Mesh Laundering

This morning I was going to do some fun things after I answered women’s messages, but then when I read the latest article I decided to write to share with all the thousands of women who read this blog who won’t see this article roll through Facebook this morning.

There are times when being on Facebook has been annoying for me. Times when I have not enjoyed being on there. But it also serves a purpose to get the news out there, whether it be good or bad news. And it gets out there like lightening.

This article really brings it home to you what mesh is made from. RESIN. You know the plastic liquid that is made into all kinds of products including many of the things sitting in our own homes is also implanted in our bodies. Where is it made? How it is made, we rarely think about. We take these things for granted and go on with our lives. Until…..

On March 9th 2010, six years ago I was implanted with a product I knew nothing about. I was never handed a pamphlet even though I asked for one on the many visits to the doctor’s office after implantation. I was scared. I could not pee. It had been weeks and I was begging for help and acknowledgement from that doctor that something was very wrong. I never got it. Nine weeks later another surgery was performed which I thought was to remove the product. Then I got the shock of my life. It was not removed, it was only cut in the center and I was left with the terrible consequences.

The name of the mesh implant I found out later was Boston Scientific Advantage Fit. I got that information from my hospital records which I had to pay for. It was then that I began to research and found no answers. I knew I had to do something and began beating on my keyboard on nights when I could not sleep because of pain. Because of this blog I met hundreds of women and learned from them all of the side effects that these products have caused them. The immune disorders. The damage to their internal bodies and organs. The endless suffering and the end result of hundreds of disabled women who no longer leave their homes unless it is for a doctor’s appointment. Cancer after mesh is more common than you would think. Why…..

Lawyers are not taking these serious complications as part of the tort lawsuits. Manufacturers are getting away with murder and they are not accountable. It is high time they were. If lawyers won’t do it, we have to. We have to tell our stories so that this becomes reality, not something swept under the rug.

I have listened to women crying over the phone. I have met many when I went out to UCLA and I have cried with them. This journey began not just my journey but a joining of hands as we struggle through it together. When doctors do not acknowledge our pain, we turn to each other. Our families may love us but the problems are not attacking their bodies and they can’t help us. So when someone has gone through it and they understand what this is like, the tears flow.

When we walk into a medical establishment, we expect honesty. We think that the doctors are constantly educating themselves and are reading the latest warnings from the FDA. But most don’t or won’t. They continue to implant women by the thousands without learning what is happening to them after implant. Then they literally won’t see them once they say something is seriously wrong. They don’t want to know……….

I am going to give you the direct link so that you can read just how unscrupulous drug manufacturers are so that you can read it all but here is a little so that you know what is going on.

“After failing to convince the manufacturer, Phillips, to sell it any more Marlex, BSX made the fateful decision to smuggle counterfeit Marlex out of China,” according to the complaint.

The company then allegedly bought 34,000 pounds of polypropylene resin from a Chinese firm, EMAI Plastic Raw Material Co. of Guandong, projecting that it would be enough to last until 2032. The companies allegedly conspired to put counterfeit labels, including fake lot numbers, designed to look like Phillips markings, on the Boston Scientific product and then allegedly “overbagged” the shipments with blank labels to get them past Chinese and U.S. customs.

From June 2011 through the fall of 2012, the lawsuit alleged, the resin was sent to Belgium’s Luxilon Industries to be made into filament, which was then sent to Ireland for further processing by Proxy Biomedical. Finally, the allegedly counterfeit resin was shipped to Indiana for final mesh fabrication by Medventure, according to court documents.

“Interestingly, Boston Scientific appears to have approached this problem like a drug deal,” the lawsuit alleged, citing the alleged decision to split the 34,000 pounds into 5 separate shipments to different locations.

Will this change anything? I doubt it. Giant corporations get away with complicit murder all the time. They have the money and the lawyers to aid and abet. But we have a voice. We can share and stop the mutilation of women’s bodies by sharing what we know. Silence is NOT golden. There should be no Suffering in Silence. These words should never be bandied together.

Use your voice. Scream NO TO MESH. Don’t sit back and allow this to happen to thousand more men and women. Yes they also implant hernia mesh every day. We may not be able to change what happened to us, but we can change what will happen to the women of the future. I am doing my part, are you doing yours?

Here is the full article


  1. Overwhelmed

    I am so overwhelmed with the physical and emotional problems as a result of this, that I am having difficulty absorbing the legal end of this. I am thankful to you for doing the investigational work, but I’m sure there are others like me who can’t wade through the complicated legal information to figure out what to do. I wish someone would simplify the legal end of this. What is the bottom line? We shouldn’t expect anything?

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Overwhelmed, I have no idea what the final outcome will be for any woman but I do know by everything I have read, none of us will be properly compensated for all we have gone through, let alone financial. Read this blog.


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