True or False

Once again I was told about the new post Akre just put up on her site as a follow up of why she was cut from covering the latest mesh trial. However after reviewing her words I decided to share with you my own thoughts and what I found out. When I read anything these days I look past all the hype and get down to the truth as much as possible. Often clues are right under our noses if we wish to see them.

I kept trying to search about what really did happen and why she was shut out, but found nothing more, other than her own version.

Now here is something else you may have missed. Akre had not only stolen one personal photo of a woman with Dr. Raz for her first report of this trial, who had no idea she until she saw it, she also stole another woman’s personal photo. The second woman was not happy about it either and she also had hers removed. So keep an eye out ladies to make sure you don’t suddenly wind up in her stories, without ever knowing. If you do, you can do something about it. Here is the last blog I wrote explaining a few things that went on with her ‘story’ oops I forgot. She calls it ‘coverage’ of the trial she did have access to before she was blocked

Now something else I wish to point out. Akre’s entire ‘story’ about the trial was based on the defendant pointing out disparaging things about Dr. Raz removing a woman’s mesh. Why would Akre do this you may wonder? Well, she has doctor clients who pay big bucks to advertise on her site and they want results. Those results are in the form of women flocking to them to have their mesh removed. They don’t want competition from UCLA and it is Akre’s job to make sure they get their money’s worth. Why would a good surgeon need to pay to advertise his/her skills you may wonder? I wonder the same thing. If they are that good, women find them anyway by word of mouth. However I do wonder if they will they convince you there was nothing wrong with mesh, only the way it was put in? Yes this happens with some doctors, who ignore all the immune system response that happens to so many women, regardless of all the other complications.

If you think every reporter who reports does what Akre does, you would be wrong. In my search for the big story of her being blocked from the trial, I came across another report by David Siegel. Now here’s the clincher. NOT ONCE did this reporter use Dr. Raz name anywhere on his report! You want to read it, here it is

From now on if you want to read what really happens without all the ‘selling’ points, then I suggest you follow that reporter or Reuters’ News for any true or real information.

Here is another point I want to make. Akre insists the reason she was blocked was because of comments women made and that the defense wasn’t happy because many women are so happy with Dr. Raz. Sounds good right? Sounds like she is on the side of the mesh injured right? In fact I read some of the comments on her last story where women have foolishly decided that why she was blocked must have been against mesh injured. Baloney! It had nothing to do with us.

To begin with the defense is doing a job. They aren’t worried about us at all. What you should consider is that there was much more than meets the eye. Could it be that the lawyers at UCLA (yes they have their own) read her report and decided that her pushing lines about Dr. Raz was unacceptable or untrue and they stopped her reporting on this trial? I believe it is quite possible. After all she spent a lot of time pointing out these facts and used his name over and over again, including headlines with his name. By the way, much of that first story has been changed I may point out. Why did she change it if it was all true? Ladies we have to use our brains and see things that make no sense. Akre does NOT change stories unless pushed to. After all the lies she stuck to her guns about Estelle formerly known as Tasz. Missed that story? here is a blog I wrote

So it is time to open your eyes and really read instead of floating over Akre’s stories and believing all she writes.

What else is new? Well, Akre’s sidekick Aaron Horton wants your information and she and her lawyer friends have found a way to get it. Read this

If you want to follow this or any mesh trial I suggest you follow David Siegal from now on and read his blog

One last thing before I close. For years Akre never openly wrote her site was for profit. However now she does. In the past you would have believed exactly what she wanted you to believe. That she was every mesh injured woman’s best friend who only wanted to help us get the word out. Like I said, believe facts, not fiction.


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