I Live with Persecution

I go up this morning thinking about several women who will have surgery this month and I knew it is a very tough time going through pre-surgery tests and getting nearer the date. Anxiety is at its fullest during these times and you wonder how on earth you can get through it. I decided I would write something this week about how I have seen women move forward after removal and get back into life. However, all my thoughts changed when I went on to Facebook and checked my messages. Once again a woman I used to know decided to slander me and my daughter. So instead of letter it pass this time, I am going to address it full on just in case other women receive these kind of notes.

I am not leaving her name off because I have had enough. As you will see by the message her name is Marcie Stewart. She lives less than an hour drive from me and on many occasions Kim and I went to see her, taking gifts for her and her five daughters because I knew she had suffered with mesh complications. I often wondered how I would have coped had I had five school age children and of course empathy won.

When the fiasco with Estelle Tasz was going on in 2013, Marcie and I were friends and when Estelle suggested flying in to Houston to meet us and other women, I contacted them all. We were all going to give her support because she said she would be travelling on to UCLA to have mesh removal and would stop on by Texas. However, no one knew at this time that this was all a put on and she was doing Jane Akres bidding, trying to get me in the mix to gather sympathy for Estelle which gave Akre another story to write. That backfired when I found out what Estelle was up to and told everything so that no other woman would get pulled in and hand her money. She already took sixteen hundred dollars from women I knew because I did write a blog to try to help her Go Fund Me account. I never do that anymore after realizing I had been used. If you missed all that you can read it all through the links on this blog

It has been a year since I last spoke to Marcie Stewart although just a couple of weeks before, we dropped by her house with a pile of gifts for Marcie and her daughters. Things we had such as brand new make-up that we thought the girls would enjoy using with their friends and a lot of Halloween make-up that I said to Marcie perhaps the girls could have a make-up day and raise some funds. They were very happy with it all.

Around the middle of January 2015, just a year ago, I received a note from Marcie through Facebook saying one of her daughters was going through a rough time and she asked could she foster one of our little dogs named Harry. She thought it would be good for her daughter to have a distraction. We did not hesitate although to this day we have never fostered another dog and never will, based on that experience. It was a disaster for Harry and it took us a few months and money for the vet to get Harry back on his feet again.

Kim had already spent a lot of time and money on Harry because he had many issues and we had got him eating properly and doing well by the time he left here to stay with her. So when Kim saw Harry’s state, including blood in his stool she was so upset and she posted photos of a bloody cloth on Beaux’s Haven (our rescue name) on Facebook. She did not mention Marcie’s name but said how upset she was and she would never foster again. Marcie went nuts after that and began a series of crazy posts and contacting many people I knew. I said nothing hoping Marcie would go away for good. However that was not about to happen.

So what really happened when Marcie took one of our small dogs back to her house? Read this and you will know the truth

Marcie had been gung –ho in the past wanting to expose Aaron Horton (mesh warrior) and Jane Akre (Medical mesh news desk,) in fact when the documentary that wasn’t business was going on it was she who sent me notification when they reposted the video after changing a few things. She also asked Kim to make a copy of it (Kim did) because she wanted to send it out to UCLA to let them know that Dr. Raz was unknowingly in it. She did do exactly that after Kim mailed her a copy and the video was removed forever. So as you can see she was also a pioneer of the truth at that time and wanted to expose all they were doing. However after Kim posted the blog called Harry’s Week which I just gave you the link, she was furious and was sending everyone I knew on Facebook private messages telling them a lot of lies about me. Things I supposedly said or did. This caused ructions but women knew me well and were furious about what she was doing. So it actually backfired.

Never once did I address any of it direct to Marcie nor made any disparaging comments anywhere. Never did I post any remarks about what she was doing. I knew mesh women suffered enough and I made a decision to leave it all alone and I unfriended her on Facebook. I hoped that would be enough. But of course it wasn’t. Fast forward many months. In fact eight months to August 2014. Now there were many warning signs. Marcie had posted on both my blog and Kim’s Stop Mesh blog comments that we both spanned and left alone. She was threatening our dog rescue by saying she was calling everyone to get them to come out here because we were abusing dogs. We ignored it because we never would do that and the proof is how were keep them and how healthy they are. I have no clue how many calls she made but finally on a Saturday morning a man knocked at our front door who showed he was from the animal protection. We knew immediately of course who had sent them and we told him we knew who it was when he pulled out his book to tell us why he came. We said she had been harassing us for months.

