The Documentary that Wasn’t

If you read this blog and STILL believe that Jane Akre is not on the take and is really helping injured women, then I can only say to you “Poor fooled you”. I know for a fact she has no compassion for any injured woman and everything she does is calculated and for money. She will do ANYTHING for lawyers so long as she is paid and she targeted me because of this blog.

Before you continue reading all that happened over a period of two plus years, I am going to summarize what this blog is about.

Via email, I began expressing to Akre and the other ladies who once helped me at that time, how much I thought a documentary would be a good thing to get the word out to women BEFORE they wound up like us.

Jane Akre read it and thought to herself this was a way for HER to make money.

She found Gay and Phil Courter, who either she already knew or found them because of her site.

She in turn knew they made documentaries and she roped them in.

They were looking at a way to make money and Akre put me in contact with Gay Courter.

The plan was to convince me to become part of it and to get other women to sign up. It worked.

None of them had any compunction about using sick and injured women to make money, although none of the women were offered one penny for doing it. They like me did it for all the RIGHT reasons.

Gay Courter deliberately changed her consult appointment with Dr. Raz to coincide with my surgery date so that they could interview several women at once, which saved them money.

They asked me to ask other women I was meeting out there if they would also be part of it. I believed in their documentary project and women believed in me, so they did join in.

They made a trip from Florida to Pennsylvania to film another disabled women who happens to be black. I believe they did this to get to the black women who were injured. They used her to make more money and to get the trust of black women.

When it was finished Akre gave it to Aaron Horton to post on her Facebook page. This was because she was supposed to boost it through other women through Facebook and I was also supposed to share it through Facebook, through a blog they ‘thought’ I would write, to praise this wonderful trailer for a future documentary. A documentary that would never happen. Horton was fully connected with Akre and was a willing idiot because she wants fame as well as fortune.

When I took one look at the video and realized it was an Infomercial designed for lawyers who were taking on Johnson & Johnson cases, I threw a fit and pulled out immediately telling them to take it down.

They doubled back and changed it up a little and included a short interview with Dr. Raz. However I knew they had stolen that interview from somewhere else because UCLA would never allow it. Another woman sent a copy to UCLA and it went down completely. They have lawyers in every large hospital in this country and I am sure they contacted Akre immediately and threatened what they would do if she didn’t take it down.

The Courter’s plan was to make enough money to travel during their retirement but Jane Akre had a much bigger plan. To make more money for her own lifestyle. All three were using our injuries for financial gain but we were not aware of what they were doing or why they were doing it.

No part of their infomercial was anything to do with getting the word out about what medical mesh does to women from ALL the manufacturers. The purpose was supposed to drag in countless injured women to join lawsuits for these lawyers once the video went viral. They stood to make millions.

I intervened and stopped it but I have no doubt it did not hurt them financially because they would charge it back to their clients as expenses. I say their plot should be investigated by the FBI because this is a misuse of injured women’s settlement money.

I have written in great detail exactly what went on during the time they were plotting and planning. The sad part for me was I really liked the Courter’s and it gave me great pain to realize we were all used.

Now you know why I am mesh mad and damned angry with these people. They used our injuries for gain in so many different ways and we get the shaft. Now read on.

If you wonder why I have been so upset with Jane Akre, there is so much that happened to me because of her that you may not know or at least not know all the details. In fact it took me such a long time to put all the pieces together that I became an easy target to be used as a pawn. That reluctance to really see the truth caused me so much stress over a long period of time and had I realized it much sooner I would have been far better off. You may wonder why she would target me. Well the answer is very simple. Thousands of women read this blog while they are dealing with many mesh symptoms due to their injuries and they are seeking answers. They know I have gone through it all and will give them any information I can find to help them move forward. To Jane Akre and Aaron Horton you ladies and I smell of money and they try to get to you through me. I can assure you it will never happen again.

