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It’s been almost two weeks since I last wrote a blog but it has been a busy time for me. We took in a new little dog with a leg injury and when a new dog comes in it takes several days to get them into a schedule of life where each dog has to have their own special time. Plus I have been working on a book about making miniatures which is something I love to do. So I try not to think continuously of only mesh and do what I can to help a few women when I realize someone needs support. This is the new path of life I am on at present and I am enjoying my life more by making choices to reflect change. However things are always happening which are often hard to ignore. I am sharing on this blog because I know that thousands of mesh injured women read what I write who are not on Facebook. Every injured woman has the right to know exactly what these people do so that they don’t get caught in the middle.

We are getting closer to Christmas and someone came up with something called ‘Giving Tuesday’ after Cyber Monday. Personally I think giving should be what you choose to do as and when you feel like it at any time of the year, without someone else trying to guilt you into doing it, but it seems this new day was perfect for Aaron Horton’s ‘guilt trip’ on mesh injured women. Honestly the woman just doesn’t get it how bad this is and how much money it takes for every woman to get through her own life trials, without receiving emails asking for money. I found out about it when someone sent it to me, because she was so upset when she read it. This is that email.

On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 2:22 PM, The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured> wrote:

Today is #GivingTuesday, and #TMWF needs your help. If not YOU, then WHO? The time to help is now. Who? Aaron Horton you are not mesh injured and you can stop harassing women to get money so that you can run around the country and go to seminars where you can hobnob with lawyers and doctors. These women need their money for all the expenses connected to mesh. Just in case you don’t get it here is a list.

High insurance premiums and deductibles

Supplements to try to stay well in-between surgeries

Travel costs

Pads or throw away pants because they are leaking

Gas money for constant trips to doctors

Parking fees at hospitals and doctors’ offices

Food money while away for surgery

Aaron Horton these are just a few of the costs that you don’t have to find. Stop asking them for money so you can try to become famous!

Monthly installments? Are you kidding. Do you know how close women’s expenses are with all this extra stuff? No you don’t because it has not happened to you.

I WANT TO DONATE – #GivingTuesday The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured Go away and leave women alone

Your donation is simple, secure, and selfless. Selfless? Have you done anything selfless in your life? I think not. In fact all you do is think about yourself or you would not send out emails like
this. 100% of every dollar goes directly to the foundation – no salaries, and very little administrative costs.

The experience of a patient injured by medical mesh implant is not unlike any severe trauma to the body. Since polypropylene plastic mesh implants (yes, plastic – like as in your tupperware) for Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) were NEVER TESTED ON HUMANS before coming to market, the injuries of our loved ones are a result of a failed mass experiment by manufacturers. Wounded patients often need several surgeries to attempt to alleviate pain or reconstruct damaged organs. Many also develop CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME.

Your donation ensures that we are able to continue our MISSION to EDUCATE | ADVOCATE | and BUILD COMMUNITY for injured patients and their families. Your generosity helps us build a wider network of support – face-to-face friendships – that transcend physical distance cyberspace.

Please consider a donation OF ANY AMOUNT! Every little bit helps.

Click the link to donate: Donate NOW to help preventably harmed patients.

YOU are an invaluable member of our community! 
Awareness of the dangers of mesh implant help to prevent others from the harm of this medical device. Please forward this email to family and friends.


You get the gist of it. More guilt on already financially strapped women. Women have been struggling on their own for a long time and they don’t need this woman to bug them for money via email. So that was the first problem and I honestly got mad when I read it.

Here’s another dirty problem you should know about.

Yesterday I found out that Jane Akre had been taking women’s photos with Dr. Raz and putting them on an article she wrote, WITHOUT their permission. Hard to believe yes, but true. However one did take action by asking a lawyer what to do and got her photo removed quickly.

We are all grateful to Dr. Raz after struggling with our lives for so long due to our mesh implants. We like getting a photo with him because to us he is our angel on earth. I gave him an award in October for being a great humanitarian and I had my photo taken with him when I did it. It was for my personal use and to share as I saw fit and this is how other women feel. So when Jane Akre wants to make a big impact and take women’s photos, she just shows once again how much she doesn’t care about injured women.

If you did not know about the award, you can read this blog

Akre’s act shows just how much she is disconnected from injured women because she has no thought as to their feelings nor how bad we deal with our injuries. It truly shows who these two women are and what they stand for. They stand for financial gain from the severely injured due to pelvic mesh.

Women sent me the article Akre wrote because they were disgusted about the fact she wrote about the lawyers trying to make Dr. Raz the ogre by removing mesh that didn’t need to be removed. Are they kidding? No woman would go through horrific surgeries without not only a good reason but a huge reason. We don’t have a choice! Not only that but Dr. Raz takes every precaution BEFORE he does surgeries including MORE TESTS than ANY other surgeon in this country. If you do not have any real problems NO doctor at UCLA will remove your mesh because they understand how hard these surgeries are on our bodies. So that statement is ludicrous.

Ladies, please do not take everything Akre writes as gospel. In the past she has been known to lie in her ‘stories’ and my daughter proves some of her lies on her blog here

I was just notified, that it seems that Akre will not be covering this story at present, why I am not sure. However someone is not happy with her coverage and this is what she wrote today. Perhaps someone else thinks her words aren’t always accurate. I hope the judge goes against her because of bad reporting. Another thing. Was the UCLA lawyers informed at the turn of events of this trial? If they weren’t I am sure that they would do something if one of their doctors are under attack and they were not informed before this trial began.

I know many of you are dealing with stress due to upcoming surgeries and I want you to know that these people not only don’t care what you are dealing with, but they are living their lives without any of the issues you are dealing with. So don’t let them get to you. Mark them out of your life and concentrate on your own wellbeing.

The good news of the week!

A woman sent me the following link and told me what a wonderful man Dr. Raz is for trying to stop the use of mesh in women. There is a video of him in debate with a doctor who still believes that mesh is the gold standard for these types of surgeries. Dr. Raz not only debated with him against the use but gave all the facts why.

Warning this is very disturbing at times because it really shows what has happened to us, but at the same time it is life changing to know you did nothing wrong, your doctor did. Sad to say doctors are pushing mesh every day right now and walk away when a woman has immediate complications. I am in touch with one such woman who reminded me of my situation almost six years ago. Thankfully her mesh will be removed very soon and hopefully she won’t wind up with all the permanent problems I did because I could not get mine removed for two years seven months.

Ladies I know some of you have partners or children who don’t believe what you are going through. Some women are treated abominably by adult children. If you can,. Get them to watch this video with you to see just what happens with mesh implants. Perhaps they will become more caring and hopefully they will always remember this video so that they don’t become victims of mesh. Here it is

I did ask Dr., Raz was there a transcript of this debate, so that women could purchase it if they wished to. The answer was that there isn’t. I knew that some women would want to because they have not been believed by their doctors nor their families and would live to have something in writing. Dr. Raz hopes that we all got the point of the debate and I assured him that we did but doctors are still doing this to women every day without giving them the facts. He sees the worst of the worst cases and does his best to try to help women begin to live a better life. Without him hundreds of women including me, would not be enjoying life again. That is why he is our angel.

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