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A few days ago an injured friend sent me a link to an article written in the Houston Chronicle and every day through Facebook I see ‘injured by mesh’ adverts rolling through my time line. It makes me sick because women have no clue what they are getting in to. March next year it will be six years since my ‘little’ surgery that was supposed to fix a prolapse and I began living in Hell on earth with nowhere to turn. I was sad and angry and my days were filled with pain. I did not understand how or why this could happen and began beating my keyboard to let other women know what could happen with bladder sling mesh.

At first I had no clue what was inside my body. I did not know where to turn when the implanting doctor did not believe my pain. A serious of unfortunate events took place in 2010 that began a down turn of my life and I battled every day to find out why I was falling after sharp pain shot through my groin and hip. I could not stand anything to get near my body including clothes. I could not wear underwear because my groin always felt in agony. I was having constant infections and was doing self-cath to get my bladder working after a second surgery was performed. I found out after the fact it was to cut the sling in the center, not to remove it as I had hoped. My life was a tumbling down spiral of pain and often lost hope.

The only thing that saved me was writing this blog. At first I thought it would never reach anyone. It was a little blog under a different name which was Bladder sling surgery at My email was there so that if anyone did read it then they could contact me, but I never expected to hear from anyone. The reason I did not expect it was because my doctor said I was the first woman who had had problems from my surgery. What a liar she is!

I barely got going on this blog when one fall I had resulted in two cracked wrist bones and for weeks I could not write. But by then I had heard from a few desperate women who were living like me. We began our own telephone support group consisting of broken women who understood the devastation of mesh implants. To this day I remain in touch with many of the worse injured cases you can never imagine. We are bound together by a terrible nightmare made up of bad lying doctors who work with manufacturers to gain money. There is no other way to put this.

Every day I would search Google to find out if any announcement had been made condemning these products so that they would be removed from the market. I was positive in my mind that something so bad could never stay on the market to destroy many more women’s lives. I was also searching for a lawyer who would listen to me, believe me, and therefore would take my case.

At that time I had foolish visions in my head. Never being in a lawsuit in my life and always living a life of honestly and good doings, I was unprepared for any of this. I was sure my doctor would be held accountable for the state I was in. Sure she would be reprimanded for using a product on me without telling me she was using it, or gaining my permission. I was so naive. So innocent of the bad medical things in life.

As I searched for a lawyer in 2010 I was met with closed doors. “Sorry we don’t take those kind of cases”, was all I heard. Until one day I was met with sympathy on the other end of the phone and I burst in tears. I was told by a caring female voice I needed to get my records to find out exactly what was used during the surgery, but I had no clue where to begin. I first went to the doctor’s record department and paid for records that said nothing about what was used. Not only that but my complications and four months post op, did not exist as far as she was concerned. The writings were vague and in her opinion I was fine. Four months post op, doing self-cath, complained of constant groin pain, fell and had cracked bones due to the sudden pain that enveloped my body and I was fine? No mention of the type of implant she used in me and it was as if none of it happened. The money I paid for those records was hard to come by because I was broke from spending money on doctors and surgeries. All of it I had paid cash for because I did not have insurance, nor was it available to someone with existing problems from a surgery. This was my first awakening into the world of lying doctors and the sad reality I was alone in my fight.

I then found out I had to go to the hospital records department to find out what was written down to know what type of implant she used. Each trip was two hours from my house and I was in excruciating pain with every bump in the road. I was unable to drive and relied on my daughter to take me. Every trip resulted in using gasoline and a high parking fee, because of where the doctor and hospital were located. Money we had to scrimp and scrape together. I had spent four months going back and forth to this doctor fighting to get well and every trip took more money from my meager existence. I had no clue what I was doing but I thought by doing something, one day I would be compensated for all I had gone through. One day my savings would be back in the bank to take care of me in my old age but I was so naive.

When I found out what was used in my body I called the woman I had spoken to at the law firm. I gave her the details and she said yes, she could help me. For the first time I sighed with relief. I couldn’t change the pain in my body, but I could change the financial downturn of my life and would one day be okay. That was my thoughts back then. I was still a believer in the fact that anyone injured by a doctor or medical product would be compensated to the fullest degree.