One time wrote a blog where I shared my shock over about how many visits this blog gets every day. It actually amazed me because I don’t keep a watch any of this, nor do I ask women to follow me. In fact nothing is set up where women can follow this blog so they have to bookmark it or remember the name. I believe in a democratic society where we choose what we read and it is no one else’s business, so to me that means it is none of my business either who. This is that blog Since the time I wrote that blog, the volume of visits has increased because not only do women want to know the truth about mesh products, they want to know ALL the truth about everything to do with being injured by mesh.

I know that some women out there would like this to all go away. But making it go away would be sweeping the dirt under the carpet and allowing ‘new’ injured women to fall into the same dark pit that I did. I truly wish I had found something like this blog when I became injured five and a half years ago, but there was nothing out there for me to find. So I had to learn the hard way, what to do to help myself and where to go. Then I shared my findings with other women by writing on this blog. I also had to learn the hard way that there are people who will make money from other’s injuries and will have no conscience while doing it.

Here is why I am writing this new blog today. There is far more to my association with Jane Akre than most women know. When I first heard from her, I embraced the idea that someone out there was on the side of the mesh injured. I also embraced the idea that such a person would help me get the word out. I was so deep in trying to get the word out to warn women what could happen to them, I was willing to do anything except take money to do it. This is where the promised documentary came in.

If you have ever watched any documentary on what has happened to people because of a medical product or drug, it stays in your mind forever. No matter that it may not have happen to you, it leaves you with such empathy and understanding and reminds you that but for the Grace of God, it could be you. Therefore a documentary to me would prove to be an invaluable tool to protect the women of the future. I had mentioned this to Akre on more than one occasion and eventually she told me she had found some people who were going to MAKE it happen. That was in early 2012 and I was thrilled to say the least because it was such a good idea.

However at that time I was talking to someone who thought I should find out much more before signing up to do it. She asked me was I willing to have cameras in there when I went in for surgery, because she knew they would try to do this. I had not thought of that and of course I wasn’t. So I told Akre I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to be in it because I was due to have mesh removal the end of that year. She didn’t come back immediately, but not long after that, she began selling me on the idea. She told me that the woman who would be making the documentary was also mesh injured and had a consult appointment with Dr. Raz in early 2012. I had already declined so wasn’t interested any more. Then Akre began pushing it and told me what a wonderful woman this was and she needed to speak to someone who was also injured by mesh because she was concerned about her complications. I finally agreed to speak to her over the phone.

It was on a Sunday when I received a phone call from Gay Courter. From the get go I liked her and we had a great conversation for over at least an hour. Mainly about the things I was dealing with and the things she was, which were vastly different. After that we kept in touch via email a few times and suddenly she told me that she had changed her consult from the earlier date, because they wanted to go on a trip first. I did wonder why she would change it, if she was having pain and complications. Then she dropped a bomb. Her consult was at the same time when I was going back to UCLA for removal surgery.

Okay did someone hit me over the head? Maybe they should have right then. Yes I wondered about the ‘coincidence’ but I let it slide. They kept working on me, letting me know it was for such a good cause until I finally agreed to be part of the documentary. Gay asked me if they could film an interview with me while we were staying at the Tiverton Hotel, before my surgery and I agreed to do it.

Before we left home for my surgery, she sent me her flight information and we agreed to meet where we were both staying at the Hotel. I was arriving there earlier than they were because I was scheduled to have the three tests before surgery, so did not spend much time with them until I finished up the tests. Her and her husband Phil seemed really nice people and were sympathetic to my difficulty with walking and once again I really enjoyed them both during that time.

While I was out there I had made plans to meet other women I knew from my blog and of course I told Gay Courter of my plans. One was from Canada and the others were from various States in the U.S. Gay Courter asked me to ask them if they would also be part of the documentary and because I had spoken at length to each over the phone and formed a bond with them, they trusted me and agreed. So the Courter’s set up their camera and equipment in their room and I went first to be interviewed. The other women followed soon after.