Kim took him to see every dog, and he was only here a minute or two once he saw how well fed and healthy they were living in our home. Lula was one of them and she was always in my studio with me. Lula was adopted not long ago and what a changed dog she is. After his assessment which took no more than five minutes once he saw their living conditions, he told us he was very satisfied and he left. We thought that would be the end of Marci’s continuing harassment. However, we were wrong.

I am giving you the full message one woman I know received through Facebook last night. She is very angry that Marcie would do this, but I told her I was going to finally address it through this blog because I refuse to stay quiet any longer. I believe Marcie is on so many pain medications, far more than she should be and in fact I know she was taking a great deal because she told Kim and I one day that a friend had told her she was on more than a patient on end of life meds. It has been a couple of years since she had complete removal of mesh and although I sympathize I believe she is taking far too much stuff and needs to get off them or at least some of them. There is a time when you have to get help to stop but it is a decision only a woman can make. Many I know who were on serious drugs did get off, because they knew what was happening. Drugs were going to kill them more than mesh and they wanted to live. Prescription drug abuse is extreme in this country and getting off of them is not easy. So if you know you have a problem, I beg you to ask for help. Not everyone can do it alone. Read this

Everything this woman wrote is a lie. I thought about addressing the crap but it is not worth my time. I would rather write about something else. But you should know what she is doing and who she is so that you can protect yourself and your family from her vindictiveness. We often get caught up with women because of our mesh injuries that we think are just like us. Feeling sad and alone, living in pain and we empathize. The problem is we really don’t know them even after meeting them, so use caution.

I am sad to say that because of all the women I have helped get through this over time I have become very vulnerable to this kind of thing. At times it has made me want to quit the blog, but when I think about it is a rare event and most women are really trying hard to get their lives back and they are not like the few who act like this. So I refuse to let it stop me trying to give women a way to know what mesh can do to our bodies. Regardless of the one unstable woman who continues with her persecution. I just will not stay quiet when I see things get so bad it affects my life and the lives of other injured women who are struggling through each day. The woman she sent this too is due to have surgery very soon and she does not need this kind of harassment.

This is a free world. If you want to believe the crap Marcie Stewart wrote so be it. However, I refuse to stand by and ignore it any more. So I hope this will stop her but I doubt it. She seems hell bent on trying to do harm. But she is more than likely doing more harm to her own family by staying on so many serious drugs. I know many women worry about us and I want to let you know we live out in the country and by Texas law we can protect ourselves and our property. I will leave how to your imagination. I addressed the issue about fear a long time ago and you can read how I feel. I refuse to stay quiet. I refuse to live my life afraid. I will always tell you the truth and I have addressed any issues that have arisen in the past and in this message on my blog and I will continue to do so when I am under any threat. Read this blog

Now here is why I write this blog.

My final word to you Marcie Stewart is this. Please get help and get off some of the drugs you are on. Your children need you and they need you there not just in body, but in a clear mind.


  1. Courtney

    Typical of addicts and alcoholics. They can be very vindictive abusive people when they perceive they have been wronged. But the real problem is thier drug induced perception. Marcie displays all the signs of an addict who refuses to look at her behaviors. .

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Unfortunately it seems whether we ignore her or not she doesn’t stop. She just posted a long crazed rant on the Facebook group Mesh Problems. Be wary of this woman and don’t get involved. We have taken steps and if she or anyone else shows up here at our home, we WILL protect ourselves within the rights of Texas law.

  2. Mblanks

    Linda so sorry there are so many of us that are alive today because of your advice wisdom and knowledge. There’s I’m sure a small army of us that are so grateful for al you do. There is no defense against malice greed and jealousy except love. I know you love because who would do all you do except you be filled with love for your injured sisters. Love you


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