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This morning my daughter Kim finished the year end bookkeeping for our non-profit Mesh Angels. A few days ago she also finished the same for Beaux’s Haven, our dog rescue and she posted for the public to see on our rescue site and a link to view it on Facebook. She did this to be completely transparent with both non-profits because neither are for us to bring in income. Both are a labor of love with most of the work done by Kim. I will give you the link to the statement after finishing this blog.

I wanted to write this blog to share with you that any money Kim put into Mesh Angels merchandise, she did it by selling things on line and I had no clue what her plan was until she earned enough to buy merchandise and file the non-profit with the State of Texas. She did not file Federal for this non-profit because that would have cost an additional $400 filing fee. She had already done both for Beaux’s Haven but decided to use any donations we received last year for Mesh Angels to put straight back into sending gifts out to women who are having surgeries.

It has been so SUCCESSFUL with women telling me they cried when they received their gifts because they knew how much we cared. This makes Kim and I feel so good and keeps us continuing on this journey. You should also know that Kim makes many of the items that go into these gifts and labor is free. At times she is so busy with a new sick dog or dealing with things that happen in our daily lives, that she gets behind on getting merchandise made. But then she stops everything to make more inventory.

When Kim gets down to work I often stop what I am doing and take a photo. Here she is adding mesh angel ribbon to readymade bags. She planned on making the bags but there just isn’t enough hours in the day, so bought them instead. This helps her get them out faster because if not she doesn’t have time to care for the dogs. Kim designed and had the ribbon made to order so that we have something unique we can share with the women that is just for them and those who help them get through their ordeal.

I have shared these photos with the few women who have donated to this cause, but I thought it was time to share them through this blog. She has designed two kinds of ribbon, Mesh Angels and Mesh Survivor. This is for women who are going through the ordeal of surgery and after removal. It would be wonderful if we are able to do this for women everywhere, including overseas, but it isn’t possible right now due to our limited funds. Sometimes you have to think sensibly to keep something going rather than to over extend and watch it all stop. We know most women with complications are spending a lot of money to have mesh removed. Flights, hotels, food and all the extra expense of leaving home for surgery costs so we never expect or ask others for donations. Those who donated have generously done so without any urge from us and we are most grateful that they believe in us and this project and trust us to do the right thing with the money.

In the past I sat making things to send something to women that I knew suffered so much and wondered how they would get through it. I made things because we too were financially strapped because of all the traveling we had to do for me to get it removed and have repairs done. But whenever I would ask Kim do we have some money to pay postage, she always sold something to cover it. Yes, she has a heart of gold.

About the Mesh Angels logo.

There are many times when it is hard for Kim to hear me tell all the stories of sadness and pain that women have gone through or are going through at present. She has also met many mesh women here in our State and when we traveled to UCLA. She has listened to them tell their stories and watched the tears roll down their faces. It is really tough to deal with on a daily basis and for her sometimes it is easier to deal with, if she keeps busy with the dogs. However she knows I am often on the phone either with a new woman or I am catching up with a woman I have known almost as long as I have been writing this blog. So when she decided to set up this program she calls the Mesh Alliance, she also designed the logo. I don’t think I have ever completely explained what this logo means. So now I will.

When Kim designed this logo it was because all the women were calling me their angel. They also told me how they felt about their bodies and I repeated those stories to Kim. They felt they were mutilated and no longer felt feminine. Mesh damage is internal but it causes mental anguish to women after they can no longer have sex. Sex is a normal part of our lives and this should never be taken away from women because of implant mesh. All types of mesh are doing this to women, not just one type, including all the new kinds that the manufacturers keep patenting. So Kim decided it had to have the body of a woman and wings that depicted mesh.

We can’t fix all the damage done to women’s bodies or to their psyche. All we can do is send them something to let them know we understand and care. But this program is also about saying thank you to the people who help you while you go away from home for your surgery. If you can afford it, buy a necklace for a special friend who takes care of your child or brings you food while you are laid up after surgery. I am in the process of writing a thank you poem that will be included if you mention it is a gift for someone like this when you pay through PayPal. Include their address if you want it sent direct to them. They will cry too as they open it.

No money goes to us. All profit from the few items we sell goes straight back into the fund. Kim makes nothing for doing the work and neither do I. So you do not need to wonder where it goes and here is the link to view our mission and the financial statement for 2015

Things you may not realize are on this blog. Kim spent many hours putting everything together that you may ever need. It is all free for you to use.

We thought about doing T-Shirts in the past but the financial cost is huge because you have to make all sizes. So instead Kim designed T-Shirt messages you can then put on your own shirts or take to a T-Shirt company and have them do it for you. She also designed art work for cupcakes and decorating tables. This is that link

She also did a write-up for ideas for fund raising if you need money for travel or want to help others angels. This is that link

She also wrote ideas for cupcakes. This is that link

She also designed more artwork for anyone in other countries as well as in this one. This is that link

She also designed brochures for several countries that you can print and hand out. This is that link

If you wish to get the word out to the news, she also wrote a press release. This is that link

If you feel you can’t make things to help yourself Kim also wrote up how to set up a Youcaring fund. You will have to promote it through your friends on Facebook. This is that link

If you want to help by sending gifts out to other angels you can read this

My daughter Kim is very talented and is talented on the computer as well as sewing and many other areas. She uses her many talents for doing good deeds. I for one am truly grateful to her and love hearing from those after receiving their special gifts. It always makes our day.


  1. Sherri

    What the two of you are doing is simply “Joyful”!! To know that you want to help (us,others) that have walked in both of your shoes is just wonderful!! I love what the two of you stand for, I call it “Goodness next to Holiness”. Your information helped me to find Dr. Raz. I met him in April, 2015. I return 1-28-16 to have my mesh removed. Maybe we will meet?! That would be nice. Dr. Raz expects me to have another surgery after this one. Dr. Raz explained the next surgery after the removal would be after I recover, and involves using three inches of my tendon from my thigh to tie up my bladder. Dr. Raz stated, this is the surgery I should have had done; not mesh. I have been on this journey since’08. Always learning. You are Great Teachers!! Thank YOU Both!! 🙂

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Sherri I am so glad you had yours removed and your journey is well on the way.

  2. Kristin Stattel

    How do I become a member of Mesh Angels? I am a fellow mesh Survivor. I have the Proceed hernia mesh from ethicon. I have had multiple surgeries to try and remove it, they were able to get some out, but not all of it. I want to do anything I can to help raise awareness, and to help support my fellow survivors.
    Sending lots of love,

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Kristen when mesh is implanted, either hernia or pelvic you are a Mesh Angel. There is no club. I am so glad you wish to raise awareness and how you do it is simple. You talk about it. You tell anyone who will listen what mesh can do to a human body. We do this one person at a time and that is the best way. We warn that life can change forever because of these implants.


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