Phil did the recording while Gay sat calmly and asked me questions. Memories of talking to so many injured women, including very young women came flooding back and I just talked about how bad it was and how I felt for every one of them. I had no concept of time, but it turned out to be a fifty minute video uncut and they promised to send me a copy. However they said I was not allowed to talk about it or share it on my blog until a trailer was made to promote the upcoming documentary. Fair enough. The other women also did their interviews and the night before my surgery, the Courter’s invited us all out to dinner. I could not eat past eight pm due to having surgery first thing in the morning. So we had to go early so I could be done before that time.

It was a very pleasant dinner with all the injured women, some with husbands and me and another woman with our daughter’s. I was so relieved to not spend an evening thinking about my surgery the next morning and was glad for the distraction. Kim my daughter really liked Phil because she had been building our house and he also loved building things and they had a lot in common. Before the evening was over, everyone exchanged information and those of us on Facebook planned to reconnect together. I was in surgery the next morning at seven so Kim and I were up at the crack of dawn to get to the surgery center. That day the Courter’s flew home and I never saw them again.

I did not have any big telephone conversations or emails any more with Gay Courter, but we did go back and forth via email when she was going to attend a wedding overseas and wanted me to make a special head piece called a fascinator. I did exactly that and although she thought my price was lower than she expected, I regarded her as an ally and a friend and did not want to charge more. You can see that head piece here

My surgery was October 11th 2012 when we all met and after that I heard nothing about the documentary for months, but finally received a copy of my interview in the mail with a note saying I should not share it anywhere or with anyone. I had no problem with that because I thought the documentary was really going to happen.

As time lagged I sent Akre a short email asking her about when it was going to come to fruition. She would say things like they were working on it and finally said she was meeting with the Courter’s to have a conference about it, while visiting their home. They all lived in Florida which made sense so I was patient. When nothing happened for months I asked again via email and Akre replied that making a documentary was going to cost a great deal and they ‘may’ have to get some lawyers to put some money in to do it. I was livid because I thought this should be done without lawyers and that we women did our interviews without charge, so I thought the the Courter’s were going to do most of it on a small budget. I sent Akre back an email saying that I personally did not think lawyers should have any part in it but I was quite willing to write a blog and promote the trailer and ask women to make donations to make the final documentary. She said nothing back.

I waited months and still nothing. Then suddenly in late 2013 my daughter saw it go through Facebook and it was AARON Horton that posted it. I was livid. Why had I not been told it was ready and why was Horton who had no part in the documentary, posting about the trailer on her Mesh Warrior page. (Once again do you see their connection?) I calmed down to watch the trailer which I thought was supposed to be a lead in to the proper documentary so that I could share and help raise the funds.

When I watched it, it was later in the evening and what I saw was NOTHING to do with a future documentary. What is was, was a seventeen minute advert with lawyer’s names and the whole thing was about Johnson & Jonson. It was as if none of the other companies existed. What I had in mind and the reason I agreed to be part of it, was not about one manufacturer or all manufacturers, but about what medical mesh, ALL types of mesh did when it went into women’s bodies.

This is why I had told them I thought it should be generic. I knew that thousands of women had signed up for lawsuits and once the manufacturers felt their names or products were contaminated, it would be so easy for them to come out with new names and cover up what was really going on. To me that meant thousands more women would be injured without knowing why. That night after watching the trailer I left a long comment under the video stating this was NOT what I had signed up for and I wanted no part of it and my part should be removed at once. The next day the trailer was removed, but not before it began making the rounds on Facebook and other women saw it.

