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I have spent the past couple of years trying to warn women of those who would take advantage of their desperate situation and I can tell you it has been hard to do this when all I want to concentrate on is the wellness of women who are injured by mesh. But it seems graft goes hand in hand with our mesh complications.

Honestly I have begun to hate mesh Facebook support groups because they really aren’t about support. There are many groups on Facebook where everyone does support each other through a really bad health issue, but there is an added mix with mesh. Lawsuits! I had no idea that all this could happen when I joined a lawsuit, but I now realize that most people are all about money. An incentive such as a payment for the person who sends you to the lender is a bad and volatile situation and a definite conflict of interest.

Back in May 2014 I began writing about raising funds because I had seen a loan officer post openly on Jane Akre’s Medical Mesh Newsdesk support group. Personally I felt a support group is not the place for solicitation and so did many other injured women. In fact the only reason I knew about what was going on, was because I was contacted by other women who were really angry that a lender was on the support group. So I asked Jane why this woman was on there and she ignored me. Finally after a couple of days she removed the thread not because of the woman soliciting but because many of us were stating that this was wrong. A few days later the loan officer posted again and said she didn’t know why everyone was angry with her, because Jane Akre had invited her on there. That incensed many women.

Support groups are supposed to be about support. It is not a business page, it is a support page. Therefor anyone who runs them should make sure that solicitation is halted and the offender removed. It’s that simple. However these people often begin their own support group and women have no idea who they are and what they are up to.

Mesh injury is not a fairytale. There is so much sadness to it and loss. Even if someone hands you a lot of money, it won’t help you deal with it. A long time ago it was suggested that if you need money, only borrow what you need and only from a reputable company. My advice is don’t go through anyone on a support group.

I also wrote another blog called Don’t be a Catfish. The catfish TV show is a great example of how people change who they are and hide behind a profile of someone else. When it comes to mesh, women look normal. They don’t look like they are very sick. Their scars are mostly internal and anything that isn’t is very personal. So how do you know if the person is truly mesh injured? Well, you don’t unless you meet them at one of the removal doctor’s office or in a hospital.

So why am I writing this blog today? Two reasons. First after I got home and checked my emails and there was an email from my lawyer. I cannot post it here but the gist of it is that they are now putting out warnings about two scams. One is about Medical lending and they gave the link to the Reuters story. Once again thank you to good reporters and to the badly mesh injured woman who spoke out about her bad loan. You can read all about it on a blog I wrote here called Big Lawsuit Scam and if anyone has sold you a bad loan you can contact the two reporters on that blog.

My lawyer also said about the phone scams where someone who states they are a lawyer with your firm or from the manufacturer calls and offers a settlement. Thankfully most women would hang up the phone and call their lawyer and ask who this person is. However, I do know women are desperate and on pain medications and some may think it was a legitimate call and give out their information. So please, think before you say anything, just hang up. Always remember if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

After reading my lawyers email I also received the following screenshot from someone who has had enough of all the scams going on through so called support groups. She will remain anonymous. However, I decided that the woman who posted this needs to be exposed and I want you to think about something else after you read it.

First she obviously does not know all the serious side effects about mesh left in women’s bodies when they are having immune reactions, constant infections and erosion, leg, hip and back pain or she would not make the top statement. Obviously even IF she has mesh, she is NOT having any serious complications so therefore she has no idea what women go through.

Second, by now everyone should know that the Mesh Avenger is my daughter Kim who has a Facebook page by that name and also a blog called Stop Mesh. You can read it here

Myer’s statement about “you can thank the Mesh Avenger for the lack of true funders for these women” is complete and utter BULL…. Women like Halina Myers is the reason why these bad loans came to light and why scams continue.

Now I want you to ask yourself one question. Why would Halina Myers need to blast the Mesh Avenger for her warning women about bad loans? Her stupid big mouth as Myers says saved this woman from a giant scam where her loan would be 3 times at least when it comes time to pay it back out of her settlement. In other words she would not get any more money regardless of how serious her condition is. Also ask yourself why would this Myers woman care? I have no doubt it cost her extra income that she was about to receive from convincing this woman to take the $75.000. It makes sense to me because she is obviously extremely pissed when the deal fell through. Was her cut really good? Well you will have to ask her.

My daughter’s intention was to out anyone who was taking advantage of women’s terrible situation and her aim was not to stop anyone from obtaining a loan, but to go through other channels to obtain one and not through Facebook, especially support groups.

My daughter nor I get paid by anyone. We don’t support lawyers, manufacturers, doctors or loan companies. This blog and Stop Mesh are free of any adverts and we receive no kickbacks. Our interest is to warn women who may be taken advantage of and give them a chance to do whatever they want to do outside of Facebook and think before they sign on the dotted line.

Who exactly is Halina Myers? I honestly don’t know and don’t care. What I do care about is what is going on through support groups that could affect seriously injured women. That is why I am taking time to write this blog this morning when I could be researching things I learned about while out at UCLA, visiting sick women.

Please ladies don’t get caught up in any scam. Mesh complications are terrible on our mental and physical wellbeing as it is, without realizing you have been used by someone who wants to make money from your situation. Halina Myers please leave money issues for women to sort out for themselves. They are not children and are perfectly capable. As adults, they have a right to think for themselves and do not need anyone to interject who they should borrow from or how much they should borrow. Originally when I first began to expose what was going on, I did not want this blog to be all about the scams etc, so my daughter stepped in to help and she took the backlash from giving women the truth. My daughter has never belittled any woman who was truly mesh injured and tried to help others. However, when crazy stuff happens women have enough to deal with from their injuries and they have a right to know who to avoid. IF they want to.

There is no magic in finding a way to move forward after mesh injury. If you are part of a lawsuit and don’t have any injuries, then you are shooting yourself in the foot because you won’t be compensated. However, if in a few years and you begin to have complications, you cannot sue again, so it is not worth signing on just because you have an implant.

So now you know. Kim did not scare anyone away from borrowing money. Our lawyers are warning about people like you and women are now wiser. If you need money, find a proper job!

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