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Lately there has been a strong surge of happenings in the mesh world and once again it is a time of unrest. I realize some women will say they don’t want to know, but what you don’t know CAN hurt you. So in the end you have to open your mind to the fact that those who seem to be one kind of person may actually be hiding behind a screen. Like it or not, that is what is going on because of our mesh lawsuits.

Some of you may have stumbled across Jane Akre’s site, Mesh Medical Device News Desk when you were seeking answers about what had happened to you. You may think it is a site dedicated to getting the word out about the enormous amount of cases brought against mesh manufacturers written by a woman who really cares. You may think her site is such a good thing. However, you may not know the true reason behind her site. You may also have stumbled across another site by someone who calls herself the Mesh Warrior. On that site you may be totally confused about what she is really doing because her writings are a series of ramblings. You may not know that Akre and Horton are connected as one and that Akre is on the board of the Warrior’s non-profit. Horton is on there not as the most powerful but as a figurehead. This is because she is only a puppet of Akre’s.

You may also see a story on the Mesh Warrior site that Horton wrote about me in 2013, which I and my daughter have repeatedly asked her to remove. You may wonder why that story came about. At the bottom of this blog is a series of links where you can if you wish, read and learn everything that has gone on, over the last, plus year. Horton will not remove my story because she needs it to make funds for her own living expenses.

Because I have spoken out, I have been blackballed from many places to post my blogs on Facebook and I have been called a trouble maker. Behind my back the whispers have turned into lies and the lies have grown into monsters. But the one thing these people cannot do is close me down because I am speaking the truth.

The truth throughout history is often covered up or buried by groups with hidden agendas, usually based on money. It is the same now because of our mesh lawsuits. I read on the recent article written by true journalists, not ones who call themselves by that name, that these lawsuits are now topping the biggest group of lawsuits in history. This in my book, means money to those who have learned to profit from medical injuries.

I want to clarify how I feel once and for all. I do NOT object to anyone making a living from their writings, if they are totally honest about who they are and what they are doing. This is where I draw the line however because Akre has never been honest. She promotes herself as a friend to injured women.

On August the 1st this year Akre wrote a congratulatory article to herself about the four years her site has been in business. Most women would not connect some very important dots together but I do know there is a link as to why this site went up four years ago. It may seem unimportant to you at first glance but if you have been injured by an implant, it should be. On July 13th 2011 four years ago the FDA put out a warning about mesh implants. You can read it here and verify that date. Two weeks later her site MMND was born sponsored by lawyers. Do you see this connection?

I have no clue who paid for this site and continues to pay for the upkeep because unless you are brilliant like my daughter, you are at the mercy of those with such talents and it is very expensive to build and maintain a site. I know Jane pays someone because at one time, she wanted to hire my daughter, who refused. Who does Jane Akre work for? She claims to be an independent journalist, but she is not independent at all. At the very least she relies on income from her advertisers who are lawyers, loan sharks and doctors. That income is a great deal and that is how she makes her living. You can see how much she charges by reading my daughters recent Stop Mesh blogs that I am giving you at the end of this blog.

Two days ago she posted an article defending her clients, specifically a lawyer who is now under suspicion. I say this because the Reuters News reporter tried to get him involved in the article she just wrote and he refused to comment. However, quickly Akre rushed to his rescue to try to disclaim the article written by these reporters. You can read all about it here on a blog post I wrote after the article came out. This is that blog saying what a very brave woman the one in that article was, for speaking out.

In past history if anyone spoke out about what happened to them, they would have to hide or they would have been killed. These days they are either admonished or silenced through Facebook by a small group of Akre’s henchmen. This morning that woman in the Reuters article, who I know is suffering greatly, was shut out of her personal Facebook page because she was speaking out about the article Akre just wrote. Akre is on the line these days because more and more the truth is coming out about what she is really doing and she does not want negative publicity out there.

You know I have stated been truly blind in the past because I was so overworked trying to help women go through a terrible ordeal. They were not believed about their mesh injuries. Doctors often mentally abused them, citing them as crazy. Yes this has happened to many women. For years they endured so many tests and surgeries where everything was blamed BUT the mesh implant. They were treated abominably in emergency rooms and often turned away. This is why they needed to talk to someone who totally understood because I too fought a War for a long time trying to get my implanting doctor to believe me and she still refused to. It is a daunting and awful experience where you often feel beaten down.

Jane Akre contacted me not long after she began her site. I was foolish to say the least. When she told me how much she wanted to help get the word out, I believed her. I did question her about her advertisers but she said they made no difference because she was independent. I shoved my concerns aside because I wanted to get the word out and it was a huge struggle every day for me to do it alone.