I sent Akre emails and also the Courter’s telling them why I was very disappointed and wanted no part of it if it was going to be this way and did not hear back from either. Then I got a short email from Gay Courter telling me they were travelling overseas and she couldn’t get email through very easily. Now I know that was all bullshit…. Okay I am telling it just like it is. Not long after that a ‘new’ edited video trailer went up again. No one told me about it of course but women saw it and let me know. This time the Courter’s had removed small pieces but added an interview with Dr. Raz talking about mesh. Also was mentioned about Boston Scientific and the other companies who were being sued. But the premise was exactly the same it was still an advert for Johnson & Johnson lawyers to gain new clients. I lost it again.

I was not the only one who lost it. My daughter was furious because without my permission the Courter’s also included a short video that Kim took of me struggling to get in and out of the car. Was this to appease me? Crap, I was NOT appeased in any way, shape or form. I was madder than a hornet and demanded it to go down because I wanted no part of an advertisement for lawyers to get clients. I was also shocked at the bit about Dr. Raz because I knew he would never be part of this, because it was against UCLA’s policy. So Kim made a copy when requested by another mesh injured woman and the other woman mailed it out to UCLA to let them know. I don’t know what they did but like all giant hospitals they have a team of lawyers on staff and the documentary went down and has never publically gone back up again..

I was relieved and so was Kim but Kim also sent Phil Courter a note through Facebook telling him we believed Jane Akre was only doing this for money. Kim wrote to him because we thought they were also being used. No answer back from them either. In fact soon after that they unfriended both of us without saying one word.

I did write to Jane Akre, which was more of a statement to let her know how I felt and what I had been promised when I agreed to be part of a documentary.

That was on June 26th 2014 and the following was what I wrote to Akre.

Jane. Two years ago I was contacted by a lady who along with her husband who has done documentaries mostly about children. She was mesh injured and had found out about Dr. Raz through you. I talked to her and liked her very much. They are really good people.
At first I was very apprehensive because of my case but I was convinced to be part of it for the greater good of stopping mesh. So I did a 50 minute interview in these people’s hotel room the night before my removal surgery at UCLA. Oct 11th 2012. They sent me a copy of my part.

Then I waited to hear news of when it would go into production. Nothing. So I asked you why. You said you had been busy and you had to raise $300K to get it out there. I said no problem. Once the trailer was up I would ask women who are injured to help and I would do my part in promotion to change what was happening to women.
Around two weeks ago a 17 minute trailer went up on Aaron Horton’s Mesh Warrior site and I watched it. I was shocked to say the least because none of us six ladies had been told it was out there, but Aaron knew and is NOT mesh injured nor part of the documentary. When I watched it, I did from the view of someone who watches a lot of documentaries because I have been passionate in helping others all of my life and hate injustice. But this was not documentary related and I told you so right in the comments on the trailer. It was taken down the next day. You stated that is was not supposed to be seen by the public as it was going to be used as a fund raiser. Jane mesh injured women are your public! So I asked you why Aaron had it on her site. No answer from you. I asked why a one hour documentary was going to cost $300K. No answer from you.

The 17 minute trailer was a newsreel about J & J although you mentioned there were other companies involved. Six women were on it including me and half of us were not J & J. A documentary is about people and what has gone wrong in their lives because of a product. This product was mesh. It is about cover up. But then Jane you are a reporter and know all this.

Jane if you are a really good woman and I still believe or hope you are, please answer a few hard questions. Why J & J? Is there an end goal by pushing them as the top company to hit? Is there a pay off at the end of this for you? Not now, at the end? This is not about the lawyers on your site and what you get from them being adverts. This is a deeper issue.

It wasn’t only the women I met out at UCLA that were in the trailer. There was also another woman in it, who like me is disabled. She had contacted me through my blog a long time ago when she was close to dying from her mesh injuries and I helped her and we became friends. Jane Akre used our friendship to ask her to do her story on her site and she did. So when she was asked to be part of the documentary, she felt like me and the other women that it was such a good idea and agreed whole heartedly. Before they finished putting the trailer together, Akre and the Courter’s drove to visit her in Pennsylvania to film her at her home. Recently she told me how betrayed she felt by Akre because they were in her home and she once called them friends. Unless this happened to you, you cannot imagine the betrayal you feel when you were used to make an advert for lawyers to gain new clients, not a true documentary as we were told.

