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What do you do when you need a surgery and you don’t have the money to travel far from home? We all know that flights and hotels are very expensive and when you are far from home, you need extra money for things like car hire, shuttle to and from airports and ready prepared food. All this is very expensive and you have to prepare far ahead to get the extra income you need. However for many women it seems daunting so the first thing they do is post a fundraiser through You Caring or Go Fund Me and share it through Facebook. However, what if all your friends have disappeared since your problems began and family is tapped out? Today I am going to share with you what one woman is doing to help herself.

Before I wrote this blog, I called her on the phone to see how she is doing because I know she lives in pain and is exhausted a great deal of the time. I have known her a long time and it is not the first time she has raised funds to travel far from home, because she has shared many of the things she has made with me, in private. I know that she is not the type to ask others for a hand out and she is willing to work hard to do what needs to be done to get herself to the next surgery.

Because I have kept up with her over time I knew she was legit in every way possible. She is a very honest woman who will do whatever needs to be done in a very honest way. She also has a wonderful son who has stepped up to help her because he knows how much his mother has suffered.

At the end of January 2016 she will travel far from home for another surgery. She lives on a very small income with little to spare and she qualified for the flight for her and another woman companion to get her out to UCLA. She also qualified for a discount on a room for a few nights at the Tiverton, although not all nights are discounted, but she had to PROVE her low income to do it and she did. No one is going to give you a free ride if you don’t prove your income and that means you have to do the work. I will give you the link at the bottom of this blog where you can ask for help.

In the past this lady has made gift baskets and sold them to get the extra money she needed, but this time with the help of her son she is doing something different and I am going to share with you some photos of the things she is making. You may take one look and poo-poo this and say “I can’t” but these days you can Google anything and find YouTube how to videos where you can see good instructions and find something you like to do. Then you can reach out to friends or family to help you buy the supplies and then once you have them, follow through and DO it.

I know throwing up a link and ask others to donate to you sounds like a great idea but these days after many have donated to other women and then found out they were not truthful, women have stopped doing this. So you must take the lead and prove you are for real and what you say is the truth, before you ask for help. The other problem is, many women only know other mesh injured women once they lose their past connections with friends and now this is their friendship ring. You have to understand that most mesh women are very cash strapped and they need their money to travel for their own surgeries. If you set up a fund with Go Fund Me or You Caring, please do NOT post your fund raiser on another woman’s Facebook timeline asking for money for you! This is just not done and is an imposition and is very ill mannered.

When I spoke to this woman before I write this blog, I learned more I did not know about her situation. To begin with her son took extra jobs such as painting walls and mowing grass to buy the supplies she needed to begin making things. I find that kind of love a very wonderful thing. Then she had to be willing to work at home even though on many days she was not up to it. However she was highly motivated to stand on her own two feet. So she made things in-between the bad times and kept going.

Where to sell was the next problem and first she tried her closest Walmart and the manager would not allow her to set up outside the store. Every location goes by the management and some just won’t let anyone do anything outside their store. But she did not give up. She went to a flea market close by and talked to someone in charge and told them what she wanted to do to help herself. The person listened and offered her a stand without charge. Good luck came at last! Her son knew he would have to do what he could to help her sell because sitting for many hours was going to be difficult for her. However she could sit for a short while and talk to people who wanted to know why she was trying to raise the money. Before long, the other stall holders gathered some donations from each other and gave it to her. She was very, very grateful.

She didn’t stop there. She went to a local restaurant and spoke to the manager. He immediately offered her a chance to set up outside to sell her wares and he also made a donation himself. You see, when others see that you are not asking for money to be handed to you and you are showing a willingness to help yourself, then they will help you in turn. If you just sit with a bucket on your lap expecting loose change to be dropped in, you may surely be disappointed. In other words, you reap what you sow.

Now I will show you some of the things she is making as of late to help herself. Her son also set up a Facebook page where she can take special orders and I will give you the link where you can see for yourself and perhaps you would like to purchase from her. I took the following photos and the prices from the Facebook page.

Lighters with Paracord wrap $2.50 cents, spiders $5.00

My daughter makes these keyring holders for lip balm and sends them to Mesh Angels when they are having surgery. She sent a sample to this woman and she began making them herself to sell in addition to the paracord products. She found a good deal on lip balm for 44 cents each and put them in the keychain holders and she said that made them sell faster. These samples in the above photo are some this woman made to sell.

She also makes and sells all colors and several sizes of Paracord bracelets $5.00 each.

Don’t forget the current minion craze and these are ones she makes for sale.

She has set up at a flea Market and this is the type and where it is. You can Google to find one near you. Her location, Palatine Flea Market is in Fairmont West Virginia, and she said “If anyone needs help making any thing we have done I will be more than happy to help them learn”. You can send her a note through the Facebook selling page and she will tell you what to look for on YouTube.

If you would like to help this woman by purchasing things she makes, you can connect with her through her Facebook selling page here

You can read more about the flight and discount for the Tiverton Hotel here

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