When she asked I immediately agreed for her to do my story after her assurance that it would be through my lawyer who would approve any content. That story is down because my daughter and I hounded her until she removed it. Now here is where things began turning around for me about eighteen months ago. I had no clue that Jane Akre had been connected to my lawyers for a long time. How I found out was when I began researching Akre and came up with an article she wrote about one of my lawyers receiving an award. That began my journey of connection. Note this is in June of 2010.

This is where the connection between my lawyers and Jane Akre really began for me to take notice.

IB Member Ron Motley of Motley Rice Receives AAJ 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted by Jane Akre
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 5:12 PM EST
Protecting Your Family
Motley Rice, Big Tobacco, Asbestos, September 11, Smoking, Addiction

Read more:

I had no clue about this until I began researching. It was then I realized she has been working for lawyers for a very long time. This is another link to help you connect the dots.

I realized then that Akre was far more deeply entwined with lawyers which to me means it is impossible for her to be objective. I had to accept the fact that to remain blind was really foolish. It was time for me to open my eyes.

Last year in early summer we found out our little dog was sick and was dying. It was a time of such sadness for my daughter and I because he had been with us from about a year after my husband’s death. He had become such a part of our lives and made us laugh during times we felt sad. Dogs somehow manage to bring us through some really bad times. My daughter was working on our house totally alone because once I was implanted by mesh, everything changed for me. So she was left to do everything on her own while all I could do was watch her work while I suffered. It has been really hard on both of us.

Once we knew that our dog Beaux was dying, Kim decided to give him as much time as possible and left work alone so she could be there for him during the last weeks of his life. During that time I was going through my own separate difficult time because I was researching about Akre and I was realizing I had been taken in by her. I couldn’t sleep because I had shared with her so many women’s stories via email and all their personal information was in them. I began to worry about what she would do with it.

After a really bad night of worry I sat down with my daughter and explained what was going on and my concerns. She took over and began doing a thorough search to find out more answers. Clues were given to me from women I knew who already figured out where Akre fit into our lawsuits. Kim, my daughter set up a website called Stop Mesh and she began connecting the dots to show where all these people connected to Akre, fit together. I know it is difficult for many to follow and understand that what lies behind a small picture there is often a much larger story.

After she began discovering she set up a Facebook page called Mesh Avenger where she posts links to her own blogs and often tidbits that women have sent to her that proves all that is going on. This is that page

I know there are a few avid followers of Akre and Horton who don’t want to believe any of this is true. That is their prerogative. But thousands of women are much more open minded and realize there isn’t just smoke to this, but there is a blazing fire. Akre is behind Horton and many people who are making money from our awful ordeal. Believe or not it is the truth. Accept it or not it is the truth.

Many women have donated to Akre and Horton and I know it is hard to accept that you’ve been taken in by them, when you have given them some of your hard earned money. Money that you truly needed to get through your own mesh injury ordeal. For me the hardest part was that Horton walked into our home and did it with ill intentions. My daughter and I embraced her as a friend and we were devastated when we realized what she was up to. When someone steps into your home and lies, it is complete betrayal. One you will never forget.

If you still believe that Akre is objective, then you should think a little. I was married 34 years before my husband died. I spent a lot of time in bed with my husband and if anyone said anything about him, they would have had me to reckon with. I was NOT objective because we were together and worked as a team. Jane Akre has been in bed with lawyers for many, many years and she is definitely NOT objective. She will defend them to protect her income.

Once again I do not object to anyone who makes a living from doing stories about medical implants, but what I DO object to is her hiding behind lawyers while telling women she cares about them.

We all know about the history of spies who play games by working for one country while selling secrets to another. They TOO are NOT objective. They will protect their income at all costs!

Traci Rizzo, the woman in the Reuter’s article about the loan scams, had posted a few things on her own Facebook page yesterday. These are two of them. She was angry because Akre is always stating she needs money and she asks women for it to cover trials. These trials serve the lawyers who want her to write stories to get them more clients. Her stories also serve her to keep funds coming in. Traci also was angry as are many women who have discovered that Horton is automatically setting up fund raisers in their names WITHOUT their permission. Is this the reason she was silenced on Facebook? I don’t know but it is possible. Women are now posting openly about how their names have been used by Horton for donations and yet they don’t see any of it.


