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I woke up this morning to a message that has me very troubled. I could ignore this but I feel that if I do there will be innocent women caught up in something that looks and smells like a scam.

We’ve all heard the words “If it sounds too good to be true it is”, haven’t we? And yet scams are perpetuated every day by people who stand to gain from them. They target the sick and elderly to get what they want and then leave them devastated. It has been going on since our world began and humans decided they could get what they wanted from those who are the weakest or at the lowest point of their lives.

I do sometimes wonder why I should care. But I have a moral compass that I cannot ignore and I do care. I don’t want women to get caught up in something that could possibly be a Ponzi scheme or something even crazier. When you read the following, you will understand what I mean. I have left the woman’s name here along with the support group, so you will know who she is and on which group.

Polly Montgomery

Support group called Mesh Problems
I am pretty sure I have this foundation thing for us figured out per state. This will include hernia and transvaginal mesh patients. Let’s face it,,,,WE ALL NEED HELP ! We will bypass the majority of Congress on this one. I’m gonna need a representative in each state who is MESH INJURED to help me launch this NATIONWIDE FOUNDATION. I’ve already figured out how to keep a constant flow of money going into it for everybody to get the medical help they need. A mesh injured person is the best candidate for the task ahead. You will be representing and advocating for all mesh injured in your state. You will also need the assistance of other mesh injured in different areas of your state. No one will fully control monies dispursed from this project. Checks cannot be written to help anyone without 2 signatures and notorized from a bank official! By doing business this way, we keep it fair and honest across the board. You will have to determine the worse cases first and go down the list of those who need help. I understand that there has been animosity among people trying to raise money for mesh injured before. I do not have time for this type of behavior. There are too many that lay in bed unable to function throughout the day and when one or two people get a bug up their butt about something they don’t like or something that isn’t going their way,,,,THEY DESTROY IT FOR EVERYONE! I know who these people are and will not tolerate anyone that aims to further hurt the mesh injured. It’s ludicrous. If that’s the case, then the plug can be easily pulled. But wouldn’t that be ashame? We need to work together here for the common good of all. If you hear negativity, it’s up to you to STOP IT. One problem from one person,,,,spreads like cancer. Through much prayer, this idea has come to me. God is working you guys but he needs everyone’s cooperation. It’s not ideal that there has to be a waiting list for help BUT it’s also not ideal to have no waiting list at all. Please think about that before sending in the dark clouds. We have alot of work to do before this can happen. Who is jumping on board to help me launch this? I’m drowning in my own stuff rt now but I have to do this. My friends are dying

Ladies what kind of foundation could earn billions? Yes billions. To fix women after their mesh injuries that is what it takes. Not one surgery, but often many. Where is this kind of money going to come from? Why per State?

This includes hernia and transvaginal? Even more billions!

Bypass the majority of Congress on this? Whoa…….. When have we been able to bypass government officials? This is very fishy and certainly crazy!

Monies dispersed? 2 signatures? Who are these people? I remember reading that Jane Akre wanted to begin some kind of foundation and Aaron Horton has decided she is one. OMG these two would have a field day if only they could get their hands on a nice pot of money. Notarized means nothing. All it means is the person standing before you is the person they say they are. It is absolutely no protection.

Who exactly would determine the worse cases? Let me tell you if there was any money, these type of women would make sure it went to only those who support them and screw everyone else. It is all bull….

In case you don’t know who the two people are who are trying to stop women from getting involved in scams, unless of course they choose to ignore any warnings, is me and my daughter who has Stopmesh.com and the Facebook Mesh Avenger page. We are constantly trying to sop women from being taken advantage of and believe me it’s working. However, they keep coming up with more crap to try to get women to fall into their giant web of lies.

Ladies I hope God is working on the side of good women who are injured and not trying to use others for gain. Women like this are not helping, they are only hurting and this is why I decided to write a blog this morning and share so that you know exactly what is going on.

There is no magic answer. There is no fairy Godmother. Santa Claus is not going to bring us a billion dollars to help our problems go away. We have to help ourselves. No one else can do it for us. I can’t help you unless it is ways to help yourself and that is exactly what I have been doing all along.

Please do not believe in something that will cause you even more pain than you already have. Betrayal is a devastating thing and I know how it feels. Regardless of your situation, only you can change it, not a party who will use you to earn money for themselves. I hope you can see right through this and stay on your own. The vultures are swarming and we are the bait.

Here is more.

Ladies my mother always told me that God helps those who help themselves. There are big sharks out there working on finding little bait to feed off.

My daughter was working on our house so didn’t get to this before me but here is her take on this whole crazy business. Read this



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  1. Debby Nyberg

    I feel like I woke up and won the lottery!!! Linda, YOU NAILED IT! This Polyanna is a con artist. Beware of her accomplice also.


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