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I don’t think women realize how important it is to report their mesh complications to the FDA. They do not realize that no one else will do it if they don’t. They don’t realize that the key to stop doctors using pelvic mesh randomly on every woman who goes to them for a prolapse, incontinence or feel they may need a hysterectomy, is at huge risk of becoming the next victim of mesh, is by reporting your complications to the FDA. I don’t care if it has been ten years since you implant, it is never too late to report your complications. It is up to all of us who have been injured by these implants to change what has happened for those who don’t have any idea of what can happen.

While the lawyers TV adverts were playing about mesh complications, women did take note. They did ask questions or sought treatment from doctors who did not use mesh. However, many still fell through the cracks because doctors constantly lie to their patients. They don’t know the damage it will cause their bodies over time. They don’t know that these implants are meant to be permanent, grow into your delicate tissues and removing them after complications begin often means loss of sexual function, constant pain and loss of careers when it involves nerve damage. Now the adverts are gone and the hospitals are gearing up to cover up what can happen when mesh has been placed in our bodies.

Getting the word out is not just about the things I write. It is about passing it on to every woman who does not know what can happen. The aged are at extreme high risk of mesh complications because they don’t always have access to computers or use them. They are now being targeted by hospitals, invited to seminars with free food and a doctor who stands up and gives a great speech about what he/she can do to help with incontinence and other issues we deal with as we age. They bypass all complications or down play them as if they are nothing more than a small headache.

Yesterday I wrote a blog called’ Old & Dying with Mesh’. I was amazed to see the amount of sharing it brought forth through Facebook and I was so happy because it means others want to change what mesh is doing to women. Not just younger women but the most vulnerable of all are those who are on Medicare. Those who do not speak the English language are even more vulnerable.

On Facebook this morning I posted a list of things you can tell the FDA when you fill out your report. I then realized that it should be a blog for all the women who read this blog, who are not on Facebook. The following is what I wrote on Facebook.

When you are dealing with pain and anxiety from mesh complications, you often don’t think of reporting them to the FDA which is why the real numbers of complications from these products are so low. However, I speak to hundreds of women and I know they are much higher. There is an 800 free number where you can call them to report your complications. Before you make the call please make notes so you don’t forget anything to tell them. I will give you the link in a moment.
First you need the make and implant number on hand.
Then you need to list your complications because you will be asked.

Erosion. Through vaginal wall and/or bladder

Bladder spasms and inability to urinate properly and if you have or still continue to self-cath please let them know

Infections. You can say how many in any given year if you wish. This is a huge warning that things are not right.

Bowel issues. Erosion and colon pain, bowel blockage and loss of part or all of your bowel.

Vaginal pain and burning

Urethra damage and include fistula, and surgery to repair urethra

Nerve pain and give if it is pudendal, (Can’t sit or have back pain constantly) femoral (Leg, hip, and down leg to foot)
Sudden loss of feeling in foot or feet.

Pain when trying to have sex
Mesh cutting your partner during sex

If you can think of any other complications I have missed please leave them in comments so that they can be properly reported.
Let them know how many removal and repair surgeries you have had and what your circumstances are today.

This is the direct link with a form you can fill out, or the 800 number you can call. If busy, keep trying. We can change this if we all work together. This is the full warning with free number and form

I often feel I beat my head on a wall when I do this because so many new women are being injured by mesh, often young women. But when I see so many share a blog, it gives me hope. Hope that all the hours I have put into this is having some impact to change the destruction of women’s bodies. If you want to help change the numbers of mesh complications, the answer is simple. Call or fill in the form. Before you do it, think about all that has happened to you and what you are still dealing with. Add anything more that you know is part of your mesh complications.

We are not powerless. We cannot afford to sit back and say things like “I don’t know why mesh is still on the market”. If we don’t report it we cannot expect anything to change. It will take you a few minutes of your life to make this change. A change that will save hundreds of thousands of women in the future the same fate you have now. Think of this as being part of the modern suffragette women’s health movement. Think of what the women of past generations did for us so that we have the vote. We have independence. We can think for ourselves, earn our own money and feel free. Then join hands to change what is happening to women’s health today!

Thank you for doing what you can to change the fate of the women of the future. That is the main aim of this blog.


  1. Judy Alsup

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I am very new to this and am doing as much research as I can. I am a 57 yr. old retired nurse who had a TOT Coloplast Bladder Sling implanted in 2010. I had a revision in 2014 after vaginal pain, pain in urethra and my husband suffering a laceration to his penis during intercourse. i feel as though I am caught in the middle of nightmare with no end in sight. I am now having auto-immune problems in addition to all the other pain and complications.
    I wish I had found you before I hired an attorney. He seems to be useless, and I had to do the work to get all my medical records. He is likely a “tort” attorney. i feel so lost and overwhelmed with needing the mesh removed, the expenses, and doubting I ever see a penny from the lawsuit. And yes, I have Medicare due to spinal problems…. so I guess I get to pay them IF I should get any money at all. Is that how it works?
    I cannot find the FDA phone number to call and report the mesh complications. Do you stlll have that number. Thank you, Judy

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Judy you have one thing going for you, you already have Medicare. That means you can go to UCLA and find out what is going on and have surgery without paying out a fortune. With autoimmune problems you HAVE to get it all out and not with many, many surgeries. Dr. Raz and Dr. Kim have removed every kind of sling out there and you stand a good chance at doing so much better for the rest of your life. No normal like you were but not living this nightmare. Read this blog to learn more about your lawyer. Most are not tort lawyers they sell your case on to one after they collect enough. I will come back with the link for the FDA. Have everything you need to give them on hand.


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