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With so many ladies traveling far from home who are trying to save money to do it, some may need to stay longer due to their serious surgeries. So as women tell me things, I try to take notes so that I can report to you what else you can do if you need to stay two weeks or longer.

The newest information I have received comes from a woman who lives in another country and traveled far from home to have her surgery. She will write more after she is back home and is well enough to do so and I will share it with you at that time. In the meantime she already gave me some things to help other women and with so many traveling now I wanted to put it out there now.

She knew she needed to stay longer and decided to book through Air B & B. But she had a problem that many won’t have because had to find one that was wheelchair assess able. If you don’t need this type of place, here are some other things to help. Another lady flew from Florida and she had to stay longer and this is what she told me about a suite at the Tiverton. She also told me about another place, but less expensive than the Tiverton would be for long term stay. The Tiverton Hotel you do not pay hotel/motel taxes on top because it is non-profit. So check out what all sales taxes will be on top of your room charge. Normal rates for the Tiverton was $125 night when I went out there, but may have changed. There is plenty of continental food for breakfast and tea and coffee is in the lobby all day for free. It is close to a Target Store and Ralphs grocery store, both in a short walking distance. You can call and ask and this is the link

“Tiverton has a suite called the Hilton Suite. It’s the least expensive and you don’t have to pay the taxes. It has a 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living room with a tiny college type refrigerator, microwave and possibly 2 burners. It was small and very difficult to reserve. It was approximately $152/nt.

Update. When I went with a friend from Houston her husband had booked this suite for her and I was honestly not impressed. The kitchen area was dim lit and so cramped. Not only that, but there was one fork in the draw and 2 frying pans. I don’t think you could cook much with that. Not even an electric kettle or coffee maker in it so personally I would not bother to pay the difference.

The Hilgard House is directly at the back of the Tiverton House Hotel. Continental breakfast is included, which is meager. They have 2 nice size apartments, with full kitchens and dining areas, living room and full bedroom. I think it had 1 bathroom, but the kitchen made up for it. One is nicer than the other and has a balcony. I learned to tell them it was for a month and pay the nightly rate and then I could check out earlier if I could go home. The monthly rate was like $4000. I’m sure the rate must be higher now.

Ask for the UCLA rate at all properties. The UCLA bus goes to the Hilgard House, which is a huge help”. http://www.hilgardhouse.com

The bus she refers to is a free bus that goes back and forth to the outpatient surgery or hospital. It only runs week days I think it stops running around 6 pm but be sure to ask and it does not run on weekends. Restaurants of all kinds are plentiful close by and walking around is safe.

The lady who travelled a long way to L.A told me that you can search airbnb and then contact the people and ask questions via email. Many places are self-catering, and she found really good ones very close to UCLA but without wheelchair accessibility. She said if you find one, book it quick because they go almost in an instant.

When she arrives at the place she did wind up staying at, it was 9pm at night but fortunately there was an angel on that end who helped her and took her to the nearest grocery store to get some food and drink. I did ask her about sheets and towels and this is what she said.

“Yes it has everything you need – airbnb UCLA Los Angeles – then put dates you need in and shows places available. You can see how close to hospital via google maps and walking man – sometimes place are on a lower rate – mine was”

The same lady who told me that she used Uber cars to get around. I had no idea what they were, but she said it really worked out for her. You need the Internet and should set it up before you go out there, and this is the link to read what others say

Update. I just learned from someone I have known for a long time who just had surgery at UCLA. She found out from someone who works at the Tiverton about a cheaper alternative to Uber. She said it only cost $10 from Tiverton to LAX and it is very safe. It is called Lift and you can download the app and save money. Here is the link

You can rent a car but traffic may be very scary if you don’t live in a large City in the U.S. Uber cars can also be a way to get around and check things out in the area. They also have buses running everywhere and bus stops right by the Tiverton.

I found that there are coupons offered for Airbnb and good specials for October this year. This is the link

UCLA is in the Westwoods area of L.A. You should receive email replies back quickly and it is my suggestion any conversing you do is better in writing and be sure to keep them just in case you are not happy. Here is the direct link for Los Angeles Airbnb.

There is also an Airbnb Facebook page. This is the link

If any lady has other suggestions or wishes to share where she stayed, please leave a comment on this blog. You don’t have to leave your own name if you do not wish to. All I am trying to do right now is give some useful information for those who are travelling out there soon.

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  1. Lauri

    I just want someone to tell me who has the most comfortable beds! I figure that will be utmost on my mind after surgery! So if anyone has I’m put on the types or if they were comfy, please let me know. Thank you


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