I kept wanting to believe the Courter’s were good people, but I now believe they were also in bed with Akre and were paid by those lawyers for their advert. I think they made it to SELL to willing lawyers and that was why it took so long to emerge. Everyone lives in Florida and so are lawyers Babbitt & Johnson in fact Akre has been at trials where they were presenting a woman’s case. How do I know about Babbitt & Johnson you may wonder? I was thinking about writing this blog when I decided to check to see if the video was still out on the Internet, when up it came on a page on these lawyers site. The link for the trailer was there but when clicked on, it had a password code if you wanted to see it. I was so furious, so I sent them an email and asked them to take it down because I had not agreed to be part of it. It was gone within two days which quite surprised me. These are the lawyers and a trial they all covered along with Akre

After the statement email to Akre, I did not hear back from the Courter’s nor Akre as a reply to any of it, but finally Gay Courter replied on Jane Akre’s support group when I pushed for answers in public. I am going to let you read her statement which is on my daughter’s site called My daughter wrote about this on June 22nd 2014, however the press release is gone. Now you can read what Courter said about why a documentary was going to cost so much money. 

This is how I felt the and still feel about the huge sum of money they said it would take to produce a documentary. None of us injured women who were part of it stood to gain from this documentary and we were all willing to do it for free because we felt so strongly due to what had happened to us. The Courter’s already had the cameras, equipment and the knowledge and Gay was mesh injured, so why not do this on a very small budget for the women of the future. As far as I was concerned, it didn’t have to be perfect, just used to get the word out to stop more women from being implanted without knowing the truth. Now it seems to me the Courter’s need money to keep traveling the world while other mesh injured women can’t go anywhere for lack of money and their terrible debilitating complications.

My daughter Kim also mentioned in a blog about Gay Courter’s involvement with Akre on August 14th 2014, called Figment of Imagination. This was because Jane Akre and the Courter’s were in another trailer where Estelle Tasz and other women were outside a Johnson & Johnson shareholders meeting. Who paid for that trailer? I am sure everyone got paid by lawyers EXCEPT for the other mesh injured women and the other women know what Jane Akre reported had happened out there, was a total fabricated lie. It still amazes me women will lie for Akre, or stay silent which is also a lie, when she writes stories that are very misleading to say the least. This is that blog

Here is more about Gay Courter’s involvement with Akre where Kim reported what she said on August 22nd. Make sure you click on the words at the top of this blog ‘see for yourselves’ at the beginning of her writings. Those words will take you to the actual video where NO woman ever got up on that stage, as Akre reported after that meeting. It took Kim a long time to get a copy of that video but she did and shared it for women to see for themselves, so that they understand that Akre’s story was a downright lie. read this blog

When people start digging a hole by telling lies, they will dig all the way to China and never stop. It doesn’t seem to matter how much evidence is thrown at them, they just don’t give up and tell the truth. Gay Courter continued to perjure herself to protect their interests and those of Akre’s. I now believe they are also connected to lawyers and their ONLY interest was to make money from mesh injured women and never had any intention of making a proper documentary. I say this because if they had, why had they not began to raise the money to produce it and let me help. They should be ashamed but of course they aren’t, so I hope they really enjoyed their cruise. Read this blog

So now do you get it that Akre is at the top of the totem pole when it comes to money and lawyers? Well if you missed this blog, you need to read it too

I have spent hundreds of hours writing blogs to bring you the truth about medical mesh when I could have said “Screw you, I don’t care about your injuries, I only care about myself”. But I do care! I also care enough to take a lot of crap from others when I have shown you who is making out that they care about us, when in fact all they care about is money. I know there are many, many intelligent women who read this blog who get why I am doing this and they are thankful. Has it been easy on me? Hell no! This has also been extremely hard on my daughter Kim who writes blogs on You won’t believe all the crap she takes when informing injured women what is going on behind their backs.