You will have no clue if Horton is using your name to raise funds unless you go through a maze to check it out. Then you have to remove it because she has refused to do it for women who found their names. Here is how you can search

This morning my daughter posted a blog about what happened to TVT-No and their non-profit. They went down last year. Once again there was an Akre connection. You can read all about their fund raising on her blog

If you haven’t seen the latest stories then you can go to my daughter’s blog called Stop Mesh and read her takes on what is going on. This was the first one

Akre and Horton have tried to rid themselves of both me and my daughter, but they can’t. We are here to give women the truth IF they want it. No one pays us or helps us in any way. You can read my daughter’s blog after Akre tried hard to refute the Reuters story. Read this

Now to understand connections.

Jane Akre is the catalyst that connects everyone together.

Aaron Horton is totally entwined and connected to Jane Akre.

Your lawyer no matter who you signed up with, connected to the top mesh injury trial lawyers.  They are connected to Jane Akre.  The lawyer you signed up with will received a percentage of your settlement while the top trial lawyers will receive the most.  Once your case was turned over to the top trial lawyers, your lawyer will have no say in your settlement.

We are all connected to Jane Akre in some small way, even if you have had nothing to do with her.

Now you can read all the blogs I wrote over the past thirteen months after I realized who Jane Akre is.

I have never connected to Jane Akre since that time.

Early last year I honestly didn’t know how to deal with the fact that I had been used by Jane Akre nor where to begin. But one day I was so upset I wrote a short and simple post. That was July 14th 2014. This was that blog

I had been caught up in drama because of a very bad woman who at that time called herself Estelle Tasz. She had used me and lied to me and she was tied up with Jane Akre so on July 16th I set about informing women what this woman was up to and apologized that she had taken their money on false pretenses. This is that blog

That brought a storm of problems my way, but thankfully most women knew I would never lie to them.

I knew I had to do something to let women know who I really am so on July 18th, I wrote this blog

There was a flurry of women who wanted to condemn me for speaking out, so on July 20th I wrote this blog

Women were so concerned over my daughter and I and I began receiving many emails and messages worried about our safety, so on the 21st I wrote this blog

On the 22nd I knew I was at a crossroad concerning this blog so I wrote this blog

You may not know everything about Estelle Tasz but Jane Akre didn’t care what a bad person she was, she wrote about her as if she were a poor injured woman. I tried hard to keep writing blogs to help and inform women but once again Akre wrote another ‘story’. I was really sick and tired of being used and lied to so on August 13th I wrote this blog

Once again Jane Akre wrote another story about Estelle Tasz which made our complications look like we are all liars. Women sent me messages because they were so angry so on August 26th I wrote this blog

On September 17th I was still taking so much flack and Aaron Horton was at the forefront and I wanted to tell my side of the story because she used me, so I wrote this blog

I tried hard to continue writing helpful blogs but in the background things were happening, so on October 2nd I wrote this blog

The tides began to turn and women began realizing that everything I had written was true. On October 4th I wrote this blog

As you can imagine it was like someone had dropped a bomb on the mesh world and everything went quiet. But it never stops because Akre has to make a living, which means she has to keep writing for the approval of her clients. But she never ceases to amaze me how she will exploit any women to make money. At times even I don’t believe it, so I check it out before I write. So on June 17th 2015 (this year) I had to write yet again. You can read this blog

Jane Akre insists she is the ONLY one who is bringing women news about trials, but she isn’t, so I had to write on June 24th this year to let women know how they can get information and know the real facts, so I wrote this blog

For a few months two journalists were on the case to get the real facts about the loan scams. I had posted about them sixteen months prior to their story and I knew they were trying to access what was really going on in the legal system concerning loans. So on August 19th this year 2015, after their great story came out I posted this blog


  1. Traci Rizzo

    Linda this is excellent work as usual. Very well written and organized for those that want facts rather than smoke and mirrors. We as mesh victims do not have time and energy and shouldn’t be in the position to navigate through a maze of ulterior motives by Jane and her helpers ! It’s very taxing just dealing with the whole mess and pain daily. I sincerely appreciate you and Kims hard work to keep others from being misled or further hurt or just wasting their time entertaining Janes site which is simply void of anything valuable ! She is in no way empathetic to mesh victims at all. Your a humble and kind hearted woman that gives valuable information to help others !! I have yet to see what Jane has accomplished of value for women while yall take nothing and do great things and direct women to helpful sources when they need it. Thank you dearly. The truth will always prevail regardless 🙂

  2. Sister Meshy

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I totally believed Jane was on the frontline to help us, WOW! I was seriously fooled as many other women are. There are truly not enough words to express Thanks to you AND Kim for getting the facts AND ONLY FACTS out there for women to read should they choose to do so. If there is any way I can help, even the smallest task or research, to help lighten your load, please let me. I completely understand what each day is like and I love help!


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