Distortion of Truth

Because thousands of you did not see my post on Mesh Angels Facebook page this morning I believe ALL women deserve to know how injustice is carried out by those who stand to gain from our injuries. This is the post I put up this morning.

It seems Jane Akre’s first article mentioning Dr. Raz last week was not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth because now she has changed it up. This is one of the new paragraphs taken from it.

“Never mind, that Dr. Raz is not in private practice but is on the staff at UCLA where he heads the urology department. Salaried employees are rarely compensated based on the number of surgeries they perform. Never mind that women swear Dr. Raz gave them back their life when they had no hope.”

I am not sure what “Never mind” means exactly but reporters are supposed to report the facts not make up their own version of how they think the story should go. I personally believe she writes for her paying advertising clients and stretches the truth or adds her own fiction. So ladies do not always believe what she writes. She writes articles for those who advertise with her and what she writes cannot always be trusted.

Dr. Raz does not get paid like a private doctor, he works for the University and they are in charge, not him when it comes to finances and rules. This is why you do not see him sitting in court rooms boosting his wallet and his image. He is helping so many women who would otherwise have no quality of life. Other doctors at UCLA are under the same rules and they too are doing all they can to right the wrongs done to women. Don’t listen to the bullshit posted on support groups to get you to go to another doctor. He is your greatest hope for surviving mesh complications.

I believe Jane Akre should have also apologize for her false story, but then again she never will because that would admit wrong doing. That is the mark of someone who has been around lawyers for many, many years.

If you missed the last blog I wrote or come here without any knowledge of what I am talking about you can read it here

Jane Akre calls herself a reporter but good reporters are accountable to the truth. None can write fiction for paying clients and expect to be taken seriously. In fact lying in writing is definitely not something a decent reporter would ever do.

Jane Akre has a site called Mesh Medical Device News Desk. She began this site in conjunction with the FDA’s Warning in July 2011. If you missed the blog I wrote about her connections with lawyers, you can read it here

Here’s the deal. Once and for all Dr. Raz nor any other doctor at UCLA has any control over financial gain while working for this University. They are part of the largest University in the world and they are not private practitioners. This means they work under the rules and financial status of being an employee of that University. They do not set costs. They do not do favors for better off patients by pushing them first in line for surgery. There is protocol that everyone follows and they have contracts and obligations that must be fulfilled according to UCLA rules.

Jane Akre still kept a headline that is misleading. The headline is Dr. Raz contributes to Plaintiffs Injures, Not Defective Mesh.

Why that headline? I believe it is sensationalism which may appease her paying clients. She could certainly report on these courtroom procedures, without any of this kind of sensationalism, but she is a headline grabber just like the dirty gossip newspapers of the world. If you think well known news reporters don’t lie then you are burying your head in the sand. However, remember Akre is just a bit performer who is out for financial gain from paying clients who she must report to satisfy the advertising money they pay her. You may think she goes to court to report for the mesh injured but you are wrong. Here is a how even well-known reporters lie

I am not writing this because I am having fun. In fact I would rather be doing anything else BUT writing about this. What I am trying to do is change what is happening to women who will be implanted with mesh in the future. They are desperate and they will believe anything that they believe must be true, just because the site looks like it is there for helping injured women. However, they do not know who these people are and what they stand for.

If you think Akre is writing to help women then you need to read this

And this one

And do please read this one if you are looking for a doctor

Ladies be aware we aren’t just victims of bad medical products. We are also pawns in a financial game. Start thinking for yourself and choose a doctor based on your symptoms and your future.

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  1. You know who

    You are 100% correct! Jane used an eye-catching headline, but she quoted what a rat bastard lawyer said in opening statements to taint the case and make it look like the doctors are greedy. Well most of them are, however she picked up the wrong doctor to mesh with. I hope for lighting up her comments admonishing her for saying it that none of the commenters dropped any money in the offering plate. There is a difference in a reporter and story teller. She does neither well.


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