A couple of days ago she finally took up for women who are on support groups. For months women sent her notes to tell her they have been kicked off these so called support groups but she had so much work to do here at home, she kept putting off writing about it. Women were sending her evidence and asked her to intervene and inform others the reasons why it was happening to them. A few days ago, she finally wrote a blog listing the support groups and sharing a pyramid of who is at the top of all of them. Akre of course. Kim was told there was a secret group for all the administrators of these groups and when she posted it and I shared it on my Mesh Angels Facebook page, an angry woman came after me. I had known this woman for a long time and helped her through her time of need, so why did she came after Me? I could not understand that at all. But during her anger, she verified that there is definitely a secret group and she was once part of it, so my daughter posted on her Facebook Mesh Avenger page what she said. That made her extremely angry because her first round of anger made her admit it and gave Kim the truth. You can read that blog too

So now you can understand that when you blow the whistle on Akre you really take flack. However, we are doing this because new women do not know what Jane Akre does and they will give her money without understanding. Money that they need to get help for themselves. If any woman gives her money knowing what she is really up to, more power to them. But I want women to take care of themselves first and use the money for good, not for evil.




  1. LM

    Unfortunately for the rest of us it is called law school 101. How to market your law firm? One of the best ways is indirect marketing! Jane is not a journalist, she is a legal marketer. There are tons of marketing seminars lawyers can sign up for to learn how to set up marketing scams like Janes. I think the lesson here is we need to research everything. Always have a contract if were Asked to do anything, unfortunately. That is why law has such a bad rep in this country . Underhanded and no justice. When I first saw Jane’s site and did a little research I saw she had an affiliation with Legal Examiner I was very suspicious of her.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      LM it is a very sad state of affairs when lawyers do this without women’s knowledge. For me it has been a very painful experience and I want to warn others what she is doing. I just heard from a woman who’s husband is badly injured by hernia mesh. She immediately told me Akre has been after them to do this same thing for hernia mesh. I have no doubt the Courter’s are ready to help, at a price of course. The lady thanked me for warning about what she is truly about. Once you’ve done it you will wish you never had.

  2. LM

    Sorry in the previous post I meant to say indirect law firm and medical marketing which is what Janes specializes in. The key word here is INDIRECT!

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Women need to be aware there is nothing illegal about what she does, just immoral. Lawyers use front people like Akre but if ever she is out of the picture they will use someone else and a different tactic. I am creative and believe me they will use creative marketing without spending money. We were also willing idiots sad to say. We did it for the right reasons but were caught out by the wrong people. It is hard to research this kind of thing and find the truth. That is why I wrote this blog.

  3. Sandra Aadland

    Very interesting. I have no idea how I happened onto Jane’s site; I have mesh embedded in four places but was told “it’s fine.” Jane recommended I talk to Bruce Rosenberg whom I believe to be legitimate; he has gone out of his way to write, search for doctors, encourage me. Jane kept trying to have me sue; I deserved to be paid for pain and suffering. There is no amount of money that will give me back almost five years and I told her I felt sorry for those who fell for the suing bit because the lawyers care only about one thing – money. And, those who expect big bucks have been fooled. I haven’t heard from her since but I will say contacting Bruce may save my life. I’d like to see your mesh history. I’m sorry you were duped – kind of like lawyers and doctors, right? Are you better? Thank you for sharing. Jane offered to hook me up with a lawyer; I’m glad I declined and appreciate your effort to get the news out. Can we trust anyone?

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Sandra I also believe Bruce is legitimate because he too has been injured by mesh. My mesh history is all here in many blogs. See my story by clicking on the link. Jane will offer to hook anyone up with HER lawyers she works for and no I have learned I can’t trust anyone ever again.


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