What I did not know and what I am going to tell you, is that my blind belief that I had a lawyer and a case was in fact not true. I had fallen into the hands of a law firm that was none other than what I would now describe as a collector. They collected people like me until one day a lawsuit of many like me would once again begin and they could ‘sell’ me to one of the top tort law firms and collect their percentage. I sat for a long time without any knowledge of how this worked, believing one day all would be well.

When I was injured I was sixty two years old. I had to wait two years and seven months until I had Medicare to get it removed from my body. I suffered. I fought hard not to go down the road of taking opiates to relieve my pain. I took many things to keep the infection from looming again and I could not afford to be under the care of a doctor. That require more money I did not have. Is my story the story of many injured women? I have no doubt it is.

My days and nights were as one, full of struggle and suffering. I kept looking forward to when I could have it removed from my body. I was sure I would be pain free and go back to the life I once knew. Then came a day in July 2011 I was met with a reward where I wanted to yell out halleluiah. The FDA had put out a warning about these implant products and it was all over the Internet. I felt vindicated. If it were possible I would have jumped for joy. I had no idea that I and my little blog would become a target for those who wished to make a living off of my terrible situation. That was how my first contact with Jane Akre and her Medical Mesh News Desk site began. I did not put two and two together however for a few years to know why she had begun that site. Nor did I understand her connection with lawyers and doctors who want to advertise to profit from the injuries of many women. You can learn more from all the links I give after this blog.

The Houston Chronicle article.

This article was written by Mike Tolson on November 8th this year, just a couple of weeks ago. He obviously does not know any injured woman because although a good factual article, he has no empathy for those who are injured by mesh. However perhaps he does know someone and the person would never mention anything to him because they know he will not sympathize. I honestly don’t know which it is. However, I wish to challenge Mike and other reporters to take an unbiased view of what is happening to women all around the world.

Mike, have you ever been in pain? Serious nonstop pain, twenty-four hours in the day? You cannot sleep. You cannot lay in bed, in a chair or anywhere to get some rest? You don’t know what was put in your body because someone decided what was best for you without giving any explanation of what it was or what could happen to you? When you find out what it is, you also find out to remove it can be very dangerous and will take numerous operations by doctors who practice putting it in every day without though of the fact it is not made to be removed, regardless of what it is doing inside of you? That is what the women of the world are up against. This is from that article written by Mike Tolson.

In mass torts, some feel third-party funds often turn clients into commodities

The companies insisted the product was safe. But blood was in the water, and soon plaintiff lawyers around the country, including most of the heavy hitters and big names, had rounded up plenty of clients – some 70,000 by one estimate. Massive advertising campaigns made sure of that.

Curiously, the firm that advertised the most was one few other lawyers had heard of. Houston’s AkinMears, a tiny operation with only seven lawyers listed on its website, reportedly spent around $25 million in a sweeping TV blitz, cutting across channels from gardening to golf to get viewers to call a toll-free number.

Yet, with no star attorneys in its stable, AkinMears took no part in the crucial “bellwether” trials that were intended to establish the value of the cases.

In truth, it spends little time in the courtroom. Its main partner, Truett Akin IV, is still better known as a former University of Houston football player than a lawyer, though in fairness he has finally earned some headlines. Just not the kind he wanted.

Mike your article was factual and full of merit for proof of what these ‘collector’ lawyers do. But what you did not write was what it is like to live in pain and be one of the seriously injured women who no one cares about. We now know there is a lot of graft in everything including these tort lawsuits. This is why no one takes what happened to us seriously. This and the fact no one wants to speak out against the big guns who make these products. The reason of course is that they have deep pockets to quash those who do.

Truett Akin in my book is a scumbag who will be a rich scumbag if reporters don’t keep after him. I would urge you to make sure the district attorney goes after him and dig deep into his background and then report it because then we know there is some justice for women. I also want you to know that women do not know who they are dealing with because most like me have never been involved in any lawsuit and when they live in pain, they are seeking the first kind voice on the other end of the line, who will believe them.

How do you shop for a lawyer? Just like doctor’s they have client privilege and we are told not to speak of our case. So when someone asks you about a lawyer, you have to be very careful. People lie Mike, especially when they stand to gain millions from their clients.

I also challenge you to get to know injured women, but when you do, remember that not lying on a deathbed does not make you fine. Many women look fine while they are on opiates. Many women like me hide the walking stick for any photos. Hate to admit they are disabled because a slew of unanswerable questions follow. We are not cancer victims and anything less has no merit as far as most of the public are concerned.

