals have now become a HUGE conflict of interest with Medtronics Interstem implant if the mesh causes complications in the woman. You may also not realize that if you do have complications from the mesh, you cannot sue Medtronics and vice versa. How did this acquisition happen?

I always wonder what the FDA is doing to allow things like this to happen. To allow a giant corporation to take over a company with a problematic product which has a lawsuit while selling another product that is being used in women who have medical injuries with said implant. Who is minding the store at the FDA? Don’t tell me no one knows what they sell.

Exactly when were negotiations going on between these two companies? Is this the reason why no woman’s case involving the Covidien mesh implant went to trial? Was it all hushed away as quickly as possible so that this acquisition could take place? Well, think of it this way. These giants believe that what the people don’t know won’t hurt them! They know that there is nothing we can do about any of this and they can get away with it and keep doing this to unsuspecting women. Women who will show up in a doctor’s office without any knowledge of what will be used in their bodies, once they arrive at the hospital the morning of their surgery.

There are unscrupulous lawyers out there who are telling women that the reason there is not a lot of money to give them for their years of suffering, is that these poor companies are about to go bankrupt. Bullshit! I have tried to point this out before, that every company has to have product liability insurance to be in business. Yes there are high premiums I am sure on mesh implant now because of the high volume of lawsuits. But this is where that insurance comes in. The insurance company HAS to pay out when something goes wrong. I am sure these insurance companies are doing everything to stop paying women at all or at least pay them a pittance for their injuries. But regardless of any company selling out to another, they HAVE to pay these settlements.

If you had/have a Covidien implant and you have considerable injuries, which may have required the Interstem implant to help you get out of bed each day, ask yourself why lawyers agreed to such a low settlement offer. They know full well how bad some of their clients have been injured and yet they took a low ball offer. Ask yourself who these lawyers are working for. You or themselves?

Did you know that if you have a problem in the future with the Interstem implant and you sign a lawsuit release, you will never be able to sue for damages?

Who is Medtronics? I called up the link for you to see that on the same page is Covidien products. Here is that link I would like to say when I saw a man’s photo on this page I felt sick. Does he even give a dam about women’s injuries? I doubt it.

So what can you do? Well if it is already done, NOTHING. But if you are a woman who thinks she has a female problem there is one thing you can do.

Stay away from obstetricians, gynecologists, uro-gynecologists and urologists. That’s my advice but I am sure you think I am crazy for saying this. So let me clarify a few things you CAN do. First make sure you really NEED the surgery. Then spend your money and go somewhere where they guarantee they will do your surgery without using mesh. Saying that, you should also know that doctors lie and they can do what they wish to you once you are out cold, so you will have to travel far from home to have the surgery. Don’t believe anyone. Make sure you get a pamphlet of any product that may be used in your body long before your surgery. Stand your ground and say “NO TO MESH”. They also now call it tape and I am sure they are getting very clever with their use of words to describe these products.

I also wonder where the press is in all of this is. Why aren’t they reporting this conflict of interest to make sure unsuspecting women don’t become part of it?

Please make sure all the women you know learn of this and help me try to stem the flow of these injuries. I can only do so much on my own.


  1. Regina Delph

    How can i find out what mesh product was used in my hysterectomy that i had done in 2003 2004 .

    1. Linda (Post author)
    2. Linda (Post author)

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