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Last night Kim surprised me by designing this for our Mesh Angel Facebook page because this is the time of year when we think of those we love and make sure they know it on Valentine Day. I love it and it made me feel so good and I think it will have the same effect on other mesh injured women who are not on Facebook. It also made me think about how much I love her and appreciate all she is doing for me to share the love to other women. I know by the emails and the messages I get how they feel when they receive a special gift and know we understand what they are going through.

She just sent out another package to a woman who will have surgery this Friday at UCLA who enjoyed her own gift so much, she decided she wanted to give those special friends who will care for her children while she is away and let them know how much they are appreciated for all they have done to help her through this journey. The woman told me she would rather buy these gifts from us, rather than from Walmart or Target because she knows everything goes back into sending out gifts to other women. I appreciated her sentiment so much and I wrote a special poem for Kim to make thank you cards that she can give to HER Mesh Angels along with the gift.

Who are Mesh Angels? They are anyone man or woman who has had their lives adversely impacted by medical mesh. They are also the people who help us through a very difficult and painful time of our lives. They can be a partner, sister, mother, adult child or any relative. They can be special friends who have never walked away from someone going through this journey. When we want to scream out our frustrations, they allow us to. When we talk of what we go through they listen. A Mesh Angel can also be another mesh woman who has been such a rock as we travel this journey, often one who has been through it themselves and reaches out from afar to give us a hug when we most need it.

Mesh Angels are all around us and I for one am thankful for all of them. My biggest Mesh Angel is my daughter who not only has been here for me and still is, but has shared her talents to make other women smile. To make them feel loved and very special.

So between now and Valentine Day, try to send your special message to those who have walked beside you on this awful journey, both in person and from afar. Hand write a note and make or buy a simple inexpensive card and mail it. Reach out and touch their lives the way they have touched yours. It is not about spending money, it is about sharing Love. If you had or are having surgery and can’t get to the store, pick up the phone and say thank you to those who have been very special in your journey.

Love is free and we can share it with those who have been our very special angels. We can do this because we all deserve Love from Above.

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