Why don’t you go after so called reporters like Jane Akre who push loans and doctors who will make money from advertising on her site while getting women to believe she is doing it because she cares? She who reports stories of millions won for a few clients while others languish in bed and will get nothing in the end. Her site and Facebook is the new wave of getting people to sign up with lawyers without knowing what they are doing. Please accept this challenge and do something to help injured women expose all that happens to them because of implants and scams.

What women would like to know and I hope you will find out and report, is what percentage of their lawsuits do these people collect. 2% or up to 12%? Did they collect women’s records properly and make sure removed mesh specimens were properly stored according to Judge Goodwin’s orders or did they bypass this to save money? Please research and then report it so that we the truly injured know the rest of the facts.

We want you to expose the scams and at the same time we want you to learn what is happening to the women of the world and get to know the other side of this giant problem. I hope you will read this and do more. Facts are facts but we are real people who are exposed to injustice. I hope you are up to the challenge.

Ladies you can read the entire article here

Now on to Facebook.

The new wave of ambulance chasers are through Facebook but they do not tell exactly who they are. What will they do with your information is unclear. I am writing this so that you don’t become a patsy and be fooled by any of these people.

To research for this blog, I clicked on a link that constantly rolls through Facebook feed trying to get anyone to sign up and mesh is the target. I tried to collect the Facebook link to share with you in a hyperlink, but tons of numbers followed so I could not do it. Then I clicked on the link on that page. It took me here They report themselves to be all about legal marketing, websites etc. and if you click on the link you can see what they do.

This is from that page.
Topic Websites (“minisites that make a big impact”)

Topic websites are catered to specific topics of law. Topic websites function well as a part of an overall web presence and for firms who wish to promote their expertise in a specific topic. In-depth information and content can be provided on topic websites that might be too detailed for a firm’s main brochure site. These sites are often implemented in conjunction with an accompanying marketing program.

Geographic Area Websites

Geotargeted websites allow national firms wishing to market in specific geographic locations to target that specific audience. By building a geographic specific website, a national firm can give the appearance of being local, which helps in attracting clients from that particular market. Geographic area websites can also be combined with topic websites for higher degrees of specificity.

Attorney Websites

Attorney-specific sites serve as an online resume for attorneys at mid to large law firms. These sites give prospective clients the ability to get to know the attorneys at a firm before deciding to retain that firm. Attorneys can use their personal websites throughout their legal careers as their personal online resumes.

Custom Law Firm Websites

Your firm’s website is what prospective clients, current and past clients, colleagues and others will refer to for information about your practice areas, attorneys and cases. It often provides the first impression about your firm. That’s why your firm’s main website is so important. It should represent your firm accurately and favorably and provide users with the information they are seeking. It should reflect the image your firm aims to project as a professional organization. Because your firm’s website acts as an advertisement and marketing vehicle, it is imperative that it serve your firm’s case generation needs. That’s why we work with you to establish the goals of your website first. Once we know your goals, we will design a custom website that integrates the graphic design, database, administrative tools, and interactivity that fit.

  • Custom graphic design with multiple creative reviews
  • Flash animation
  • Content writing
  • Contact forms, autoresponders
  • Database systems
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Lead Management Portal
  • Newsletter Design and Dissemination

I searched everywhere on the site but did not come up with a name or location of these people. This is the type of marketing you should ignore. NEVER click ‘like’ on it. This smells of scam or someone who is taking your information and selling it tort lawyers to get part of your settlement in the future. My advice is, stay away from these people, far, far away.

What you need to know BEFORE signing up with any lawyer. My advice is free but it is all up to you.

Just because you found a lawyer you believe has taken your case does not mean you have a case. You only have a case when you ask for and receive the stamped and dated copy of when your lawyer actually filed your case after all the information has been collected.

Not all cases are in the Virginia Courts. You can sign up for free on that site and search or ask your lawyer where your case has been filed when you ask for the filed stamped copy of proof of filing.

Don’t fall asleep and forget you have a case because you may have been scammed. Ask your lawyer you signed up with which tort law firm he/she gave it to and then call that firm to make sure it’s true.

You should receive a package of paperwork for you to prove your symptoms and surgeries that you have had to be filled out in a timely manner. If you don’t fill it out, you will void your case. If you don’t receive a package start calling and checking on what is going on.

If you are with a ‘collector’ lawyer, your case can sit for a couple of years up to five, and nothing is happening until it is taken on by a tort law firm. Other lawyers cannot sure for you unless they are part of the tort law suits. All they can do is sell you on to those who do.

Even after your lawsuit is taken and filed it can mean waiting a long, long time before it is settled. Don’t wait to get help if you need it to get the mesh removed. If you are having small problems, in time they will more than likely get bigger. Don’t wait until the damage is done to the point of no return. If you are having symptoms of mesh rejection and your immune system is going down, seek an infectious disease doctor to run pertinent tests to find out your situation and act upon the results as soon as possible.

Don’t think that signing up with a lawsuit before you have the mesh removed will bring you enough money to have surgery. It won’t. You will be added to a pile of other women who are hoping it will, and treated as if you do not have any problems and just filed on product liability to collect money.

Don’t sign up because you think it will bring you extra money, even though you don’t have any problems, because you will be a fool to do so. You cannot sue later when you DO have problems because no one can sue against any product liability twice. If you think you are home free because you have not had any symptoms for a few years, then you should speak to the number of women I have who after 5, 7, 10 years wind up in hell. Regardless of how athletic or careful you are, it can happen to anyone without warning.

Don’t believe the crap you read on the big winnings a tiny percentage of women are getting when their case went to trail. They have not won until they collect the money and it could be overturned at any time. Winning millions is like winning the lottery and most of us will never see such winnings. These stories on Jane Akre’s site are to get more women to sign up with lawyers she knows and those who advertise with her.

Don’t just believe. Ask questions and demand proof of your case. Stop being afraid and start being proactive. It is your life at stake.

Be aware that any case can be thrown out and/or overturned at any time regardless of status.

Don’t think by speaking to your lawyer once a month has made you friends. This is a business transaction for lawyers and you are a commodity. At the end you will learn that you are one of many and no one special. It’s a fact and it is better to know now than be devastated later. You won’t be invited to their party when they celebrate huge winnings from these tort lawsuits.

If you sign up against your lawsuit to get surgery, you may think all is well. However there are doctors who have done so many ‘removals’ against women’s cases that this could be a red flag to manufacturers and they could all be thrown out if they can prove even some were not necessary. They have lawyers they pay huge money for and that is all they do. They troll sites like Jane Akre’s and so called support groups to collect information.

Don’t shop for a doctor based on what Jane Akre writes about them. A great doctor has no need to advertise anywhere. Word gets out for free!

Last, you should know I don’t have to tell you any of this. I am doing this to save you endless hours of heartbreak when you get your lawsuit offer and you are broken hearted it won’t help you in your future.

You may not know this but the lawyers went to the judge before these trials began and they asked for an additional 5% to go into a fund. I found that information myself. So if your lawyer has asked for 40%, it will be 45% straight out, PLUS all expenses. Ask for an account of all that is coming out of it when you get an offer.

Did you know that every surgery you have after you sign up will have a lien placed against it by your insurance company, Medicare and Medicaid. They want money back! You need to ask how much is coming out of your settlement before you sign on the dotted line.

Did you know that a bankruptcy will also place a lien against your case? Find out how much will be taken out of your winnings.

Sad to say most women will be left with pennies on the dollar after everyone takes their cut.

I hope this helps women who have not yet signed up to understand the things I never knew and had to learn the hard way on my own.

Since these lawsuits began there have been many addendum’s and amendments to the judges orders.  This link will take you to where they are but each one has a number.  Take that number and entire line of the addendum you wish to understand and put it in Google and you should come up with the full article.

There are of course other tort lawsuit scam blogs and this one you can read about on a lawyer’s blog and I can tell you that it may be risky but because of the massive number of women who signed up those small ‘collector’ firms stand to gain millions while individual seriously injured women rarely get enough money to cover their surgeries and nothing to cover their future care.

This one tells of the aggressive marketing tactics used on J & J injured women and the sad thing is although the reporter states it is J & J, she obviously does not believe that women are injured by these products and it is one sided and biased for the company. Read this

If you have not learned what I have been through because I write this blog and reach thousands of women, learn more about my journey of being used and lied to by those who gain from our mesh injuries, you can read all the following blogs.

When I began understanding who Jane Akre really was I began giving women the truth the same way as I gave them the truth of what mesh implants cane do to your body. You can read those blogs if you have no idea what I am talking about. The following are the links.

I was so worried about sharing all I knew and it was hard to know where to begin, but one morning, July 2014, three years after I was first contacted by Jane Akre, I knew I had to tell other women who she was. I began with this short and to the
point blog

MY life changed from that point but I knew there was no turning back. Jane Akre instigated another very bad woman to contact me and use me and also in July 2014 I wrote this blog

Things were tough for me after I told what was going on, but I never wavered from the truth and a couple of days later in July 2014 I wrote this blog

I continued speaking out or blowing the whistle on these people and it was tough. This was the next blog I wrote telling all I was dealing with

My daughter joined me in telling the truth about what was going on in the world pf mesh lies, and it was tough for us here at home. Many women I have known a long time were concerned for our safety because some were making threats against us and also in July 2014 I wrote this blog

I knew I was at a crossroad and I had to make a decision in whether or not I should continue with this blog and I wrote about it a day later

I continued on trying to write about things that concern injured women and ways we could help ourselves but it was not easy. IN August 2011 I wrote this blog

Towards the end of August I knew it was time to write more about it to dispel any rumors and get the truth out there. This is that blog

Aaron Horton had friended me and used me and I finally set the records straight in September 2014 about her and our connection

It never ceased to amaze me when I learned that others were also using me and in October 2014 I exposed more

Jane Akre used other women but they were very willing because they were getting something out of it. I wrote this blog in October

I continued writing blogs giving women the truth of what mesh can do to your body and in June 2015 I felt it was time to tell what was going on

IN August 2015 I wanted women to know more about borrowing money and scams

In September this year 2015, when I read Jane Akre’s article congratulating herself for being in business four years I decided to write about the connection of the FDA warning and when she began her site. This is that blog

Jane Akre had also introduced me to another woman who convinced me to become part of what was supposed to be a documentary about what mesh does to women, but it was all a lie. I finally set the records straight with this blog in September 2015

I don’t go and seek information about all that is going on because other women do it, then inform me. There are many players behind the scenes that other women keep an eye on and then want all women to know what is going on. After I heard about something that could affect women’s futures, I wrote this blog in October just gone, 2015

I did not thrill the woman when I wrote about her documentary lie and she tried to gain access to me as a friend, which in no way I accepted, and this month November 2015 I wrote this blog

May not realize it but knowledge is the only chance you have of controlling your destiny. Start reading and learning and base your decisions on what you learn everywhere. Don’t just look to me for answers. Do your own research.


  1. Sidney W.

    Hi Linda,
    I have been on Linda A. Website, meshmedical news desk. I just happened to come upon your blog. I can not thank you and your daughter enough for the warnings and concerns about individuals that are taking advantage of women who are having complications with mesh. I must admit that I thought that these individuals were wonderful advocates for women w/mesh, then I had to stop and think, Why would someone that has not experienced mesh and complications be such an advocate, dedicating all their time to helping women, what is in it for them? Thank you for spelling it out.
    In addition, I am looking for a support group which is really just a support group of women AND family members who can help me. I need some help, people do not understand this at all. I am losing friends rapidly because they are sick and tired of me being sick and tired, people do not understand. Can you help me? I would appreciate any direction you may have. I too have a value system that matches yours and want a group that is honest and trustworthy so I can confidentially confide in them and visa verse.
    Thank you

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Sidney finding a good support group is very difficult and I gave up on all of them. I do have a suggestion. There is a site where you can begin a thread with a headline of ‘Pelvic Mesh Support group’ and see who you can find to meet in your own area. Even if you only find one woman who understands it is better than an on-line support group where some women are darn right mean and no one stops them. This is that link and look in your area.

  2. Judy Alsup

    I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the invaluable information you have provided for those of us who are new to this dreadful journey of mesh complications.
    I only wish i had found you sooner.
    I have been reading your blog for hours and have gleaned greatly needed information.
    I will continue to search through the many resources you have provided.
    I admire you for your strength, integrity, and honesty.
    Thank you for the obvious countless hours you have spent researching and typing in order to help others learn from the things you didn’t know in the beginning of your own personal mesh hell.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Judy I am thankful when women read it all because it really can help give them insight and help. This is a terrible journey for women and often it makes us feel so alone. This is why I keep writing. To give women the best help possible.


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